CBD is used to treat arthritis, anxiety, chronic pain and depression. As a pet owner you can use it on your pets to help you fight such ailments. For more on this, you can have a look at pet  cbdcommunity site and head over to the community page. With that said, here are the factors to keep in mind;

Get the right dose

Once you decide to give the compound to your pet, it is advisable that you get the correct dosage and the proper delivery system. You can buy a small dropper bottles of the oil and CBD treats. 

In case you are using CBD oil, put little volumes of the oil under the pet’s tongue. Your pet might not be excited about the delivery formula, however, it allows the oil to be absorbed very fast. 

It is advisable to start by administering a low dosage one per day. You should use the dosage recommended by the manufacturers. On the other hand, CBD treats is much more appealing if your pet is aggressive. It also has a dosage recommendation on the package although you can also consult the manufacturer. 

Know what the supplement can and cannot do

CBD is related with marijuana and therefore you might think that it will get your pet high. However, the oil for pets does not have that effect. This is because it is a separate compound extracted from hemp which has very low THC. 

THC is an ingredient found in cannabis and it causes the ‘high’ effects Therefore, it will not have any negative effect on your pet’s health. Scientists have proved that the compound interact with receptors in the pet’s body and bran. 

It is part of the endocannabinoid system which is involved with memory, pain, sleep etc. it also reduces inflammation, reduces the risk of seizures and lowers anxiety and stress. In case your pet is suffering from any of these conditions, the component will help improve its health condition.

Your veterinarian 

Your vet might not support administering of the compound to your pets. In most states, physicians are supported by the law to recommend cannabis to their patient. They have legal protection. 

However, veterinaries are not offered a similar protection. They would be breaking the law if they talk to you about giving your pest CBD. They fail to recommend the compound because there is insufficient research benefits of using CBD. 

However, this should not hinder you from using the products on your pest because there is a lot of evidence on its benefits on pet’s health. Your vet may not be excited about all these but you should do what’s best for your pet. See this link to find out whether it’s safe to give CBD to  your pets https://www.cnet.com/news/is-cbd-safe-for-pets/

Use a quality product

It is important to ensure that your product is from a company with a good reputation. Some companies may tell you that their products are hemp-based later to find out they do not contain CBD. 

A legal company will be willing to present to you a breakdown of all the ingredient they have used to make the product. You can also search for a firm that uses non-GMU hemp and natural growing practises to maintain the good health of your pet. 

Avoid using products that use hemp which are grown overseas because there are chances that they have been grown on toxic soils. It is advisable that you also look at the method of extraction used by the company. 

Avoid purchasing from companies that use solvent for extraction. This is because there may be presence of toxic solvent after extraction. You should also avoid companies that use pesticides or heavy metal during the extraction process.

For you to get high quality products, search for a firm that has positive online reviews and has a reputable recommendation on their website.

Tips of using CBD with your pets

In case you are planning to target CBD with your pets, here are a few things to keep in mind;

Do thorough research

Take some time to research about the variety uses of CBD, concentration, type of product etc. This will assist you in selecting a suitable product for your pet bringing about the best experience for your pet.

Have realistic expectations

The product might be great fit for your pet or the latter. Evaluate your pet’s response to the products. You can do this on your own or together with your veterinarian.

Stick with renowned retailer and brands

It is advisable that you avoid going with the cheapest option. Select companies which comply with strict process of testing. The company should also be willing to provide information about the purity of their product and test result. It should make use of natural ingredients. Click here to see how CBD oil can be introduced to pets.


Pets are held so dear in our homes and therefore they should be well taken care of. You should be careful while administering CBD oil to pets to avoid the product that is manufactured for human beings. It is advisable that you use products which have been tested and have positive reviews from other clients.

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