Good occasions come by frequently. It could be a birthday, holiday, anniversary or just a day of celebration where you spend some time with your lady love & show her how much she means to you. For men, showing love towards their wives usually includes gifting them a nice piece of jewelry. 

However, choosing the right one could be stressful & hassle for some simply because they don’t have enough knowledge about jewelry or simply don’t know what their spouses would like. If you happen to be one of them, then don’t worry. 

We’re going to make jewelry shopping easy for you with our super-useful & effective tips & tricks. To know more, keep reading this post.

Take a look at her personal jewelry collection

Before you consider buying jewelry for someone, do take a quick look at her taste & preferences. This can only be understood if you see her jewelry box. Unless she has asked for a particular piece, let’s say a bracelet or a cocktail ring. 

  • You can do your own piece of research & buy her something she actually likes. 
  • Notice the kind of patterns she goes for, whether she owns enough necklaces & bracelets, what kind of colors are they. 
  • They could be yellow, white, or rose gold. 

See if her choice is very colorful or does she like it plain & simple. Last, you should check her lifestyle. If she is a busy woman who works a 9 to 5, she would like something that is light-weighted & not too fussy or if she is a sophisticated fashion-conscious woman, then a statement-making necklace would suit her more. 

See the kind of metal she prefers

Before you buy anything for, do consider taking a look at the type of metal she prefers. There are generally three types: gold, silver & platinum. Each has unique properties. While silver is durable & cost-effective, platinum has a white luster & is considered to be tarnish resistant. Gold is also a good option as it comes in yellow, black, rose & white colors & is resistant to tarnish, corrosion & rust.

Always be aware of the style you want to go for

After having a solid understanding of what kind of metal or stone your lady likes, you should spend some time trying to understand her style. Apart from looking at her jewelry box, also try to notice what kind of notice she generally prefers to put on. Whether she prefers a modern look or does she like an antique brooch, make sure to check that out.

Modern pieces of jewelry come with a very smooth & clean style whereas chunky jewelry is more fashionable these days. You could also have add-on pieces that could be added to events or even the years’ pass. We will use an example to explain this. Apart from the anniversary ring, she could also wear a wedding band or engagement ring. Or, maybe she could have a nice bracelet set she loves to keep alongside. Vintage jewelry is also a good idea as they are large & colorful, but they tend to be a little on the weightier side.

Check the sizes

Yes, fine jewelry is easy to adjust, but it is always a good idea to know the size of the clothing before you go out & purchase something. Do take a look at one of her rings, especially those that are not worn often. You can take it (with her permission) to the jewelry store & take a look at the sizes. Women who are petite & have delicate features could feel overwhelmed by large-looking pieces while other women who are tall and statuesque like to wear oversized styles.

Jewelry as per her skin tone

Did you know that women jewelry can sometimes accentuate the appearance of the person if their skin tone matches with it? For example, it is always advisable for women with blond hair or pale skin to wear more silver whereas women who have olive skin or are lightly tanned, could wear just about any jewel or metal. Women with dark African or Arabic skin also look attractive in any kind of metal while Asian women are advised to have rose gold as the color comes out beautifully on them.

Ask Around

Now, this is one tip you are going to be thankful for. If you are in doubt, do take suggestions & advice from those who know her better, for example, her sister, mother & girlfriends. You can send them photos of pieces you like & ask them to share feedback before you make a final purchase. If your lady has a favorite store or boutique, she buys jewelry from, this could be the right way to go about it. Getting feedback from other shoppers as well as sales associates is also a good way of getting it done. 

Have a well-planned budget

Having a well-planned budget is imperative if you’re going jewelry shopping for your lady. If you want to spend a fortune on it, let nothing stop you. Important dates & anniversaries are quite appropriate times to buy diamonds & gold. But a small gift of jewelry could be beautiful & meaningful to her too. Just make sure you don’t compromise on the quality.

Classic Choices

If you are in doubt or have to choose something as quickly as possible, then always go for a classic necklace. A necklace is simple & sophisticated and can easily be piled up with other pieces in order to give you a more edgy look. Apart from that, make sure you choose something that is high in quality & you should be able to find her a piece that she will love & keep with herself for years.

Yes, selecting the right jewelry for the love of your life is stressful, but it can be a good idea if you tag a friend along & help them help you out. Apart from that, you should take a good look at her preferences & taste & we’re sure that you will certainly find a piece she likes.

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