Don’t you just hate how much big websites and brands suck up in the first page of search results? These brands and websites are hard to outrank.

If you want to get your business fast in front of your audience then social media platforms are the best options for you. Best and top Social Media platforms to boost your business are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and many more. But today I am going to share with how to use Instagram to grow your eCommerce business and boost your sales. If you want to find your target audience and get engagements from your target audience then you can use Instagram Auto Liker to grow fast and get more engagements.

Instagram is the best Marketing tool to take your eCommerce business to the next level

In this article, I will try to share some Instagram E-commerce Solutions that can help you to grow your eCommerce business and boost your sales. And how Instagram can bring you high revenue more than any other social platform.
Why Instagram For Your E-commerce Business?

There are a lot of reasons why to use Instagram for your eCommerce business but here are some few reasons that you need to know before you switch your business on Instagram.

1 Billion Monthly Active users on Instagram from around the globe.
500 Million peoples actives are every single day on Instagram from all over the world.
More than 4.5 Billion posts like every day.
95 million peoples shared videos and photos in a single day.
Most Instagram users are teenagers.
Instagram has one of the most engaged and active user databases
One report from e-commerce platform Shopify found that the average price tag for a sale referred from Instagram is $65, compared to $55 for Facebook and $46 for Twitter.

Instagram Marketing For E-commerce Business:

When it comes to shopping on Instagram, there are only three ways that you can use to drive traffic to your product page and encourage your followers to shop your products: tagging products in your Instagram stories ot posts, using the “swipe up” feature in Instagram Stories, or driving traffic through the link in your Instagram bio.
Here is step by step complete guide of Instagram marketing tips for eCommerce business to grow on Instagram to boost their sales and revenue.

1- Tag Your Products to Make Sales from Instagram:

If you want to get more sales from Instagram for your eCommerce business then tags your individual product is the best way for you to increase your conversions. Instagram now lets brands to tag individual products I Instagram posts to help users to shop products on Instagram easily.

If you’re a business selling physical goods and products, then you can link your e-commerce platform or inventory to your Instagram account, which then allows you to tag individual products in your posts. If you are selling physical goods and products then verify your platform and tag products in your post to get more sales from Instagram. This is one of the best ways to boost your sales and increase your revenue.

2- Swipe Up in Instagram Stories to Make Sales:

Brands with business Account and over 10,000 followers can add a link to their Instagram stories and then encourage their followers to “swipe up” to learn more or shop the item. If you don’t have 10,000 followers yet then become an Instagram famous brand and increase your followers over 10,000 then you are able to add a link to your Instagram stories. This is also one of a great way to make sales from Instagram for your eCommerce business.

3- Add the Link In Your Bio to Make Sales from Instagram:

Before adding a link in Instagram stories, link in bio was the the way to add a link in an Instagram account. It is still an effective and one of the best way to drive traffic from Instagram to increase website traffic and sales.

In order to get more sales from your bio link, make sure first you short your link using any URL Shortener to track your clicks, locations, and conversations. And ensure that the website you’re linking in your Instagram bio is mobile optimized because Instagram users will be clicking your link from an Instagram app on their phone.

4- Shoppable Instagram Ads to Make Sale on Instagram:Υnstagram ads are also another great way to reach your audience and promote your products in front of right peoples to get more sales. Instagram Advertising is a great tool for marketers to target any audience they want on Instagram. Instagram Ads are also clickable and shoppable so users can click on the ad and shop the products easily.

Low conversion rates and high cart abandonment rates are two major problems e-commerce businesses face. The Instagram Advertising tool can help you to see which users are converting better so you can retarget them again anytime. Instagram Ads can also help you to get more sales from Instagram.

Final Thoughts:

By implementing these tactics and strategies into your current marketing efforts can help you to increase your conversion rates. These are best strategies that you can use to get more sales from your Instagram for your e-commerce business. If you have any question that is related to Instagram for E-commerce marketing then feel free to leave a comment below.

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