Flying Termites in Damascus

Seeing flying termites in your house can make you cringe. You are probably aware of how destructive termites can be. They are called silent destroyers for a reason. The destruction that termites can bring to flooring, wallpaper, and wood can go unnoticed for many years. Sadly, home insurance policies may not cover such damages.

However, should you be worried about flying termites in your house? The presence of termite swarmers on your property means a couple of things. You may have an existing termite issue or your house may be at risk of possible termite infestation. When swarming termites hit the ground, they can start a new colony and this can bring serious destruction to your property. So, if you spot swarming termites in your house, it is best to contact a pest control company in Damascus to get help eliminating the infestation.

What It Means to Have Swarming Termites in Your Home

Spotting soldier termites flying around your house means they are in the process of building a new colony. These swarmers are looking for a suitable place to build a nest and multiply. These sexually mature termites leave their nests because of insufficient food or overcrowding. They will swarm and procreate in mid-air, shed wings, and land back on the ground. Then, the impregnated female termite will look for a suitable location to nest in and begin a new colony and be its queen. Some of the male swarmers will die after procreating while others survive to join their queen in the new colony.

If you find discarded termite wings in or outside your house, this could indicate a possible termite issue. If you have drywood termites, you must monitor any timber in your roof as this is where the termites will attack first.

What to Remember When Dealing with Swarming Termites

If you find only a few flying termites around your property, be on alert and look for their possible nesting site. Below are things you must keep in mind when dealing with swarming termites:

  • Identify the termites correctly. Harmless winged ants are often mistaken for flying termites, particularly because they both have 4 wings and are about the same size. But they differ in terms of wing details. Termite wings are of the same length while flying ant wings are not even. Also, termites have straight antennas while flying ants have bent ones.
  • Take the presence of flying termites seriously. Some people do not know that termites can fly. So, they probably are not aware that a severe issue in the works. Although the swarmers themselves are not destructive, they are the ones you can easily spot and indicate a termite issue.
  • Continue to look for the colony. Termite colonies are not easy to find as they are hiding within homes. After you encounter flying termites, look for the mud tubes they made. You may find these tubes in your garden or around any wooden furniture. Finding these mud tubes confirms the existence of an infestation.
  • Contact a pest control company. If your attempts at treating a termite issue are not enough to eliminate it, contact a pest control company. This company will inspect and apply termiticide to eradicate the entire termite colony.