Perfect electric work is all you need when a quiet and happy life in the home or office. Every minute of our life is associated with electricity, be it day or night. Don’t cut corners on your electric work; it is important to hire a qualified electrician all the time.

Faulty wiring many cause unwanted disasters that will create a huge loss in the later times. Poorly designed circuits may harm your appliances too so, hiring a right electrician is worth considering.

Check for qualifications of the electrician

Your search for electrician tends to be easy when compared to other service providers. Many electricians offers the service when they have mastery and state license to offer the service. Yet if you are looking for documentary evidence for their skill set, there are two degrees to consider. One is master electrician where the person passes the slandered test and has two years of experience under his belt, and the other is one that has a state license to install wiring and equipment. There are three classes license for electrical work. One is for repairing and modifying electronic wiring; second is for adding or replacing power points like sockets, switches, and lights, repairing or replacing consumer control units.

Experience of the electrician

The kind of service you are looking from the professional is associated with risks and dangers so, it is very important to consider the experience of the electrician before you hire them. Depending on the level and kind of the work you want to be conducted on your premises, you have to choose the experience of the electrician. If the basic work like changing the wiring, a person with minimal experience of two years will suffice the need but if you are looking for the highly skilled work as a replacement of complete electricity boards as part of the renovation, you need a highly experienced person to conduct the job. You should also check if the professional electrician that reaches your premises is insured. This is to ensure there is no additional burden on you about compensating the electrician in any unwanted circumstances (though it is never expected ).

Quality of work

Though you require mastery to judge the quality of work offered by the service provider, there are certain tips you can check in to know if the work provided by them is a quality service. A general rule of thumb is the work that is not neat is considered not to be safe.  If possible, inspect the places of previous clients to know if the electrician Singapore can offer you the quality of the work needed. Ask for the testimonials of the previous clients to know the quality of the work provided. This act will ensure that you are hiring the right electrician for the job.

Get the quotation from them

After you are sure that the skill set of an electrician is enough to conduct the service required by you, request the price quotation from them. If you know the type of work that needs to be done, state the work that has to be done and ask for the quotation from the service provider. If there is a need for a site evaluation to do the extent work needed, please confirm transportation charges with the service provider before confirming the order.  Some electricians share their price quotation differently. Few offer a single quotation for the entire job done, whereas others provide prices for the job on an hourly basis. Compare different price quotations and pick the right one based on the specific electric work you have to complete in the home or office.

About the work

Irrespective of the quality of the job provided by electrician, you should not forget to ask for the guarantee of the work offered by them. Ask for how long will be guarantee given to the electrician wok provided even before you hire them.

Ask for their website

Last but not least, ask for the website of the electric service provider to know some more information about them and type of the services they provide even before you hire them.

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