You should practice prudent due diligence before buying a used car. A good starting point is to get a car history report from experts like REVS for the used car which you wish to buy. You can get important information pertaining to the car from this report which will help you to take proper buying decision. The car history report can be obtained by providing either the VIN number or registration number of the car and by paying an affordable fee. 

Your used cars need special attention and care during the harsh winter season. You should follow the below-mentioned tips to take care of your sued car during winter:

Check Tyre and Tyre Pressure Regularly 

You should get winter tyres fitted on your used car before winter sets in. It provides good grip and driving control during the rugged winter season and keep you safe. You should also monitor the tyre pressure regularly and ensure that they are well-inflated at all times. 

Battery Life 

Battery is perhaps one of the most impacted parts of a used car during winter season. It is difficult for the battery to work properly and start instantly during the winters than the summer season. If you have a slightly weaker battery during the summer season, it can turn into a dead battery during winters. It is highly recommended to have the battery of your used car checked before the onset of winter. If there are problems with the battery, then it is better to get it replaced before winter sets in. 

Coolant Check 

You should check the coolant levels in your used car during winters regularly. Coolant protect your car’s engine from cold and freezing temperatures. In addition to checking the coolant levels, you should also inspect for any potential cracks or leaks which may lead to coolant leakage. Some mechanics will also recommend you to use a 50:50 mix of coolant and water during the winter season as it leads to lower engine freezing point compared to when you are using the coolant alone. 

Check Lighting System 

Driving during winter months can be dangerous due to limited daylight. The sun rises late and sets early which means there is less daylight and you will be likely driving in the dark during your commute back from work. Hence, you should check all the lighting system on your used car to ensure that they are working properly and provide you the perfect illumination while driving. If any bulb is not working, you should get it replaced before the winter season starts. 

Check Windshield Wipers

Checking your windshield wipers for proper functioning is important for your safety while driving in winter season. You may be caught on a rainy or snowy day outside where you will need your windshield wipers to work properly. Before starting on a long journey, you should check your windshield wipers. You should also ensure to check that you have filled the wipers with windshield wiper fluid which is meant to be used during the winter months. The fluid has de-icing properties which ensures that the wipers will work properly even in snowy conditions. 

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