When you bring up the idea of flying across the globe to the average person, chances are good that they will imagine a commercial plane with enough cargo and seating capacity to handle a modest gathering. The rest of the populace, and anyone who finishes reading ahead, may consider the idea of a private, chartered flight. As to why some may consider chartering a flight for their jet-setting, this article has been written to highlight several of the perks that a charter flight can bring.

It Is Far Less Public

Whether you are looking into a private jet charter New Jersey or any other region, one of the most obvious benefits is that there is no line to be boarded nor need to sit around in a big lobby waiting for your plane to be ready. The only people you need to bother with within your flight’s vessel will be the pilot, the rest of your party, and any crew that may be required for fulfilling specific requests like on-site entertainment or food preparation. 

Private flights can be a boon to anyone who wants to fly without suffering through the chaos of a large crowd or even just the irritation of being seated next to a jerk or behind a bored child who refuses to stop kicking the seat in front of them. Lastly, there is no worry about your luggage getting loaded onto a different plane headed for a different destination.

You Can Choose Your Vehicle

Another benefit to chartered flights is that you can decide how big or small a vehicle you want to fly in. If you are going somewhere momentous with your special someone, you may want to book a jet with only a handful of seats. 

Conversely, someone wanting to treat their entire athletic team to a great reward would favor a jet that can accommodate the full roster. Be mindful that while your selection of jets is limited to whichever jets a given charter owns in its fleet, most charter companies tend to have more than a few craft for any boarding party.

You Have a Greater Variety of Options for Takeoff and Landing

The departures and arrivals for public flights tend to be isolated to major airports. This is due to the massive amount of space that even a single airline needs to accommodate its many gigantic aircraft that are coming, going, and idling.

A chartered private jet is likely to be smaller than a 737, meaning there is a far greater number of locations for such a jet to depart or arrive from. When just considering the United States, the ratio of private airport to public is surprising near-3:1 (14,850 to 5,211 in 2021). In some cases, you can charter a flight with a private airport closer to the actual destination of your trip. Additionally, some charters may offer a taxi service-meaning that will send a driver to collect you from wherever you may be and drive you to the airport, where your charter flight will receive your party.

You Can Customize The Experience

If you are willing to front the money to fly isolated from the public, the charter that is willing to do business with you is bound to offer a variety of extra features and options to make the trip all that more luxurious. Provided the charter allows it, you can sign off on extras like the following.

  • Listen to your favorite playlist over the jet’s sound system.
  • Let your pets fly and eat with you rather than within a cargo carrier.
  • Have meals prepared by a professional chef while en route to your destination?
  • Be left completely alone, with minimal active illumination, until your flight arrives.

The Final Boarding Call

Chartering a flight is great for getting from point A to point B and with less fuss than public flights. You only deal with a few people, pick the perfect jet for your trip, have more location options, and can personalize your aviation experience to make it truly memorable.

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