Farmers spend half the year trying to create the perfect crop to be harvested and sent to markets when the season comes. They care about extreme weather conditions and give all their time to generate the crop they have sowed. In this process, they face many challenges that make them stronger. In the past, farmers had to opt for the traditional method of using a scarecrow to keep the birds away, but as time passed, they switched to other alternatives. These days bird repellent is famous amongst farmers as it keeps birds away from their crops. 

Selling these crops in the market is the only way farmers afford a normal lifestyle. Therefore, they must give everything they can to produce fresh fruits and vegetables. After analyzing the weather patterns and watching the fertilizer and irrigation system, they leap in faith and start doing what they are best at. In this process, they also have to take care of the livestock. The food we have on our tables is because of these farmers and their efficient use of bird repellent.  

Why farmers use bird repellent:  

Bird repellent keeps birds away from spaces where they can damage an object. Birds are known for damaging buildings, roads, crops, trees, plants, and other structural sites where they are not needed. Sometimes they can become a nuisance for people around them. You can find birds in every corner of the world, and everywhere you go. Places like parks, airports, and lawns are where birds are found in large quantities. Just like people get annoyed by the unnecessary presence of birds, farmers get annoyed when they buzz over their crops.  

Here are some reasons why bird repellent has helped farmers: 

  • Protecting crops: The first and most essential reason farmers can’t get rid of bird repellent is that they want to protect their crops. Birds can cause significant damage to crops by eating the fruits, plucking the flowers that form the fruit, and eating the whole crop at times. When the surface of the fruit is scratched, no one is willing to buy it. Farmers create a safe shield for their crops using bird repellent. 
  • Cost saving: With the help of bird repellent, farmers can reduce the damage done to the crops and gain more profit. When fewer crops are damaged, farmers can save money to use in the next season and even provide for their families in a better way. 
  • Reducing disease transmission: Birds often carry diseases that can spread when peaking a fruit. Besides, bird droppings also have diseases that humans can get exposed to if bird repellent is not used. The contamination of crops can be done through these droppings putting everyone at risk. 
  • Environmental protection: By using bird repellent, farmers don’t have to use harmful fertilizers that are bad for the environment. Birds repellents are made of much cleaner ingredients that help keep birds away from crops. 

The use of bird repellent has increased in the past few years. It is an essential tool that farmers use to protect their crops and serve humanity.

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