Most employers understand the need to have a healthy working office environment.  More than simple health issues, a lack of a good healthy work space could reduce productivity as well as cause sub-optimal performance by each employee.  Although every office and more so with those that use air conditioning of some kind, does use some sort of office air purifier. By observing a few healthy practices, it is possible to improve upon the service provided by the purifiers.

The office spaces when compared to the homes of people tend to observe a certain level of quality; be it the air in the buildings or of the water being supplied to the workers. In keeping with this trend, the companies do try to deploy the most efficient methods to keep the air and water clean too. It is possible to complement the working of the air purifier by observing a few simple steps as laid out below.

  1. Maintaining the right humidity

The level of moisture content in the atmosphere can affect the workers in some significant ways. Too high a humidity level, people tend to tire easily, and this would affect the work being done. At the same time it isn’t possible to keep the humidity too low or else it could be damaging to the documents and other stored goods in an office. The moisture content in the air must be particularly of concern during the winter months as issues tend to be accentuated during this rather cold climate conditions.

  1. Clean and replace the air filters regularly

An active element in the office air purifier is the filters used to remove contaminants in the air. There is always a direct relation to the air quality and the condition of the air filters in the air handling systems. Although there are scheduled maintenance routines that are carried out periodically, it is best to take a more flexible approach which would start by having the full system checked up on a regular basis.

The blocked air filter element not only reduces the scrubbing ability of the air purifier, but it also tends to draw a higher power to keep the air supply running too. It would be worth noting that there are the advanced models of office air purifier that has a system to continue monitoring the condition of the filters in them.

  1. Clean the spills immediately

In an office, it is not uncommon to have liquids spilled.  From the coffee to the lunch contents of individual workers, there is a strong possibility to spills being done in the office. There would, of course, be the issue of the smells associated with such discharges, and more importantly, the air quality does suffer. Unless cleared out in quicktime, the spilled liquid would affect the overall quality of the air in the office and moreover put an extra burden on the air purifier system that is in use.  

  1. Use green plants on the premises

There would not be many contemporary offices that do not use some kind of potted plants in the premises. Not only is there an added aesthetic value to the practice, but it would also help remove pollutants in the office air as well as keep the humidity levels under control. The summer months could be when the use of the green plants is felt the most as the air is kept cooled by the transpiration of the plants. The office air purifier would have to work that much lesser to maintain the same level of the air quality.

Most cities and towns do have the plant suppliers who would keep the offices supplied with the right green plants, and it is possible to have long-term contracts with these service providers to help the office spaces well stocked with the plants.

  1. Keeping the air ducts clean

The offices are one of the active users of air conditioning systems most of the time. An essential component of the air handling systems is the use of ducts and vents to convey the air to the various areas in the office premises. The condition of the air ducts does relate to the quality of air that is being maintained in the office. A dirty conduit would mean the need for a stronger pumping pressure and often possess as a source of contaminants to the air in the rooms. The air vents get to be the center of attention as it is entirely possible that the interconnected nature of the office air purifier systems renders the possibility that the air quality in the whole building could be compromised.

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