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Putlocker is one of the internet’s most popular online streaming locations. The site is so popular that it has led several significant Internet service companies to prevent access to it, depriving many of its long-term supporters of easy access to films and television shows.

There are many other streaming platforms online offering as much or more content as Putlocker does. We list seven such alternatives that you can try in this article

Los movies

Los Movies has a huge catalog of films and TV shows of all types, 2,000 pages long. By name, you can search for films, see which films are currently trending, or have Los Movies show only subtitled films.

Unfortunately, the internet is a pop-up hell, and often only one misplaced button is needed to cause an attack of pop-ups leading to all kinds of suspect websites. At least install an ad-block before you enter the location, but it would be even easier to have a devoted pop-up blocker.


Popcornflix defines itself as a platform where without investing any cash you can view films. The site’s objective is to provide tourists with outstanding quality and elevated download rates access to the recent films. Popcornflix has everything from action to entertainment to sci-fi to romance, and all the films on the internet are in their initial english.

If you’re not sure what to view, you can use the lengthy list of classifications close the bottom of the correct sidebar to narrow down to a single category the huge inventory of films.

Watchonline series

Do you think you’re a TV show addict? Do you find it difficult to withstand the temptation when you discover a series you appreciate watching the next episode? Do you understand that there is an internet streaming platform where you can fulfill your desire to continue to press the game button until no episodes are left to watch? Well, that site is watching the Online Series.

Watch Online Series has everything from Sopranos to Simpsons. Most of the site’s TV displays are accessible in HD, with at least two reflections in each episode. As is often the situation with an ad-blocker, Watch Online Series is best liked

123 movies

123Movies is one of the best-looking streaming websites online. 123Movies also has an comprehensive range of cartoons, anime, and Asian films apart from other internet streaming locations on this list, making it a excellent solution to Putlocker.

123Movies, like all other internet streaming locations listed in this paper, does not effectively host material on its servers. Instead, non-affiliated third sides provide all material, making 123Movies at least somewhat legal. Nevertheless, we suggest that you use a VPN service to conceal your identity, as recommended in the first chapter of this paper.

Solar movies

What has made SolarMovie one of the internet’s largest online streaming locations is not only the excellent choice of films on the site, but also its sleek architecture. Once you enter SolarMovie in your internet browser, you will be able to see which films are trending, which have been watched the most during that day, and which have the highest score.

Registered consumers can generate their favorite lists, make demands, and appreciate a number of other benefits. All SolarMovie films are nicely shown with big cover art, description, IMDb ranking, keywords, and more.


Each streaming service online has some positive and negative features. Primewire’s primary negative is its uninspired design and obsolete layout. But if you can look back its uninviting exterior, you will find a treasure trove full of films of all types and budgets.

All Primewire films are accessible in at least one of three video characteristics: small, medium, or high. Even if you’re not on Wi-Fi without thinking too much about your monthly information distribution, being free to choose from several distinct attributes enables you to appreciate Primewire.


Rainierland may have a bizarre title, but the reality that the material of the site is top-notch does not alter anything. Currently trending movies are presented conveniently straight on the homepage, so you can merely tap on the first film that catches your eye and begin viewing it without any delay or jumping hoops.

If you’re a film connoisseur and don’t settle for anything less than cinematography’s crème de la crème, then you have to attend Rainierland’s Cinema segment, where you’ll discover a wide range of hand-picked films of all kinds.


As you can see, Putlocker is nowhere close the only streaming website you can use without having to view films and TV shows. Whatever internet streaming website you end up using, with a VPN provider, we strongly suggest that you safeguard your security and anonymity.

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