If you are an interior designer, artist, or decorator, you’d surely know how decals have become the talk of the town in such a short time. Apparently, people can’t seem to stop admiring how decals have helped them improve the look of their homes and offices to create a statement.

For the uninitiated, decals, or wall decals, are nothing but flexible decorative stickers that can easily be transferred from one surface to another. A decal basically comes with three layers – an adhesive piece of paper on the back, the decal itself,  and the paper that goes on the front.

Ranging from simple small floral borders, finely crafted & calligraphy quotes to complicated murals, you have an array of wall decals for living room to choose from.  

So, why spend too much on repainting your walls when you can decorate them with beautiful and affordable decals!

With the festive season right around the corner, people’s excitement to decorate home and office premises has crossed all its bounds. Without much ado and with the help of decals, you can quickly add an aesthetic touch to your place and give it a refreshing and modern appeal. 

To help you gear up for the upcoming festivities, we are here to discuss some awesome DIY tips to quickly decorate your walls with the most practical items, i.e., the decal bundle.  

Don’t worry! With decals, decorating your place is going to be easy as pie. Here’s how!

  1. Pick the right spot

First things first! Try something new this year. Throw the boring wallpaper out and bring the decal bundle in. Decide which walls of your place you would like to put in the limelight and start removing all the unnecessary items from your living room. Eliminating all the extra stuff will help you get a clearer idea of how to begin decorating your walls.

After doing this, pick the decal designs from ArtFrill that match the ambiance of the place. You can either search for patterns and design themes online, or create your own specifications by selecting the theme, colors, and content for your walls.

  1. Coming up with a unique idea

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different!”– Coco Chanel

If you love being creative, then using styles, designs, and ideas of other designers cannot just be your ultimate goal. You can surely draw some inspiration from the work of expert artists and interior designers to come up with your own design.  But do try to be original so that your guests can see and appreciate your personality.

What’s next?

Get your creative juices flowing and know the latest trends in designing. All you got to do is research for some new themes, gather all ideas and write them down, all at once! 

  1. Think of the THEME!

This is the most important step because the theme that you will pick will be a reflection of your personality. Don’t worry about being perfect at this moment. Focus your attention on finalizing a unique but elegant theme. Every room has a different mood, and the wall decals for the living room will certainly have an immense impact on your guests. Decide whether you want to make your walls look colorful with gorgeous floral decals or wise with wisdom quotes. 

You can even choose to create:

  • An astonishing family tree with a wall decal bundle
  • A cityscape leading to your door
  • A world map highlighting countries that you have visited
  • Just beautiful floral motifs that you admire

Expert’s note: Make sure to choose decals that do not look outlandish and easily go with the colors of your walls.

  1. Buy and try

In some cases, the decals you choose online might not look as appealing on your wall or in real life. Therefore, it is preferable to gather a few decals of every type, color, and theme, and begin by trying them out on your walls before buying a whole decal bundle. This technique will save you from making unnecessary expenses.

  1. Decorate your living room with wall decals 

Let’s give your guests a topic to talk about without even starting a conversation! Let’s make your walls look luxurious without all the fuss. How long is it going to take? Definitely not more than a few minutes.

Just follow the easy steps below to make your space look stunning:

  • Clean your wall

Decals adhere quickly to a clean wall, so begin by cleaning the wall to remove any residues of dirt or oil. This process will also prevent the formation of any air bubbles in between. So how do you clean the wall? Simply, use a cotton cloth or a damp sponge along with a soap to completely remove dirt from the walls, and once you are done, let it dry.

  • Adjust the placement

Do not get too excited and adhere the decal on the wall directly without taking proper measurements. Although it is easy to remove the decal, you cannot reuse a used decal twice. Take a ruler and a pencil, and mark the spots after taking proper measurements.

  • Adhere the decals

Remove the back sheet that covers the adhesive side of the decal, and carefully adhere the decal on the marked spots. Use a squeegee to smoothen the surface to eliminate any uneven finish. Start squeezing from the middle and try moving outwards to push out all the air bubbles from the corners. Finally, peel the paper support, smoothing out the decal slowly from top to bottom.

Make a lasting impression with DIY decals

By now you might already know how easy and quick it is to use decals to decorate your walls. Using these tips, you can create interesting patterns on your walls that everyone will love. In fact, aside from walls, you can also use these DIY decal bundles to decorate your phone, computer, notebook, mirror, cupboards, wardrobe, furniture, and much more. So, this festive season, spend less and decorate more with these versatile, timeless, beautiful, and vibrant looking wall decals for the living room.

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