For giving a natural and vital touch to your living area, you must include some plants and flowers to it. You can not just choose any flowers and put them wherever you like.

Like every other thing in life, interior designing also needs some style. However these styles vary from person to person but some general assumptions can be accepted and followed anywhere. Apart from someone’s likes and dislikes arranging flowers is very much dependent upon the future you have in your living area

So starting off with the freshness of the plants. If you are ordering plants then make sure that you are getting fresh flowers for they will mot only enhance the beauty of your place but there scent will readily diffuse in your environment. You can get fresh flowers online as well from

Maintaining your house is as important as maintaining yourself. Our environments effects us like no body can. We all know that when we get really tired of our boring routine we plan to head out for some change. Not all of us are so rich that they can plan to go put after every two months so changing your room’s setting and decorating it can be a fun activity which will consequently lower your stress.

The style of your living room: 

The arrangement of furniture plays a very significant role. If you really  want to boost up the welcoming environment then you have to check on the colors of your walls, the style of your sofas and carpets before buying some flowers. Suppose you randomly bought some flowers which do not go with your room’s style? They might go wasted then.

It is not a difficult task you just have to stay a bit more picky. Again it is not a strict rule but if you do take care of these little things you can get aa luxurious place to live.

Colorful bouquets: 

Try to buy some mixed color flowers it will restraint a mundane look. For instance if you love roses then go for mixture of colors for example dark red roses with white roses in a same bouquet will give an awfully attractive look to your old vase.

Nevertheless it is totally up to you but colorfulness is all what you expect from flowers that is why choose wisely. Contrasting shades are always preferable.


I know we all buy vases and sometimes we are unable to decide where to put them or what to put in them. While you are planning to buy some glowers make sure that you have got the right vase for them at your home. In case you do not have one you can just check out some DIYs and decorate your old vases, personally I d not recommend buying new vases. It could be very expensive but if you can afford then why miss out on an opportunity for decorating your own place.

Lastly, for letting the flowers stay fresh. Change the water daily. Make sure that the flowers are not drying up, do not put them under direct sunlight either.

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