Anxiety is an epidemic. Often, people turn to prescription drugs to help alleviate its symptoms. While this can be effective in the short term, it often leads to dependency. The harmful effects of addiction to prescription anti-anxiety medications can produce health risks in other areas of a person’s life. For this reason, many people turn to holistic remedies that are reported to help with anxiety, such as CBD oil. But, there’s a new plant-based product called kratom that is reported to produce even better results. People often buy it in powder or tablet form. Though it is not approved by the FDA, its users are a niche community of activists who often report that it has helped them through tough times. But, what are the anti-anxiety benefits of kratom powder?

Who Suffers from Anxiety?

Many people in the world suffer from anxiety. Most notably, war veterans often come home with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. They have visions of death and all of the feelings that go along with spending time abroad to fight wars where there isn’t always a clear delineation between the good guys and the bad guys. They finish their tours, and often fail at reintegrating into normal society. Consequently, they end up depressed and anxious, and often, they commit suicide. Others who suffer from anxiety include everyday people. They may be stressed out from work, or relationship problems. Or they may have underlying issues when it comes to social anxiety that require more than drug treatment in order to live a meaningful life. In the US alone, there are over 40 million people who suffer from clinical anxiety. It’s a major problem, but there’s help.

How Does Kratom Help with Anxiety?

First, it should be noted that kratom is not approved by the FDA for human use. Sellers do not advertise it for this purpose. People who choose to use it for such purposes do so at their own risk. With that in mind, many people use kratom and often express positive results. There are many kratom strains, generally categorized according to vein color: red, green, and white. It usually originates in Southeast Asia, and people often report that the red borneo kratom for sale is among the best strains for anxiety and pain. They say that a smaller dose will act as a mood enhancer, while a larger dose is good for treating pain. Kratom is not a treatment for anxiety disorders, and you should always consult with a physician before trying any new dietary supplement or anxiety medication. However, people report that kratom has helped them overcome severe anxiety, including PTSD. It’s reported to work because it has a high degree of alkaloids. These biochemicals interact with receptors in the brain in ways that are similar to prescription medications, but without the major side effects. Unlike medications like prescription opioids and their associated dangers, kratom has some built-in mechanisms that are reported to reduce the likelihood of dependency. For example, if you consume too much kratom, you will likely feel nauseous. This is a natural way to keep dosages under control.

Where to Get Kratom Online?

You can buy red borneo and other kratom strains online at many shops. Just be sure to take your time and pick one that’s reputable. You will want to look for shops that say they lab-test their product for heavy metals and other contaminants. You’ll also want to make sure that they deliver a consistent product with every order. Just keep in mind that not every store accepts credit cards, so you may need to be prepared to pay for your order by ACH or Bitcoin.

If you think that kratom can help with anxiety, then do your research, and make the best personal decision you can, based on the available information.

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