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Most online store owners today are measuring the conversion rates and overall traffic from their visitors. Some might even be tracking return on investment based on sales and adwords costs.

Surprising number of online merchants are still only getting a fragmented overview of their visitors’ user experience. Unlike a real physical store where you can virtually see the customers as they browse through your website.  User experience of your online products is less obvious when it comes to online shopping. That is why you need the HumCommerce free WooCommerce plugin.

One of the big advantages that brick and mortar stores still have over online stores is this very aspect, but it does not need to be so. The default WooCommerce plugin allows store owners to extract some basic data about user interaction patterns. With this limited insight into the data it can sometimes become more confusing than revealing.

In general there are a lot of unknown variables that you can only guess about when using the default WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. 

There are many good plugins and systems for WooCommerce to help store owners understand the customers better.

Today we are talking specifically about HumCommerce.
The plugin is completely free and able to be downloaded on the official WordPress plugin directory.

HumCommerce user behavior analytics plugin can help WooCommerce stores improve their profitability in general.

In short, HumCommerce records user visits in great detail, revealing many previously hidden and unknown aspects of the user experience.

It has new age features that records and tracks dead links and broken error pages, to abandoned carts. The plugin aims to help store owners figure out how to optimize their store to retain customers and sell more. HumCommerce helps eCommerce stores to optimize checkout flow without breaking the bank or being too complex to understand.

Watch the short video to learn what exactly HumCommerce does.

How can HumCommerce help you improve cart abandonment?

Like WordPress itself, HumCommerce has a dashboard where the most important data is displayed in the form of session recordings. Every time you log in to your WordPress you can see how much revenue has been lost to errors and other problems on your website.

HumCommerce gives you 20 season recordings with problems daily. You need to decide whether to fix the problems or ignore them.

We all know that reducing abandoned carts is one of the more profitable things to work on when it comes to online shopping. With HumCommerce you are not only shown that a user stopped shopping, but also if the user had any error messages or dead links as they were doing so. This means you can easily find out exactly what happened to your abandoned carts, and hopefully fix them without too many problems.

The plugin also records the all user session itself, and offers to show false clicks. If you are not familiar with this term, it means that a user clicked some place on the website that was not a link. If you see many false clicks on your pages, it could mean that users do not know how to interact with your site, thus making them frustrated and confused. Fixing these false clicks can therefore be not only a good thing for the user experience, but also for your bottom line.


Hopefully by now you understand why adding HumCommerce free WooCommerce plugin to your online store can be a good thing. But you might be worried that all this seems like spying on customers.

HumCommerce does not record and personally identifiable information, meaning the plugin is also GDPR compliant. You can of course also use Google analytics at the same time, to get as many data as possible from your potential customers.

If you wish to improve profitability of your business, start using HumCommerce today. You will be grateful to the kind of insights you get with this free WooCommerce plugin.

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WordPress is the type of software that enables you to create a blog or a website to attract visitors to your site. WordPress can turn around your business in the twinkling of an eye once the site is viewed, liked and rated. It accommodates over 6- million websites advertising and promoting businesses to feature better to the buyers.

E-commerce refers to the defined way of selling products through the online means and as such WordPress ecommerce is well understood as the way a business is hosted online to sell out the products. Online stores have all the types of goods you wish to make.

Below are a few reasons you should use WordPress for your Ecommerce Site

Hosting WordPress is free

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Starting WordPress is entirely free such that even if you are not a competent person in exploring the software, once you start off and install you will manage to build it according to your preference, it flows easily and with time you get perfected in the field.

Manageable and Flexible

Once you install let’s say that you have started small and your online business has not picked at the beginning, but as time moves, you build traffic and sales increase. WordPress is flexible enough to upgrade from the small store you were initially to the medium size and eventually to large stores ecommerce.

Well-designed themes and plugins

It offers a wide range of plugins and the modernized templates which feature well in the business world. For instance, a wedding theme that is customized to attract people who are preparing for their wedding, they will opt to go for the best template online and consider doing business with them. Everyone loves to be organized, and the themes help the entrepreneur to choose what best fits him to become viable.

