Raising capital or funds for a new business can be among the greatest challenges in bringing your dream to life. Investor pitching and bank loans can go a long way. However, crowdfunding lets you pool resources from a group of individuals who collectively agree to invest in making your idea a reality.

But with different crowdfunding platforms available on the web, it may take time to decide on the website that fits your needs. Fortunately, we’ll simplify your search by covering the best crowdfunding platforms on the web.

So let’s jump in!


Indiegogo is among the best platforms thanks to its success record in funding brilliant ideas globally. Founded in 2008, Indiegogo currently boasts over 10 million site visits and 19,000 campaign launches monthly. Moreover, the service is available in 235 nations and territories.

The platform lets you create a crowdfunding campaign regardless of the product or idea you wish to launch. Its impressive tools integrate with Meta, Twitter, and other valuable platforms for promoting your campaign.


  • Operates globally
  • Ideal for investors and entrepreneurs


  • The third-party payment processing fee and 5% platform fee are relatively costlier.


Founded in 2014, StartEngine stands out for anyone looking to invest. The platform lets everyday users like you invest directly into admirable startups and companies and earn equity. Its lay-person-friendly attributes make it one of the best platforms for investors.

Besides its vast investment options, the platform lets you make informed decisions by providing comprehensive company profiles, including valuation, number of investors, price per share, and more.


  • Success track record with over $500 million raised
  • The company’s strategic advisor is a reputable investor, ABC Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary


  • The company is relatively new

Crowd Supply

The primary mission of Crowd Supply is to help entrepreneurs and innovators raise funds for more personal projects and hardware. Besides its fundraising benefits, the platform lets you list your products for sale, linking you with an expansive user base.

Crowd Supply’s stand-out feature is its clean, e-store user interface, displaying all the latest innovations being funded on the platform. The site lists products alongside vital information for understanding innovation strategy, how much money a project has raised, and the number of backers it has gained so far.  


  • It has the campaign management feature
  • You can create media assets
  • A relatively easy platform to create and launch fundraising campaigns
  • A dedicated PR team will promote your product


  • It only funds hardware products


This is perhaps the biggest name in artistic crowdfunding. Launched in 2009, Kickstarter has come through for creators, musicians, filmmakers, and artists, helping them realize their ideas. Creating a fundraising campaign entails setting a goal amount and specifying the time limits for achieving the objective.

Of course, the platform must vet your campaign before approval. But this important move aims to block fraudulent scams, which has earned the platform investor trust. Moreover, the site allows you to set aside a gift or personal experience to reward donors. 


  • The vetting process boosts the platform’s credibility
  • It’s among the few sites offering reward-based crowdfunding
  • It covers funding for all artistic verticals
  • It’s relatively easy to create a campaign


  • The all-or-nothing crowdfunding strategy discourages creators. 


SeedInvest was established to simplify crowdfunding for budding entrepreneurs. The crowdfunding platform currently boasts over 500,000 investors, making it one of the best sites for startups. It’s also pretty straightforward, entailing the following key steps:

  1. Open the website and sign up for a SeedInvest account
  2. Filling an application
  3. Qualifying for screening  

Once approved, you can create an official SeedInvest profile. You’ll also access a calculator for estimating the approximate cost of raising funds on the platform. 


  • The site boasts a long history of successful funding
  • You can create interest among angel investors and venture capitalists
  • You won’t pay for a failed fundraising campaign
  • The platform offers a cost estimate calculator


  • An arduous, long screening process


Patreon focuses on new-generation creators like YouTubers, bloggers, live streamers, podcasters, musicians, cartoonists, and their ilk.

Unlike many other platforms, this site doesn’t support limited-run campaigns. Rather, it’s for internet personalities and creators with a loyal audience base that pays for membership. The site’s exclusive perks are based on varying payment tiers, including branded swag, exclusive content, sneak peeks, and more.

As a registered member, the site lets you build a community and serve your dedicated fans with exclusive content that unlocks depending on a user’s membership tier.


  • Customized subscription plans
  • Seamless integration with Vimeo, YouTube, and MailChimp
  • The content is only available on the platform


  • Relatively higher fees

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