Winter is here, and dry skin, patches, and itchiness come along with it. The slight chill in the air is enough to get rid of all the moisture in your skin, leaving it dull and discolored. Don’t worry though, a few simple changes in your skincare routine and daily lifestyle choices can make a world of difference to how you look and feel- both from the outside and the inside. Here are some simple and effective skin care tips that you can try at home.

The Golden Trio

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing have always been the fundamental skincare regime that every beauty lover swears by. Start off your day by gently splashing your face with cool water and cleansing it with a deep face wash or a cleansing solution. Word of caution: don’t use soap. Next, pat the wet skin dry gently and then apply some scrubber and toner to remove the blackheads and other impurities of the skin. A moisturizer keeps the oils locked in and also keeps your skin soft and glowing. Follow this with something that helps delay and suppress signs of aging, such as cream, which has instant and visible effects on wrinkles, fine lines, and spots.

Sun and Skin

We’ve all seen and envied the models with perfectly toned bodies and flawless skin, glistening under the golden rays of the setting sun. And while Vitamin D is necessary for the well-being of the body, an excess of it can stir quite a few serious skin concerns. Firstly, you get horribly tanned (unless you’re naturally pale with low melanin content in the skin). Secondly, the harmful UV rays of the sun can cause wrinkles, sun spots, blotchiness and worse- skin cancer. Carry a 15-30 SPF sunscreen to keep you protected.

Remove your Makeup

Make sure you always remove your makeup before you go to bed. The cosmetics and artificial chemicals can create havoc on your face triggering acne breakouts, spots, itchiness and all sorts of irritations. Cleanse the face thoroughly, it opens the pores, allowing the skin to breathe properly through the night and rejuvenate. Clogged pores can also lead to blackheads, whiteheads, and blemishes. You can use a natural cleanser like olive oil (even coconut oil) to remove all traces of makeup.

Eat, Pray, Love

A well-balanced diet doesn’t just keep your fit but also works wonders for your skin. Fresh fruits, veggies, and high protein diet keep the skin tight, youthful and healthy. A diet rich in Vitamin C and low in sugar keeps your skin radiant and vibrant. It also allows for a reduction in the insulin levels, allowing cells to regain their balance. Avoid oily food, junk food and lots of spice.

Sweat It Out!

Daily exercise and proper rest don’t just keep you fit and healthy but also works miracles for your beauty. An hour at the gym or a relaxing session of yoga and meditation keeps stress away. Exercise also adds a glow to your face, reducing wrinkles, dark spots, and other toxins through sweat. Ensure that you don’t skip skincare before and after the workout. Apply a mild toner, exfoliate and then moisturize to remove excessive oils.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

A good night’s rest again is something that would leave you feeling fresh as a daisy. It keeps the dark circles away, reduces bagginess and puffiness under the eyes, adds a glow to your face and keeps you energized and refreshed all day long. Beauty sleep, a healthy diet and plenty of water are all you need to channel your inner beauty and reflect it outside.

Drink Lots of Water

Last but definitely not the least- stay hydrated. Water not only keeps your energized and allows for good digestion but also flushes out the toxins from your skin. drink lots of water throughout the day to keep your skin moisturized, clean and glowing. You can also consume fruit juice, smoothies and other items with more liquid content to cool the skin and open up the pores properly. You can also spritz some rose water in your skin every now and then to reduce itchiness and maintain the pH balance of the skin.

The Bottom Line

Skincare is surprisingly easy, provided you do it properly and consistently. You don’t always need intensive skincare products and surgeries to get that flawless glowing complexion, following these effective measures will cover those wrinkles and dark spots very well.

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