Babies can never have too many toys. Not only do great toys help keep a baby occupied and happy, but they also train the brain. Babies who play with more toys often surpass others when it comes to fine motor skills and problem solving.

Of course, no parent wants their baby to hurt themselves with a hard, clunky toy. That’s why so many doctors recommend parents buy baby soft toys during the first few years of their life. Check out these great options for your little one.

Dancing Elmo by Sesame Street

Every child loves Sesame Street, and Elmo is a favourite for both babies and parents. The Sesame Street Dancing Elmo doll moves around to music. It teaches kids two fun songs and dances to beat. Not only will this toy give your child lots of hugs, but it will also help them stay active.

Personalised Rocking Dinosaur

Every child needs a rocking toy. Years ago, the only options were hard, metal rocking horses. However, softer versions now make rocking safer for babies and toddlers. The Rocking Dinosaur is appropriate for both boys and girls. Best of all, you can personalise it with your child’s name!

Hippychick Musical Alex the Donkey Teddy

Instead of a basic teddy bear, surprise your baby with an unexpected stuffed animal. Musical Alex the Donkey is a great option. This toy features a pull string that plays a soothing song for your little one. Watch as your baby drifts off to sleep while holding this cuddly stuffed animal.

Miri Moo Glow Unicorn

Unicorns do exist—at least in your child’s imagination! Keep your baby thinking creatively with a Glow Unicorn by Miri Moo. This soft toy glows in multiple hues when your baby cuddles it. It is battery-operated and is the perfect way for your baby to fall asleep at night. If your toddler doesn’t appreciate unicorns, they also make a dinosaur version.

In the Night Garden Snuggly Singing Igglepiggle

If your child loves watching In the Night Garden, then they need their very own Igglepiggle. This soft toy is appropriate for infants and toddlers. It sings Igglepiggle’s own song whenever your child squeezes its tummy. Your baby will want to snuggle this toy wherever they go.

Gund My First Teddy Peek a Boo

Every baby loves playing peek-a-boo. Not only is this a cute game, but it is also a great way to bond with your baby. My First Teddy Peek a Boo by Gund makes it simple to teach your baby this game. You can pull the attached blanket over the bear’s face and surprise your baby when it reappears. Once our child outgrows the game, they’ll still want to cuddle with this soft toy for many years to come.

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