So, let us start by knowing what SEO is. It can be defined as the practice of improving or optimizing their websites for a higher position in the search engine, or we can say it is set of rules to be followed by a blogger for his blog or website owner to increase their websites or blogs search efficiency and quality. It can also be considered as a process since it contains all rules, guidelines, stages and set of controls for optimizing their website. Importance of SEO are as follows-

  • seo service in india helps a website to gain a higher position in the search engine, since users use a search engine to gain answers and solutions for their problem, and websites appearing the higher are trusted by the search users more.
  • It helps the user to operate the website more easily.
  • SEO is of great importance to website owners and bloggers. For instance, if two or more websites sell the same thing, the SEO optimized website gains more competitors and give the owner a competitive advantage in that field.

Now, let us move onto types of SEO. Types of search engine optimization (SEO) are-

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  1. White Hat SEO- This technique strictly follows the guidelines of Google Webmaster. These websites usually take a long time to carry out a result and are costly, but the results obtained by white hat SEO are long-lasting and positive. Search engine algorithms appear around 500 times in a year, but these are not affected negatively impacted. The results take longer time because the result or data generated is not copied. Websites with white hat SEO optimized are steady, gradual and long-lasting in rankings. Websites under this don’t run under foul search engine or duplicated ones.
  2. Black Hat SEO– This technique doesn’t follow guidelines of Google Webmaster, they appear in the results higher, less costly and provide results quickly. But the results obtained are not long-lasting and can be banned by Google webmaster since it is against the guidelines. It helps the websites in gaining user traffic and so the rank. It is an unethical way, and it is used by finding loopholes in algorithms by a search engine.
  3. Grey Hat SEO– It can be described as both a mixture of white and black hat SEO. It somewhere falls around between white and black hat, it is not specifically described as against guidelines, but it can be harmful, and results or data can even get banned.
  4. On-page SEO– The main function of on-page is to optimize our content and website; the main focus is to ensure that the users can easily understand, search and read the content. It also ensures that the data is relevant and correct.
  5. Off-page SEO– It is used to boost the position of the website in search engine. It is the process of optimizing outside the website to build links and get back to it. These outside website link act as votes, the more votes you get, the better position in search engine.

In the end, the selection of proper SEO can be beneficial in the long run rather than a corrupted one. Using seo service in india with proper Google Webmaster guideline can be costly and low traffic in the initial phase but prove to be beneficial in the later phase. The corrupted SEO has less cost and more traffic in the initial phase, but later, the website gets banned, and the website won’t go any further.

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