Easy to understand SEO

As soon as WordPress has been installed, it immediately starts to feature in the Google information site. This tells you that you are live online and once you use the best theme for Ecommerce, traffic will start building. This is the main aim for every business, young or old, to be the best economically. The positioning of SEO will work for the good of the business.

Continued Upgrade of the CMS system

When, the developers, realized that WordPress in becoming popular every other day, they have since kept maintaining and upgrading the software to ensure that the customers do not get challenges when trading their eCommerce sites with it. This has since enabled businesses to expand since many business people have built trust in Word press and it is always a norm that if services are good, people will tend to rely on them more often,

The design of the admin panel

All websites have an admin panel, and WordPress for ecommerce is not an exception- It has a friendly panel that helps you to manage the content of the word pages. It does not matter how experienced or green you are in computer operations, and the panel is easy to understand and manage. Editing of images becomes a great experience, and you can update your contents as you expand your business.


WordPress will help you publish all your content and expand your sales using the CMS system, and you have the freedom to use it for all your ecommerce needs. Therefore I recommend installing and adding one of best WordPress ecommerce themes to jump-start your business and stand out from the crowd.

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The Smart Crawl works well as the great plugin for improving the SEO of the website. It helps in enhancing the SEO of the web page as it works impressively with the CMS platform. Under this, the professionals of the WordPress development company use the best-proven methods for the Search Engine Optimization. It helps the companies in achieving the web traffic and boosting the PageRank. It also supports one-click setup for the domain authority in the Google, social media sharing, content and keyword analyzer in real-time, helps in scanning and reporting.

Moreover, the Smart Crawl helps in following ways to improvise the SEO of the website in the WordPress development.

  • It helps in customizing the title and meta description for every post and the web page.
  • It submits the automatic sitemaps to Bing and Google or any other search engine that accepts the sitemaps.
  • There is an optimizing tool in the Smart Crawl that helps in displaying the contents to varied Search Engines.
  • It supports both on-site and the off-site automatic linking of the keywords.
  • It provides the ‘Moz Integration’ for the Moz-related SEO tools.
  • Automatic update sharing with Search Engines is initiated with Smart Crawl.

Significant Features of the Smart Crawl SEO tool

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Smart Crawl provides the users great settings and tools for working seamlessly on the CMS platform. It helps the companies in getting the bold, clear and the targeted website content at the top of the favorite browsers from Bing, Google, Safari to Firefox. Under WordPress development, there are some of the specialized features involved in the Smart Crawl.

  1. Getting Real-Time Advice for the Contents

The Smart Crawl comes power-packed with the content analyzer that is built on the web page and the post editor. It also provides instant suggestion and the feedback for making improvements in the content. This SEO plugin also helps the companies in easily finding and reading their site.

  1. Provides Multisite SEO Management

The Smart Crawl helps the website owners to control the Search Engine Optimization settings across their individual sites. It also performs the work as a ‘Super Admin’ throughout the website network. It extends support for making huge changes in the Multisite or helps in optimizing each website.

  1. Recognition of the Content on the Social Media

The businesses can take the services from the professionals of the WordPress development company to get their website content recognized on the Social Media Sites along with the Open Graph support. The Social Media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube loves the Open Graph technique for sharing the content, crediting and connecting with a large number of audiences. The website owners can retrieve great benefits from the ‘Open Graph Integration’ of the Smart Crawl.

  1. Extending the SEO Analysis free for the Owner’s Websites

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The Smart Crawl plugin tool will help in scanning your website and assists in finding out the ways for optimization of the content. It will also make your website discoverable by many Search Engines. Now, the website owners or developers can avoid any kind of human mistakes or errors with the use of Smart Crawl. Other areas in which it helps for better SEO include the creation of the links, descriptions, tags, sitemaps, images, page structure and the anchors.

