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In this era of the Internet and technological advancements, the world has become a much smaller place. This in turn has made it easier to send packages around the world. But apart from the ease of sending presents to another country, there are a lot of other factors to consider when buying a present.

Here are some of the key factors to keep in mind when looking to send gifts to China.

Cultural Significance

In many Asian countries, presents are viewed as much more than just a gesture or a token of your appreciation. Gift-giving is an important part of the Chinese culture. When you give someone a present, expect to receive something in return.

The Chinese are big on reciprocation—giving back when they receive something to ‘’tally’’ the score. This kind of attitude towards giving comes from a place of respect and tradition.

When one receives something nice from someone, one has to express gratitude and appreciation by giving something nice in return. Knowing this cultural aspect of gift-giving can help in choosing the right present.

Know the Dos and Don’ts

Continuing on from the earlier discussion of cultural significance, there are certain dos and don’ts attached to present exchanges that you would do well to be aware of. The first thing to remember is that the presentation is as important as the actual item. So, make sure the present is wrapped neatly with beautiful wrapping-paper. The experience of gift-giving starts right from the package.

Another thing to keep in mind as far as presents go is to not give items such as scissors (item in a stationery kit) or knives as they are considered to be a bad omen, signifying the end of the relationship.

Send It on Time

When planning to send gifts to China, make sure you time it right. If you are shipping your package, be sure to do it well in advance to ensure that it reaches them in time. A birthday present reaching the recipient two weeks after his/her birthday will not be as appreciated as one which arrives on time.

A great alternative to consider is to send presents using a trusted service. There are many companies that offer flower arrangements, assorted chocolates and other such baskets to be sent locally in China. These will only take three to four days to reach the recipient, which is a big advantage.

Corporate Gift-Giving

If you have business interests in China, or will be collaborating with a Chinese company, then get ready to give and receive – a lot. Gift-giving in the corporate world is seen as a show of respect and a sign of good faith.

When you plan to invest in a long-term corporate relationship, gift-giving is a way to show your interest in fortifying that relationship. Some appropriate gestures that are appropriate in a corporate environment are high-end stationery items (pens, leather notepads and such), wines, electronic gadget or some speciality item from your home country.

Of course, the present that you give should be appropriate. You can’t give an expensive gadget to someone you just met. Or confer something cheap on to a long-standing acquaintance.

The value of your offering should also be an acknowledgement of the recipient’s place in the corporate hierarchy. So, if your present is for someone higher up in the corporate ladder, then make sure it’s something a little expensive and unique.

Be Gracious When They Reciprocate

When you receive something in return to the one you sent, be gracious about it. Thank them for the gesture and express your happiness and gratitude.

Saying things like “Oh, you really didn’t have to’’ can sound disrespectful or callous. Avoid such well-intentioned faux pas to save yourself from potential embarrassment or the risk of offending the other party.

If you have friends or family in China, then one of the best ways in which you can show them that they’re in your thoughts and that you miss them is to send them presents. Be it a birthday, an anniversary or Christmas, whatever the special occasion, you can make their day even more special by sending them a thoughtful gift.

And with so many options available to you when it comes to international gifting services, it’s now very simple to send gifts to China. Once you know all the pitfalls to avoid when it comes to exchanges you will be ready to send the best presents, impressing your recipients and showing them how much you care.

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