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Regardless of what season it is, having a clean home to come back to after a hard day of work is absolute bliss. No one can deny that cleaning up can be a long and tedious process with much confusion regarding what you should keep and what has to be thrown out.

Sorting things out may take up a lot of time and effort, so here’s a guide to determine what needs to go out and what you should hold onto.

What you should be throwing out

There are some things that need to be thrown out to make room for new stuff, or simply to just make room generally, like:


If there are candles that don’t burn anymore, put them on top of the list of things to be thrown away. Nobody is going to pay for them and it’s best to throw them away to make room for some new candles. When the smell is gone it’s better to buy new ones because you can get good scented candles at great prices.

Everything with missing pieces

Have a board game from ten years ago that’s missing few pieces? Lost one of a pair of earrings two years back and still waiting for it to turn up? You will not find it and it’s time to move on.

Throw out things that are of no use, like a right shoe that’s missing its left. Make room for something new by throwing out anything you can’t use.  It’s also a good idea to throw out shoes that give you blisters and are uncomfortable.

Expired items

Throw out tablets, ointments and beauty products that are crowding your cupboard. It’s surprising to discover all the space left after clearing up the expired products from your bathroom. They don’t serve any purpose and it’s better to get rid of them.  Quick tip: Mascara has only a three month life span after it’s opened.


You should be changing your toothbrush every three months. This can cause old brushes to stack up if you don’t clear them out.


It’s always better to change towels once every two years because they start to wear out and become gross. While in the bathroom make sure to empty your bin as well – just a friendly reminder.

What you shouldn’t be throwing away

There are some items that can be donated or used differently, such as:


If there are 27 dresses in a small wardrobe that can’t be used anymore, consider donating them. Somebody could benefit from them. You can also donate that new pair of jeans that doesn’t fit right after you lost some weight, as there might be someone out there who is still the same size and doesn’t have enough money to buy the new pants they need.

Before donating, check that the clothes are intact so that they are still usable.

Plastic containers

The plastic containers from ordering takeout food can be used as storage for things like beads or craft supplies. Pinterest also has some great ideas for using plastic containers to make something innovative and useful, or just to make spaces look better and add a certain style.

Old Electronics

Still thinking of what to do with that old TV? Is it still in good working condition? Try and sell it. Don’t throw it away just because you have found a new one. Consider selling electronics on Gumtree or Facebook – it’s a good way to get rid of them and can also fetch you a few bucks.


Books that have been read that have hard backs or paper backs can be given to a library or tossed into a yard sale. Put magazines and bundles of papers in the recycling. It’s also a good idea to cancel catalogue subscriptions to give you more room and avoid receiving unnecessary mail.

Old eyeglasses

When buying a new pair of glasses, consider donating your old ones to charity so that you can help someone who can’t afford a new prescription. Somebody else could benefit from prescription sunglasses as well, so you might as well donate those too.

Cleaning up is necessary and if it hasn’t been done in years there are going to be a lot of discoveries made and a lot of new spaces found. Consider cleaning up regularly and if you do not have time you can enlist the assistance of rubbish removal Sydney. It’s the best way to stay organised and use storage more efficiently.

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