  1. Involving the Proven Methods for Enhancing the Site Ranking

For making improvements in the site ranking on the CMS platform by the website owners the Smart Crawl extends support for many verified methods like:

  • This plugin helps in the page analyzer as it initiates a quick set-up with just one-click scanning, activation and analyzing.
  • Easy redirecting of the traffic from one URL to another URL through 301 redirects.
  • It helps in importing and exporting of contents or links with the settings from the Smart Crawl and helps quickly setting up.
  • This plugin also extends support for the Hub SEO under which the owners get an overview of their sites from only one place that is the ‘Hub’.
  • Other important ways in which the Smart Crawl helps is processing of the RSS Feeds, preventing the duplication of the links, carries out ‘case-sensitive’ matches provides the option of the ‘blog archive meta robots’ and much more.


SEO is not going to be hard again with the inclusion of the Smart Crawl plugin that provides customized pro guides for the developers of the WordPress development Company. Under WordPress development, Smart Crawl helps the professionals in covering up the most important settings and pointers for the SEO of the company’s websites.

Moreover, this automated plugin is going to provide business growth to the online website owners as they can reach the target audiences easily. For making easier moves and working seamlessly for the promotion of the website, the Smart Crawl plugin will help the developers and their clients too.

Author bio:

Harshal Shah has an countless experience as being a CEO of Elsner Technologies PVT. LTD: WordPress Development Company that offers various web development services to the clients across the globe. Mr. Harshal is an huge tech enthusiastic person who has written major & genuine articles as well as blogs on motley topics relevant to various CMS platforms. This can guide the readers to acknowledge new practises about web development and also they can learn new ideas to build & optimize a website online using multiple web development tools & techniques.

I’m issuing a challenge to you in this post.

Do you feel confident enough to make 6 changes that can trigger a growth in your website’s traffic over the next 12 months? There are a few simple changes that you can implement that will allow your site’s traffic to grow organically, without having to put in extra time. If you are interested in building a web asset that produces in a compounding way, here are six ways you can do it.

Improve the theme of your website.

Not all themes are developed in ways that are user friendly. You want to have a theme that is light, that will load quickly and that will force people to stay on the site for as long as possible. For example, if you have blog content on your website, you can change the format so that it eliminates as many distractions as possible.

Other things that you need to consider are mobile responsiveness and the user experience on different mobile devices. Google is rewarding sites with more visibility on their search engine if sites are optimised for the mobile first index.

If you are on WordPress, there are several professional themes available from StudioPress on the Genesis framework that will provide these functions.

Change the typography on your website.

There are case studies that show improvements in retention and conversions when the typography on a website is optimised. The easier it is for people to read and navigate throughout the site, the more inclined they will be to share the website’s content with their peers.

Experiment with the sizing of the font, the font style, colour and the spacing to see which typography suits your site the best.

Improve the paragraph spacing.

You will be surprised how much this will impact your site’s engagement. This is because it makes it easier for people to read and engage with your site’s content. The more difficult it is to read, the more likely they are to navigate away from the content.

Experiment with single, 1.5 and double line spacing and compare it with the bounce rate and time on site from your Google Analytics data.

Add a pop-up

Encourage people to share your site’s content by telling them in the form of a pop-up. The pop-up can be displayed as a welcome gate, a timed pop-up, a click-trigger, an exit pop-up or a scrolling pop-up. There are some cases where the pop-ups contribute more than a 100% increase in traffic.

Encourage visitors to subscribe to your list.

Getting new visitors all the time is challenging and expensive. It’s actually better to retain existing visitors and encouraging them to bring new visitors to your website. The easiest way to get started is by inviting visitors to subscribe to your website’s list and having them managed through an email CRM like Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign.

At the bottom of the email, you can also ask them to forward the email to any friends that may also be interested. This can be combined with an incentive that will reward people for sharing the email with their peers.

Focus your website’s energy on solving problems.

Do you know what the immediate need or urgency is with the people that are visiting your website? If you solve their immediate need or problem, you will be demonstrate value and it will incentivise them to share your website’s content with their audience. Your site will experience a snowball effect with traffic due to your site’s visitors influencing their audience network.

