As our loved ones enter old age, they are presented with everyday challenges that weren’t there a few years ago. Going out to the shops, having a bath, even just getting up the stairs, can prove to be much more difficult. Of course, we want to do everything we can to help them, but it’s simply not practical to be with them twenty-four seven. Thankfully there are plenty of quick, small, solutions that can make a world of difference.


According to Age UK handrails can make a big impact on helping an elderly person maintain their independence. Installing handrails means that a home can instantly become accessible. They can offer extra support on the stairs, as well as the house in general if required. It can be such a quick fix if your relative is a little unsteady on their feet and want some extra support.

Mobility Scooters

These are a great option, which can give an elderly relative so much more freedom. It could be if they need a little help getting from A to B when indoors. Or if they can no longer drive and want to get about, some scooters are designed for on the road use. Maybe getting the weekly shop done is a struggle.  Mobility Solutions have a brilliant range of scooters, both for indoor and outdoor use.

Adjustable beds and sofas

So we’ve talked about helping your relatives getting out and about, but what if they struggle getting up in the first place? This is where adjustable furniture can come into play. You could get a rising chair to help them stand up. There are designs these days which blend in with living room furniture perfectly. Or they can invest in a bed with controllable adjustments so they can get as much support as they need to, whenever they need to.

Friendly Neighbours

This was mentioned earlier – it isn’t likely you can be there whenever needed to offer support for your relatives, especially if you live far away from them. You can make sure to add safety measures outside of their home. This can come in the form of next-door neighbours. They can check in on your relatives when you can’t – such as in extremely cold or hot weather. Or even offer to pop to the shops for them. Getting to know their neighbours and knowing there’s a helping hand nearby can make you and your family feel so much better.

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