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Travelling can be fun. You get to see new places and sights that you have not seen before. Whether you are traveling to a nearby city or a different country, it is always best to be prepared and knowledgeable of the whereabouts of the place, including its landmarks and famous tourist spots. Thus, you will need to have a map to survive in a foreign place.

However, if you use a traditional map of a specific place, one of the downsides of it is it may not be updated. Thus, experts have invented online maps that travelers can use and access in the comfort of their mobile devices and tablets.

Travelling has never been this convenient and easy before. In just one tap of a finger, you can now go to your wanted destination in no time and with no hassle. However, online maps are not 100% trusted and useful. From the name itself “online,” you need to have internet access at all times.

However, if you are in an unfamiliar place or country, having internet access can also be tricky. Sometimes, the internet connection may also be slow, especially if the site has a low signal. Although data connection can be available, it still does not ensure constant contact.

If you want to go paperless on your next travel, but you’re afraid there might be no secure internet connection in your destination, it offers online maps for safe and convenient travel.

Using this app will get you to the right place that you want to go to. It also makes you confident about taking the right directions and will even suggest shortcuts that other people might not know in the place.

Maps.Me: On Online Map

The maps me was formerly launched as MapsWithMe by its creators. The mobile app is downloadable for mobile devices such as Android, iOS, and Blackberry. It uses data from OpenStreetMap to provide offline maps to its users wherever they are.

If you want to have free access to maps and GPS offline, you can download maps me on your app store.

The app also features direction and navigation that can be easily used and accessed by its user. While many other online apps are downloadable on mobile devices, the app has an advantage among all of them because it offers offline map access.

Easily download the app, and you can now have free access to all maps and GPS without an internet connection—the content of it was created by a bunch of map enthusiasts, engineers, users, and people who contribute to the map because of their knowledge about the place.

People also get to edit maps if there are new stores or landmarks in the area to contribute to the OpenStreetMap data. Furthermore, Maps.Me has a wide variety of features that users will enjoy using while traveling.

Maps.Me Features and Functions

Maps.Me users will be able to get free maps for a lifetime and can download the location’s map numerous times. The map is convenient to use because you can use it even without WiFi or mobile data. You can still save your downloaded map on the app and easily access it with zero hassle.

Not only that, but the app also lets you do a quick offline map search if you feel lost or confused about where to go. The app has all maps all over the world and will make sure you are at your right destination. You can even check how heavy the traffic is. It is so convenient!

Maps.Me lets you stay connected to your family and friends as well. Your saved routes will be downloaded on your phone, and it is also shareable to others. The online map also makes it possible to know a user’s location via GPS.


Just like Maps.Me, navigation apps are essential because they deliver a noticeable navigational benefit. It makes you more confident because it’s only at your disposal to handle the day, the location you want to go, and how you get there.

The primary advantage is that it assists with understanding the actual movement of traffic. For that, they’ll really save you money. Navigation systems are efficient, and they do not offer confusing instructions. Navigation apps don’t always provide the correct route.

They even demonstrate the fastest and shortest route to get to your goal without having to face several difficulties along the road. Navigation devices act as a protection tool, enabling you to share your position with loved ones. This makes them conscious of where you are living.

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