We all love to have 7-8 hours of uninterrupted peaceful sleep. A major contributing factor to this sleep is also the mattress. The type of mattress you sleep on can say a lot about your sleep pattern and health. If you wake up tired or with body ache, though you had a good night’s rest and have no health issues, then your mattress is to blame.

The Quality of the Mattress Matters

Many of us shop online for mattresses without giving thought to the quality or where it is manufactured. Not all mattresses that you see online would be safe for you. Some mattresses are made from harmful chemicals that can cause a lot of health issues.

When it comes to looking for the right mattress, you might want to check for certifications. Foam mattresses come with, whereas Certi-PUR fiber mattresses come with Oeko-Tex certification. Preferable choice of mattresses that people tend to purchase is those made of natural fibers, wool or cotton.

Many credible mattress companies manufacture eco friendly mattresses. They ensure that they make use of recycled materials for the manufacturing process that are devoid of any chemicals. Many mattresses these days are made from aloe Vera, bamboo or green tea infusions.

Memory Foam Mattresses Are the Perfect Solution

Memory foam mattresses are the most preferred choice when it comes to mattresses. When it comes to health benefits, these mattresses can:

  • Support your lower back, hence providing proper alignment to your spine
  • Helps provide relief from muscle, back and joint pains by allowing proper blood circulation
  • Foams mattresses can mould your body shape as per the sleeping position
  • These are the ideal companions for people suffering from allergies as these are hypoallergenic
  • It can help in controlling dust mites, thus reducing dust mite allergies
  • It helps in motion isolation not affecting the sleep of other people while tossing and turning

Memory foam mattresses are easy to clean and maintain. These are made from superior quality materials that make them last for longer durations. If you ask my opinion I loved this as it is quite affordable and comes with temperature control that can help to absorb heat and make you feel cool while sleeping.

The Right Mattress for a Good Night’s Sleep

Are you thinking about replacing your old mattress? You might not want to repeat the same mistake that you made while purchasing your old mattress. The below tips might help you in your quest to find the right mattress:

  • Online stores are the best option to research about the mattresses
  • Visit nearby mattress stores and check the mattresses yourself
  • Lie down on them and see if they are comfortable and meet your preferences
  • If you are sensitive, you might want to look for mattresses that are hypoallergenic

If you have finally decided on the mattress, you might want to find out how it will be delivered to you. Companies generally keep mattresses in warehouses, from where these are shipped off to the customer’s address. There is always a high risk that they might get damaged by pests if these are not packaged properly. In order to be on the safer side, ensure that you ask for warranty on them.

Purchasing Mattresses Based on Sleeping Style

All mattresses do not suit all sleeping styles. If you are a back sleeper, then go in for mattresses that can support your spine, preferably medium or firm mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses are an ideal companion for people who sleep on their sides or on their stomach as it supports the right posture.


Check for reviews and ratings shared by other users before purchasing a mattress. Knowing what type of mattress, you are purchasing can help curb some of your pain areas.

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