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Event planning technology is a broad subject. It is a technology that assists you to Organize an event, plan, and manage your data. In this case, for event organization. There are different purposes and models of events. These event organizing apps can be quite beneficial for modern-day event organizers. 

As technology advances, you should evolve you should not be left behind. You can identify which of them best suits your niche. Additionally, you should compare what different apps have to offer. This helps you get the best software for your intent. When looking for a viable app to organize an event, here are some features that the best ones should have:

Attendee Registration Forms

The first impression your event attendees get is from the registration form. For this reason, the app should have an appealing registration form. It should also be easy to use, reflect your branding, and professional.

The registration form should ask only for relevant information. It should not have too many fields that the process becomes tedious to the attendee. It should also be mobile-friendly making it convenient for both you and the attendees. Also, it should allow you to customize your form in line with your organization’s branding.

Effective Data Management and Reporting

Due to the amount and sensitivity of the information, data management should be efficient. In case of changes in the event, you should be able to keep your attendees up to date. Additionally, you should be able to keep your data (such as T-shirt sales) organized, integrate with your CRM system, generate and share reports with your team, among other functions. You should also be able to process receipts and refunds in an error-free way. This keeps registrants happy and contented. This is one aspect of an event organizing app you should not compromise.

Convenient Ticketing System and Event Apps

As mobile technology continues to evolve, you should embrace advancements such as event organizing apps and e-Tickets. Apps with these features offer convenience to both you and your attendees. An app with this system generates and sends e-Tickets to your attendees via email. These e-Tickets can be displayed on mobile devices and scanned for authenticity. This is very convenient for all parties involved.

Event apps allow you to interact with your attendees directly to provide event details, updates, and even get feedback. 

Security and Anonymity

The information you are capturing from your attendees is usually confidential. As such, the best app for the job is the one that will keep this data securest. The app should have a secure payment processing system that PCI-compliant. This is a security standard you should meet if your company deals with credit cards. The app should update the records, generate receipts, and send them to the attendee.

Additionally, it should use SSL encryption. This ensures all communication including online transactions is secure. Credit card information and other correspondences should remain private. This protects both parties from fraud while maintaining a relationship of trust.


As with most apps, sometimes training and support are required. A good app should have reliable and effective support for its product. This should help you and your staff better utilize the full features of the app with minimal assistance in the future. Furthermore, this will let you be more efficient in your event organizing process, increasing productivity.

Since apps are constantly evolving, there are many technological features you can take advantage of. If you are looking for an app with the above-named features and more, Magnet Event Pro is one of the best apps to organize an event. 

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