Ahmedabad- a city which offers you great deal leaves no stone unturned to get the adrenaline rushing through those who love adventure. Along with many other activities and events in Ahmedabad, there are enthralling activities that will excite always you. The adventure activities in Ahmedabad which will leave you with a memorable experience. Choose to show off you’re all the fearless side by opting for the best of adventures in Ahmedabad. Being a true adrenaline junkie, you possibly cannot miss any chance out these Ahmedabad adventurous activities. Some of the best places to choose for weekend getaways from Ahmedabad aren’t cities or towns, but sites with unhampered natural surroundings. Such places of Ahmedabad have a variety of exciting things for you to bring your week to a perfect culmination. You can simply go and explore such destinations and come back within a couple of days, for they’re not too far away from Ahmedabad. The state of Gujarat has a good network of highways and railways, which further make commuting simple. It has many activities and events in Ahmedabad to explore like Gir Forest, blackbuck national park and the mesmerizing Rann of Kutch are three prime destinations to spend the last two of the seven days of the week in.

Popular Destinations for adventure activities in Ahmedabad

  1. Polo Forest: Polo forest is one of the best places to spend quality time in nature and one night here to reveal out its natural beauty. This place to visit in monsoon season for trekking. Popped between sanctified hills on the west and east, polo forest holds the stories from past. It sounds horrifying all the way but there are ancient temples where several still carrying out their pujas deep inside this thick jungle. This forest is one of the big temples and the trees themselves is the gods. Polo forest is considered as one of the most popular and well known weekend getaway near Ahmedabadwhere the government of Gujarat organizes Polo utsav every year. One can easily find stay and food in Polo forest but you need to make prior booking, especially during weekends by considering rush. If you are planning for a day trip, you can easily conduct road trip to Polo forest where you can start early in the morning from Ahmedabad and can return by late evening. No entry fee is charged to visit Polo forest as it is open and public place.

Activities to Do: Traveller can do photography and trekking of ancient temples and forest at Polo forest. During polo utsav, one can also participate in cycling and enjoy the various cultural activities at Polo forest.

  1. Adalaj Stepwell: It is set in the noiseless village of Adalaj, Adalaj Stepwellaka Adalaj ni vav and has worked as a relaxing place for hundreds of years for numerous travellers and convoys during their trade ways. There are opening in the ceilings which permits the light and air to come in the octagonal well. Though, straight sunshine does not touch the flight of steps or quays. Therefore, it is believed that the atmosphere inside is 6⁰ cooler than outside. Another extraordinary feature of this step-well is that out of the several stepwells across Gujarat, it is the only one with three entering steps.

Activities to Do: Clicking pictures of walls engraved for embellishment with its epic scenes with everyday extracts of women whipping buttermilk, dancers amidst musicians, women prettifying themselves and a king sitting on a stool. There is a beautiful garden outside the step-well where you can seat and relax with the friends and family.

  1. Indroda Nature Park: Indroda Nature Park is a valuable paragon extent over an area of around 400 hectares on the bank of Sabarmati River in Gandhinagar. It is deliberated as the 2nd biggest hatchery of dinosaur eggs in the world. Considered it as India’s Jurassic Park, it is managed by the Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation and is the only dinosaur gallery in India.

Activities to Do: Visiting zoo, enormous carcasses of sea mammals like the blue whale, in addition to a huge botanic garden, auditorium and camp out facilities.

  1. Akshardham: Be spiritual and spent your weekend at Akshardham In Gandhinagar. A place of teaching, enlightenment and amusement where one can witness the prehistoric astuteness, customary stone architecture and the best of contemporary technology to make the most influential experience of Indian Culture ever to exist. Devoted to Lord Swaminarayan, it is kind of a wonder worked by the detriment of thousands of candy striper

Activities to Do: One can watch short movies in Hall 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 with the Sat-Chit-Anand Water Show, the Sahajanand Van, and much more.

  1. Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary: It is a narrow lake which is enclosed by swamplands on the verge and thin forest boarding the sides. Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary covers approx. area of 7 kmsand a great paradise for bird watcher. One can see flocks of bird winging together and making arrays in the sky whereas long-legged stretched necked cranes keep pestering for fishes and small bugs. 

Activities to Do: Natural beauty, click pictures of birds like cranes, geese, flamingos, egrets, herons, spoonbills, ducks, whistling teals and self. One can go for a long walk surrounding the lake and enjoy the beautiful sound of birds. Extra entry fees for the camera and your vehicle will be charged at Thol Lake.

  1. Nalsarovar: Before you plan to visit Nal Sarovar, please note down the time as it remains open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. It holds approx area of 120.82 kmswith a lake and ambient swampland. Being as one the biggest marshland bird nature reserve in Gujarat, and one among the largest in India, it is worth visiting. You can capture ducks, geese, pelicans and flamingos during morning and evening hours. Vehicles are obtainable from parking to the lake site for around 1km. Lake Water is almost 4 feet deep. One can also take a horse ride along lake.

Activities to Do: Tourist can enjoy the beauty of nature and also click pictures of birds and self. The best attraction of Nal sarovar is boating operated by the locals who can take you to the deep in sarovar where you can spot the migratory birds.

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