A lot of people are grieving because there’s a lot of relationships that are ending. There are all types of endings happening out there; careers are ending, relationships are ending, belief systems are ending. A lot of people suddenly are transitioning to new ways of doing things with modern technology. With all of these transitions and endings, we are experiencing a lot of emotions in our hearts and a lot of grief in our hearts.

Grief is always about the loss of something, relationships, money, or a career. Through extensive research and personal experience, I’ve found three powerful crystals and gemstones that can be used to process grief effectively.

Crystals are powerful tools that can help us work through the grieving process, let go of grief, and encourage us to breathe and survive through this process of change. Sometimes some of us have reached the point where we’re ready to let go, and we need the assistance necessary to help us through this process.

We want to work with crystals that help us let go, and that help us breathe. When dealing with grief, our organs are involved with surviving and letting go, primarily your lungs and your large intestines. Your lungs obviously help you breathe. They help you release. When you breathe, you become present. You come into the now moment. You surrender. You become vulnerable. You can release energy; you can release the breath. You become conscious of being here right now in this moment, so when you’re in the moment, you can easily consciously let go, so your lungs and the breathing process is very important in the process of letting go of stuff and letting go of grief in particular.

The other organ that is very useful in the process of letting go of grief is the large intestines. Your large intestines help in the process of elimination. It helped in the process of letting go of all that energy that is backed up. You know everything that you’ve taken in everything that you’ve digested, all that grief, energy, all that pain, energy, all those things that you’ve absorbed in your being has to go out somehow. It has to be eliminated somehow in order for you to survive.

The crystals we are working with to eliminate grief are crystals that help you let go and help you breathe. We need to breathe to release our grief, and we need to remove to let go of our sadness. In situations where we are experiencing endings in our lives which has brought on a lot of grief, we can work with our lungs and our large intestines on a physical level and on an energetic level, we can target the lungs through breathing and also the large intestines through elimination processes so that you can disentangle ourselves from this grief energy that’s caught up in our energy fields and let go of it.

The first crystal that I find to be useful for releasing grief is purple Fluorite. I find all purple crystals to be very useful for the grief release process because the purple crystals have very high elevation energies and grief is a descending energy. Sadness is an energy that brings us downward and inward, and purple crystals are very good to counteract this direction. Use purple crystals not only because they are high vibration crystals, but also because they always raise your energy output. So in any kind of grief, purple crystals are also a great choice, but the best one I recommend is purple Fluorite. I wear a purple Fluorite pendant when I”m in need of calmness and relaxation due to the stress of processing grief.

The second crystal that I recommend for grief release purposes is Apache tears, a natural form of black obsidian. It’s one of those crystals that are very good for trauma purposes and has been used for generations by the native Americans. I really like Apache tears is because it was good for the native Americans for grief release purposes. This is a very comforting stone with a strong protective power to suck up negative energy. I wear a bracelet of Apache tears to support me when I am going through a difficult time or having strong negative emotions.

My favorite crystal to help with grief and sadness is the beautiful blueish crystal Larimar. If you want to release emotions big time and not play around with the situation, Larimar is a great crystal for this inner work. Larimar is a crystal that will help you flush out emotions that are hidden like no one’s business. So if there’s grief, Larimar is bound to bring it to the forefront, so I recommend for grief release purposes. When I need to process and release sadness quickly, I practice chanting meditation with my Larimar and Moonstone mantra mala beads.

When we’re working with grief, there’s always a lot of anger that’s sometimes hiding behind the grief, so if you’re working with grief and feel angry, also try to target the anger. Through this whole process of grief, we can also work with crystals that help with anger. For me, the crystal that helps me with the anger issues is usually black tourmaline. Rose quartz is also helpful because it brings a flood of love into your life.

Understanding the process of where grief is lodged or what organs are involved can help you tackle some of these and understand what’s going on with you on a physical and energetic level. Whatever crystal you choose to work with releasing and processing your grief, try to keep the gemstone next to you as much as possible. Remember to cleanse and energize your crystals on a regular basis for the most effective support.

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