Thinking about visiting Finland, but not sure where to start? In this short guide we will cover some of the pratical aspects of your holiday, so you will be prepared for an amazing time, no matter if you are here with your family on vacation, or alone on a business trip.

A member of the European Union

Finland has been part of the EU since 1995, and therefore you will not require a special visa if you are living anywhere else within the European Union due to the open borders initiative. You will still need to bring your passport, so remember that.

It is also possible to travel without a visa from many other western countries, but in that case you should make sure to check with your specific government about any potential requirements.

Public transportation or rental cars

Finland is a modern country with a lot of different options for public transport. There are busses and trains in all major areas of the country, and even ferry connections to both Sweden, Estonia and even Russia.

If you are arriving by plane, you will most likely arrive at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, from where you have all options available just outside the airport.

You can also rent a car without much issue in any major city or at the airport. And while the country often experiences snow and ice during the colder months, the infrastructure is well geared towards keeping the roads free of snow and safe to drive on.


When it comes to languages, you are almost spoiled for choice. The main language is of course Finnish, but Swedish is also an official language in Finland as well.

If you are not capable of communicating in these two languages, you can rest easy, knowing that most Finns also speak English at a high enough level for almost anything you might require.


As for currencies, the Finnish people use the Euro, meaning you might not even have to worry about exchange rates. This can even make it extremely easy for you to compare the prices to your own country as well.

The country is also quite modern in that most people pay for their goods and services using credit cards in Finland. This further eliminates the need to worry about being a tourist in a foreign country carrying a lot of cash on hand.

And since every major store, and most of the smaller ones accept Visa, Mastercard and other major credit cards, you will be perfectly capable of paying for anything you need.

The climate

The winter months can be extremely cold in Finland, and during the summer temperatures rarely exceed 20°C (68°F). This means you should remember to pack enough warm clothes, including a warm hat, and possibly some gloves and a scarf as well.

We recommend you enjoy some of the outdoor activities that the Finns are known for, such as hiking or fishing, possibly even skiing or snowboarding, as this place is a true wonderland for these activities.

Final thoughts

No matter where you go in Finland you will be met by friendly locals, an interesting an diverse culture, great food and plenty of beautiful scenery. The country is also ranking very high on international safety scores, meaning you should have a wonderful time. Happy travels!

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