New technology is constantly evolving and therefore changing our lives and gadgets on an ongoing basis. This also goes for cameras, security cameras to be exact. Newer devices offer video surveillance in superb picture quality. Besides that, the new generation of cameras has countless functions that go far beyond monitoring and recording. Find out here what these functions are and what to expect from the latest and greatest models out there.

Wi-Fi/network cameras offer the greatest variety of functions. They are commonly referred to as IP cameras. One might think of them as a highly advanced webcam. Their resolution is extremely high and compared to common analog cameras the picture is crystal clear. IP cameras are connected to a network via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. They transmit data to a server or a cloud. Devices such as tablets, laptops, desktop computers or smartphones can be used to view a previous recorded video or a life feed from the camera.

Based on the principle of traditional motion detectors your IP camera is able to send push notifications or even a video of the recording to your phone or tablet. This happens if a qualifying event occurs in the camera field of view. Think along those lines of movement in the house, missing objects or tampering with the camera itself. The home owner is able to easily check on the house, even when he is on vacation or at work, which offers great peace of mind.

Another function that can be extremely useful is front door monitoring. The camera is equipped with a microphone and a speaker so that visitors cannot only be seen, but also be communicated with. Some devices even come with the doorbell itself. These type of devices are often compatible with the smart-home technology and therefore make a great addition to your smart home set-up.

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