Keeping your eyeglasses clean is important to maintain their clarity and prevent scratches on the lens. To maintain their great look and protect them from any damage, it is important to clean them the right way. This is even more important during this pandemic because Coronavirus lives on a surface for a long time. You may expose yourself to the virus when ignoring the cleanliness of the glasses. It can get more vulnerable because you handle the glass and your face with the same hands. Therefore, you should adopt practical habits to clean your glasses regularly. The most common and effective practice is using an eyeglass cleaning cloth.

Here are some useful cleaning tips for your lenses and frames.

  1. Wash your hands before handling your glasses. Make sure that your hands are lotion-free. Dry them with a clean towel.
  2. Rinse your glasses using lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water because it can damage the lenses.
  3. Take your eyeglass cleaning cloth and gently rub the lenses to clean the dirt away with water. Ensure that the cloth you are using is not dirty and has a soft fabric. Using a cleaning cloth of a rough texture can cause scratches on your lenses.
  4. You can also use mild soap to clean the strong dirt. Apply a small drop of a mild detergent on the lenses and rub both the lenses. Also, focus on cleaning the frames. Apply the soap on the nose pads and the part of the frame that lies behind the ears. Gently rub all the parts with your hands, or a silicone brush can also help.
  5. Rinse the soap from the glasses thoroughly.
  6. Remove the water by shaking gently.
  7. Now, dry the lenses using a clean eyeglass cleaning cloth. It should be lint-free.
  8. Remove any remaining dust using a microfibre cloth. You can find them at online optical stores as they offer promising quality. Remember, it is also important to clean the cleaning cloth regularly with a lotion-free soap and water.

For the rest of the day, it is preferable to keep wet wipes to clean the glasses for a touch–up. Eyeglass wearers also buy eyeglass pouches from wholesale for safe storage of glasses. The pouches ensure the safety of the glasses and also make them less prone to dirt.

Above are all the dos of cleaning eyeglasses. But there are some don’ts that you must remember to avoid damage and scratches. Prevent cleaning your glasses using:

  • Your clothes
  • Glass or surface cleaning cloths
  • Tissues, paper towels, toilet paper, or napkins.
  • Your saliva

Other important suggestions

You can use spray eyeglass cleaners and eyeglass cleaning cloths in the absence of water. You can find these clothes and eyeglass pouches wholesale online. They are easily accessible. Also, ensure that you are using eyeglass cleaner approved for anit-reflective lenses if your lenses are anti-reflection.

If the corners of your eyeglasses are dirty, consider getting them cleaned by a professional. If the lenses are in good condition and nose pads are dirty, an eye care professional may replace the pads.


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