It’s just part of the summer. As soon as the first warming rays of sunshine spread over Europes gardens, clouds of smoke begin to build up behind the houses and it begins to smell of delicious barbecue meat. For many, summer and spring are the most beautiful seasons for exactly this reason. The children play in the garden and at the garden fence you come into contact with the neighbours and under certain circumstances even invite each other for a barbecue. What a dream. Although the so-called winter barbecue is becoming more popular, it is by far not as cosy as in summer – and generally rather something for the hard-boiled.

The alternative to summer grilling

Just because it’s uncomfortable outside doesn’t mean you have to do without a tasty grilled meal. With so-called contact grills you can barbecue, even in bad weather without freezing. This works indoors just as well as outdoors, e.g. on the balcony where no regular barbecue is allowed. Contact grills are reminiscent of the well-known sandwich makers. Two contact surfaces allow the meat to be fried evenly from both sides. No grill lighter is needed and ash as a waste product is also avoided.

Which model suits me best?

There are many different types of contact grills. So, who is interested in such a device should inform himself before extensively in the internet about the different models. Some barbecues, for example, require oil, others do not. However, it is true that there is a tendency to use less oil for frying with a contact grill than for preparation in a pan. Some models also have the option of changing the contact plates. This makes it possible to prepare traditional sandwiches like on a sandwich maker as well as meat.

Contact grills are now offered by numerous manufacturers. You can find some valuable information here Well-known as well as less well-known brands have brought products onto the market. Who would like to look through the jungle of these grills, should inform itself in advance extensively about the advantages and disadvantages of the individual contact grills. The easiest way to do this is with a contact grill test. Because only in the direct comparison the advantages and disadvantages and also the price performance ratio become apparent. Once all these questions have been clarified, we wish you a cosy barbecue in your own four walls.

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