Requesting a loan from the bank, requesting state aid, thinking capital, entering a business incubator or seducing a business angel are some of the main ways to obtain funds for your business project.

Finding the funding we need for our business has never been a simple task. Much less so now, in an economy that presents a very poor growth and a stagnation of consumption rather than prolonged. Framed in a context of global crisis, setting up a business and even more finding the necessary financing to carry it out, it is presented as an almost titanic task, with many uncertainties and very few certainties.

This does not mean that there is no way to find the financing that we will need, the best way is thinking capital. In fact, the instruments are there, only that we can find the one that best suits our needs and address them in the right way. If we were to make a ranking of those instruments, ordered according to the possibilities that they will finally finance us, we would find ourselves in a scenario very similar to the one described below.

Thinking Capital:

Thinking capital is a fund providing company for your small business you can easily start your business with the help of thinking capital. It provides you a loan in just 24 hours and the best way to grow your business or to start your small business is thinking capital.

Ask the bank for a loan:

Going to the bank to ask for a loan has become for years the norm for more than 80% of small businesses, compared to just under 50% that register their credit requests in other European countries.

In spite of this and in view of the difficulty that many businesses currently have to finance themselves in this way, we can go to our “friendly banking entity” if our business idea moves in a traditional terrain (commerce, restoration, services, etc.).

Negotiate an advance:

If we are lucky enough to find an important customer before even launching our product, we can negotiate with it an advance that allows us to finance the launch.

Count on clients who count on us for our image, the trust they have in us, the quality we have shown on previous occasions, etc. is key so that some of the best can remain as customers for a long time, but can become a recurring way to finance our activities.

Present the project to a local Business Angel:

Presenting our project to a local business angel is very similar to doing it in front of a venture capital company. The main difference is that theoretically, the angel investor has a social commitment to the community in which he finds himself. They are usually successful entrepreneurs or investors seeking the development of entrepreneurs who are within their area of influence.

As such, they tend to have more “patience” with the projects you sponsor and are involved in a much more direct way in the development of the businesses in which they invest

A crowdfunding campaign begins:

The equity crowdfunding can become a great alternative when financing our company. It allows any small investor to bet on our company, backed by the transparency and general quality of this type of platform.

In the last year, several interesting platforms have been presented in Spain that bet on this route and we recommend you in this sense, the reading of our article “The best equity crowdfunding platforms”.

Friends and family:

Resorting to family and friends has become one of the first options considered by all those who want to embark on the business adventure. Those known as “Friends Fools a Family” can offer us the initial impetus we need to start our project.

In our article “Friends Fools and Family: how to ask for money for our business” you will find the keys you need to know if you bet on this way of acting.


Bootstrapping is a term from English that refers to starting something with no resources or very few resources. In the area of business, then, means to exercise some entrepreneurial activity with little or no capital, i.e., undertake only with the means that are available.

One of the biggest advantages of Bootstrapping is the risk, almost zero since we will not owe anything to anyone and if we fail, we will not have lost too much, we can always try again.

Although it is a slow way to start, it may be the only way for many entrepreneurs. Emphasize that if you are successful you can get an invaluable experience, of great value that will often affect the services, products offered and work capacity

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