Business establishments and houses constructed before 1970 likely has Asbestos present on it. it doesn’t cause harm though except when damaged, and it happens through demolishing or remodelling. It is encouraging to know the risk involved before undertaken in demolition.

Below are the guides to follow in the asbestos removal procedure:

The presence of Asbestos should be identified

You can’t identify asbestos by mare looking at it. It requires skilled personnel and expats (such as our company) that have gone through training and qualified with the needed experience to do excellent risk assessment.

Risk should be determined

Business establishment and houses are been inspected by our licenced professional team and samples are  taken to a laboratory for further analysis.

Distinguish Asbestos

If asbestos is available, it should be carefully diagnosed before taking any action. If the asbestos is in good condition, it should be kept separately,even though it won’t cause any harm. keeping it separately is encouraging

Removing process

Protective equipment should be worn by experts while removing asbestos,and should be disposed properly after the work is completed. immediately its removed successfully, it should be properly wrapped in a plastic bag twice and labeled too.

Disposing of asbestos

Protective clothing,gear and equipment used should be disposed properly including the waste asbestos material.

Is Asbestos Removal Important?

Absolutely yes, removing of asbestos is something you put in place when planning on renovating an older property or are concerned about keeping your property in safety. Here are three reasons why it is so important:

It May Be put in place By Law

Law might sometimes change and require asbestos removal. for example, if you have an intention of demolishing an older building, asbestos professionals are required. If your property has asbestos on it, the affected and infected areas will have to be thoroughly cleaned before the project begins.

Your Health matters because it affects it

Fibres contained in asbestos are harmful to your health . Constant exposure to asbestos results to so many fatal health issues, which include asbestosis,lung cancer,and mesothelioma. If  an experienced contractor removes your asbestos you will have a calm mind knowing that both you and your loved ones are safe from the threat that contaminated asbestos brings.

It is Widely available

Asbestos contains substance that’s widely present in homes and buildings across Australia, especially those built before 1970. It is approximately estimated that over 40 percent of the buildings in Australia contain asbestos.immediate removal is required if asbestos is contaminated.

In Australia today,the use of asbestos is banned, perth asbestos removal is not in exception. If you are planning to renovate an older perth house or to build on an existing structure, you need to undergo asbestos testing.

You shouldn’t try to remove your asbestos on your own because of less cost. Its illegal,and your health matters too. It is advisable to hire professionals to help you remove asbestos from your Perth house.

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