There is an argument that has been going on for many years and it is about what everyone perceives to be the busiest room in the house. Some people say that it has to be the bathroom because this is a room where people queue up in the morning and go to last thing at night.

Others say, that it is the bedroom where we sleep and because we do spend an average of 7 to 8 hours there every single evening. The vast majority say that the living room is the most popular place because that’s where the TV is but many Australian homes have the television in the kitchen and so this is where the family congregates every single day.

It makes perfect sense then that you would want to make sure that this is a very comfortable place to be and so you need to make sure that you have essential appliances like a quality fridge, a decent microwave and of course a cooker. We always seem to be running around and we have very little time to stand still and so the following are just some of the top appliances that every homeowner needs to have in the kitchen.

  1. A coffee maker – In the past, Australia was a nation of tea drinkers but that has changed and the vast majority of people now enjoy a cup of coffee or three every single day. Clearly, we can’t go to the popular coffee chains first thing in the morning so this is why you need to invest in a quality coffee machine. Many of these machines can be set up so that they are already brewing a cup of coffee for you before you wake up.
  2. A water purifier – We spend an incredible amount of money on bottled water every single day and if you count all of your family members purchasing only one bottle a day then this amounts to a significant amount over the course of any month. It would make far more sense to buy some bottles yourself and put your own water in first thing in the morning before you go to work or the kids go off to school.
  3. A rice cooker – It used to be the case that our diets were fairly predictable here in Australia but now many people are enjoying Eastern style cuisine and so this is why it makes perfect sense that you would invest in a quality rice cooker. It allows you to cook rice for the whole family and there is very little that you have to do apart from put in the rice and then add some water.

These are only three of the many appliances that an Australian kitchen should have and believe me when I tell you that there are numerous more. It might be an idea to invest in a chopper so that you don’t have to keep using knives to cut up your vegetables and other things.

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