Anyone who lives or has grown up in the Palatinate will know the Dubbeglas. It is used to drink half a “Schoppen” – that’s what the local population calls it. Many Germans probably do not know the name Dubbeglas. Some time ago the first glass was even on its way into the stratosphere.

You are probably still wondering what this glass is all about. The best thing is to start all over again.

Almost every region in Germany has its own dialects or traditions. They don’t always consist of classic dishes, customs or drinks. Every German knows that more wheat beer is drunk in Bavaria. In Cologne, on the other hand, Kölsch is spoken and drunk. (The dialect and the beer share the same name) In the course of time, generations have changed the containers depending on the drink which they are drinking, until the best container for the corresponding drink was found. Just like the pint in Great Britain.

A top-fermented Kölsch quickly tastes stale. To counteract this unpleasant taste, it is filled into sticks. One stick contains the measure 0.2 or 0.3 litres. As a result, the glass is emptied quickly. A measure is also well known outside Germany. It holds an entire litre of wheat beer.

What are “Pfälzer Schoppen”?

Not only in Bavaria, but also in Rhineland-Palatinate beer is drunk gladly. In addition, white wine spritzer is often served, which fits perfectly to the region.

White wine spritzers should be drunk in Dubbegläsern. There are many dents in this glass. They ensure that the wine glass cannot slip out of the hand so easily. Even with wet or greasy hands, the glass glides away, which offers many advantages, especially at wine festivals. Here a glass is traditionally passed around more often. The content of the glass is also called a “schoppen”. In Palatine a “Schoppen” means one litre. A Dubbeglas fits a half litre of white wine spritzer. With the help of a balloon a Dubbeglas has already reached space in the past. You want to try to drink some white wine spritzer from a dubbeglas yourself?

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