Granite is among the strongest and durable natural stones currently in the market. When investing in a granite kitchen, it’s important to review your options in detail including the colors, ideal pattern for your kitchen, style, durability, the type of finishing, the cost, kitchen value, and much more. A white granite worktop provides a sense of luxury, quality, and balance to the kitchen and is not ultra-high maintenance.

Here are the advantages of white granite kitchen worktops:

Great compatibility

White is compatible with most colors, giving you many options for redecorating your kitchen before you think of replacing your worktops. With white granite, you can opt for a contemporary style or something traditional. The complementary nature of white granite allows you to match your aesthetic choices and needs regardless of whether you desire a stark contrast such as black and white. White countertops can be found in various shades from snow white to subdued off-white color variations to make them work with any kitchen design.

Low maintenance

The maintenance of white granite is not costly. You only need to seal it yearly because of its porous nature.  After sealing your white granite worktops, the rest is easy. You can clean the surfaces regularly to keep them looking shiny and new. They are very hygienic and safe for any busy kitchen.

Easy to clean

Provided you avoid using harsh detergents like ammonia or bleach, cleaning white granite worktops is easy. You just use a soft cloth with soapy water, and the surfaces will be sparkling clean.

Strong and durable

White granite worktops will last in your kitchen for many years, and they will stand up to a lot of pressure during the whole time. Granite is the strongest among the natural stones, and it produces durable surfaces which cannot be marred by cutting, scraping or any other activities in the kitchen. Graphite is stain, wear and tear resistant when it’s sealed effectively. White granite has an added advantage of concealing blemishes and flaws.

Ultra-stylish look

There are many shades of white to choose from for your white granite worktops. We have many different patterns available, and you can even get a white granite slab that mimics the grandeur of white marble without high maintenance and purchasing cost. White granite kitchen countertops have a sophisticated look that makes the kitchen space brighter and more spacious. They are ideal for small kitchens. The light color provides an open, airy, fresh and welcoming atmosphere. It also expands the look and feel of a larger kitchen.

High resistance to scratch and heat

White granite can highly resist heat and scratches, meaning that you do not have to be too careful. Nonetheless, you should use cutting boards and heat pads just to be on the safe side. The rich granite worktop colors rarely fade, and they have superb durability. It’s perfect for busy kitchen use.  

White granite worktops give the kitchen an interior touch with value. It is a sleek surface that has no pores, meaning that your worktop will be free of dirt and bacteria. It is also a repairable stone whenever the need arises. As a flat surface, granite worktops provide additional help, especially when making cookies and cakes. It is also very firm and steady for all the cooking procedures.

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White granite kitchen worktops offer stunning beauty to any kitchen space. Their colors range from creamy brilliant snow-white to creamy or ivory, which brightens up the kitchen and makes it more inviting and charming. Due to the composition of the granite stone, it’s not possible to achieve a pure white color, but the striking contrasts and subtle variations do not deter granite worktops from looking luxurious and stylish in every kitchen.

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