Do you have guests arriving at your home on short notice? Or are you fed up of the constant mess there is at your place despite thorough and regular cleaning? If you are stuck in a similar situation, we have some tips to aid you in getting out of the treacherous situation. Let’s dive right into it.

1. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

When we hear the word robot, we immediately associate it with something hi-tech and challenging to operate. On the contrary, a robot vacuum cleaner can actually turn out to be your best pal when it comes to performing a quick house clean up. In fact, you don’t have to do pretty much anything else except operating the machine smoothly with the help of your smartphones although it is recommended to conduct a comparison of the models for carpet.

There is a wide variety of models available for every need. Some can even mop floors and overcome obstacles instead of completely halting the cleaning cycle in the middle. Also if you are not home, you can operate the machine if it is synced with your Android or iOS device. Moreover, the robot won’t complain of excessive fatigue and charge overtime. It is the best one-time investment one can make for their house.

2. Get Rid of The Clutter

Let’s face it. We all have junk in our home that we don’t need but are somehow skeptic of throwing the wasteful stuff away. For instance, clothes that are never worn comfortably rest in wardrobes, thus occupying a significant amount of space. You can always give them away to the less fortunate instead of piling on your cupboards. Similarly, the list of stuff lying around the house that nobody ever uses is endless.

So, before you start to clean up, make sure you are done with decluttering the space. Surprisingly, this can eliminate the need to clean as the place will look much more organized after a quick decluttering session. Maybe you didn’t need a full house cleaning. Organization and decluttering were all that was required.

3. Proper Dusting

Did you know that one of the primary reasons behind a place looking dirty is dust? We often perceive a messy house to be filled with grit and dirt while all it is rampant in every corner of the room is clouds of dust. If it is under control, dry dusting with any piece of cloth will suffice. Although if the amount of dust is too much, you would need to wet microfiber cloth.

4. Learn To Multi-task

Most people like to finish one task before moving on to the next one. If you are one of those folks, change this habit as soon as possible. If you are doing all the cleaning alone, make sure you spray the cleaning solution, let it sit while you do something else. In the meantime, you can soak up dirty dishes and wipe off the spray.

This will leave your furniture squeaky clean and sparkly, at the same time, you won’t have a hard time scrubbing those pans and cups. The same approach works for the bathroom. Leave on the tile cleaner for some time and do something else. But you need to keep in mind that you are using the right scrubs and cleansers for different items and areas. If not, it can cause immense wastage of time.

5. Don’t Forget To Have Fun

If you take household work as something just for the sake of formality, better pass it on to an upright robot cleaner. If you have taken the job on to yourself, make sure to stay relaxed and have some fun. You can turn on your favorite piece of music and dance away your stress. When you have fun doing something, time flies away without you even realizing. Setting a timer adds a race- like feel to your work. It is also a good idea to put a timer that helps you calculate how much time you are taking to accomplish a task.

A typical surface clean day to day would save you the trouble of frequent elaborate in-depth cleaning sessions. Follow the above tips, make a timetable and you are done!

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