Australia is the world’s driest populated continent, and climate change is just making things more difficult. It is very clear that it’s important to make use of all the rainfall that the country does get! One great way to do this, in any country, is to install a rainwater tank.

If you’re planning to take advantage of this great way to save water and money, you might be wondering about the rainwater tank installation cost. Keep reading to learn some important details!

Rainwater Tank Installation Cost

Here is the quick answer to the question of cost—expect to pay between about $600 to $2,500 for the rainwater tank itself, depending on the type and size of the tank.

As you research prices, you may see that round tanks are less expensive than the straight, slimline models. This is because round tanks are naturally more solid and not as much material is needed to keep them secure. Slimline tanks fit easily against a wall or other straight edges.

Of course, slimline tanks are convenient, but since more material is needed to make them as durable as the round ones, they are a bit more expensive.

Another primary factor is whether the tank is steel or poly. Poly tanks provide the best overall value for collecting rainwater while steel tanks are tough and have a classy look.

See this for more details on products and pricing.

Shipping Cost

For such large items, the shipping fee is fairly reasonable for most water tanks at $90 for the first tank and $45 for each additional one delivered at the same time to the same location.

Hiring Labor

There is also the labor cost to consider which can range from about $350 to $1,200. The exact amount will depend on the complexity of your system. Some people may choose to follow an installation guide and can save money by installing it themselves.

Be careful though! There are good reasons to hire a licensed plumber to work on the installation. They know exactly what they’re doing and their work should be covered by a guarantee, which may very well save you from further costs when something goes wrong.

This is apart from the potential frustration and time it may take to master the task enough to do it safely.

Maintenance Costs

Rainwater systems do need some regular maintenance. This includes cleaning out gutters and filters, and checking that all the components are working. Plan to do this a few times a year.

This is something you can likely do on own your own, but if you hire a landscaper to do it for you, it will cost a few hundred dollars a year.

Install and Save

Though the rainwater tank installation cost can be significant, remember how important it is to conserve precious resources in Australia and around the world.

Having a rainwater tank is recommended as an environmentally friendly way to make the most out of the existing rainfall, even in one of the driest places in the world.

Of course, don’t forget the water itself is free.

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