Starbucks has launched a new “Meatless Monday” for its customers for the entire month of January. We have all the amazing things that you need to know about Meatless Monday.

Knowing that our favorite coffee place is going meatless, even for a day, would definitely make you wonder how old do you have to be to get a job at Starbuck? Even we think the same. We just can’t wait for our meatless meal while watching our favorite web series and TV shows. This meatless Monday concept might be new but the intention is definitely not. Many restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC started a vegan venture as well as meatless days. Starbucks might be a little late, but it is eventually catching up.

Starbucks launched the Meatless Mondays for January (from January 4 to January 25). Starbucks is intending to increase the supply of meatless meals by giving huge discounts. The best meatless meals will include Feta & Egg White Wrap, Southwest Veggie Wrap, and Impossible Breakfast Sandwich. 

We all have to agree that cutting down meat, even for a single day can do wonders to your body as well as the environment. Taking part in the meatless Mondays means that you are making space for some of the super amazing veggies. If you are willing to sacrifice that processed red meat for a day, then read further to know more about the meatless options.

Best Meals to order from Starbucks Meatless Mondays

According to Shivangi from Pathofex, there are 3 meals that will be best for Meatless Mondays. These meals will be available at the best discounted prices and taste amazing. Read for yourself and figure out which meatless meal is best for you.

Starbucks is encouraging people to enhance one Meatless day in their whole week. This change will be directly reflected in your lifestyle and day to day activities.

  1. Feta & Egg White Wrap

Regular Price: $4

Price on Meatless Mondays: $2

The Feta and Egg white Wrap is as delicious as it sounds. This wrap has some delicious veggies like spinach and tomatoes wrapped in a wheat wrap. This wrap is rich in fiber and protein. You also get 20 grams of satiating vegetarian protein which will keep you fuller for longer. It is really hard to believe that we get all these in just a price of $2. I would go all day meatless if I am getting all this to eat in just $2.

This meal is best for the people who are trying to go meatless in the New Year.

  1. Southwest Veggie Wrap

Regular Price: $5

Price on Meatless Mondays: $3

Starbucks’ New Year has come with new and amazing things. The Southwest Veggie Wrap is for all the big fans of vegetables. The wrap is filled with beans, eggs, veggies, and so much fiber. This meal provides you fiber which can keep full for a whole day. The Southwest Veggie Wrap is the best replacement for meat. However, this meal can be on the higher side for breakfast as it is 590 calories per serving and is high in sodium content as well.

  1. Impossible Breakfast Sandwich

Regular Price: $5

Price on Meatless Mondays: $3

The last and best in the list of the meals to order from Starbucks Meatless Mondays is the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich. This Sandwich is totally worth a try! This sandwich has a meatless sausage which is super realistic and to die for. This meal offers you 21 grams of protein and the saturated fat is on the higher side. Apart from that, we would recommend you to try this sandwich at least once. This meatless meal is not filled with too many veggies like the above mentioned meals.

Starbucks is offering this Meatless Monday only for the month of January. So, make sure that you avail yourself the best of this offer. Also, try to take part in Starbucks’ Meatless Monday and go meatless for one day in a week. All the coffee lover can buckle up to buy the best meals starting from just $2. A healthy diet on a budget is bliss in today’s world and Starbucks is making an amazing offer. We see no point in not participating in the Starbucks’ Meatless Mondays.

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