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Summer is in the air! The temperature is heating up, the beaches are getting busier, and the great outdoors are beckoning to you.

The turn of spring into summer ushers in a lot of many positive things. However, there are a few negative aspects. Specifically, those aspects include germs, pollen, dust, dirt, and grime that can get tracked into your home!

If you want to keep your house sparkling clean in the phase of this invasion from outside dirtiness, then you need to utilize a house cleaning checklist to organize your maintenance tasks.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a quick list of tasks that you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly in order to keep your home clean, tidy, and organized this summer.


If you want to keep your home in the best condition possible, then you’re going to have to make cleaning a daily part of your life. However, if you regularly do these tasks and don’t miss any days, then you’ll find that as time goes on you’ll become more and more efficient at them. Pretty soon, you won’t be spending more than a few minutes knocking them out each day!

The first thing to do is to load the dishwasher and put away cleaned dishes. Nothing attracts pests quite like dirty dishes. To go along with this, clean and wipe down the kitchen counters on the daily. They see a lot of use and are susceptible to accumulating dirt.

Other tasks for your daily cleaning list include taking out the garbage, making your bed, and doing a quick once-over your living space to tidy up anything that might have come out of place during the day.


Just like with daily tasks, these weekly tasks get quicker and easier over time if you make sure to do them regularly so that dirt doesn’t build up.

Give all of your furniture a quick dusting. Vacuum all surfaces, and mop any hardwood or tiling. Clean your bathroom, including rinsing the tub, brushing the toilet, and wiping down counter space and mirrors. Also wipe any kitchen appliances that you use on the regular, such as your stove and your microwave.


These monthly cleaning tasks are more time-consuming but are well worth it if you value a clean, tidy home.

The first task is a thorough window washing. Next, vacuum and wipe down your upholstered furniture. Use a steam tool or shampooer as necessary. Don’t forget your HVAC vents and ceiling fans, which are prone to collecting dirt on them. Last but not least, make sure to deodorize the house with a spray.

A Simple House Cleaning Checklist

There you have it — with this simple house cleaning checklist, you should now be far equipped to keep your house in perfect, shipshape condition even though summer may try its hardest to track dirt, dust, and grime into your home.

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