Implementing these changes shouldn’t take you any longer than 90 minutes. You should see the impact of those changes growing your site’s traffic exponentially over the next 4 weeks.

A CMS (Content Management System) is an easy-to-use and-edit platform.  Anyone can use CMS to add content or image without any technical expertise.

There are different types of CMSs present in the market now. Currently, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are the most popular CMS in the market. However, it depends on your requirements which suits you best.  There are many factors to look when selecting CMS for your website. If you want simple blogging platform, WordPress is the best choice. For a big online project where there will be many contributors, Drupal is the best choice.`

Main factors to consider while choosing CMS can be broken down into following things:

  1. Business Objective
  2. Features

Ongoing Requirements

  1. Future Needs
  2. Support
  3. Cost

CMS has many advantages over HTML:

  • lowers the price of a website
  • it is easy to use for non-technical minded
  • relatively cheap to maintain
  • it improves site maintenance

Choosing a right outsourcing company for website development is important to the success of a business online. Your decision to hire an outsourcing company will only be reaped if you will select right outsourcing partner for your company website.

There are many things to keep in mind while hiring an outsourcing company for CMS. Here are few important things:

Testimonials – Check past clients of CMS Development Company. Ask them about their past client and contact them if possible.

On-Time Delivery –  Ask them about time and budget it will take to complete the final product. A Good Outsourcing Company will break down tasks and give you the exact time.

Development Team – Get more information about development team and quality control team. Ask them how much effort they put into quality control?.

Support – There can be some glitch which you will find post-development. Go with a company which can provide support for at least 2 months after development.

Communication – Check out communication options available to contact the developer. You better decide the time of feedback communication at the start of the project. The company which can communicate at the scheduled time on Skype, email, and call will be the correct choice for you.

Payment – Project should be divided into milestones. All features should be broken down including hours required to complete them. You should pay only after the company completed milestone.

Macrew is a leading CMS Development company. Macrew Team develops your website considering your business goals, users, and search engines. Our professional CMS development team makes sure that your website is attractive and user-friendly. If you are looking for CMS Development Company, or wish to just contact us. It’s Easy To Get In Touch With Us – Anytime Of The Day Or Night.

Over the past few years push notifications have proved to be a great marketing means for myriads of businesses. WordPress Push notifications plugins are appearing more effective to boost visitor engagement and drive more frequent traffic on the WordPress sites.

As of now we are well acquainted with the remarkable business benefits of WordPress push notifications plugins, as we all have discussed lots about it. Due to these enormous benefits, more and more online businesses have started to embrace the trend of integrating WordPress notifications plugin with their WordPress site, and the year 2017 is the best witness of it.

No doubt, in 2018 also, there will be a profusion of such sites and the WordPress notification plugins as well. Thus it’s going to be confusing to choose an appropriate WordPress notification plugin amongst this profusion. Here in this blog, we have listed out some most excellent WordPress push notifications plugins for mobile app and websites, to diminish your confusion.

Check Out The List:


PushCrew is one of the best push notifications plugins that you can add to WordPress with a simple plugin. PushCrew has the least number of supported devices. At present, it supports Chrome on desktop and Android and Firefox on desktop only.

Supporting this small set of devices, PushCrew offers certain best features like:

  • Scheduling: With this, you can schedule your notifications in order to send them at a particular time in the future.
  • Segment Creator: It is a tool that helps you to divide your visitors using custom conditions.
  • CTA buttons: This allows you to display a couple of CTA buttons in your push notifications.
  • Expiry Notifications: It will help you to ensure that your subscribers don’t get a notification when the deal has already finished.
  • RSS support: This allows you to automatically notify subscribers of the latest posts the moment you publish them.

PushCrew offers a free package that includes unlimited notifications for around 2,000 subscribers with a few feature limits. For more than these numbers, you will have to select from plans starting at $18 for a month.


ePush is a push notification service plugin for WordPress websites, blogs, and all sorts of the business websites. It is a complete push notification system that supports all type of devices, like mobile phone, desktops, and even the tablets. Among all the WordPress push notification plugins mentioned above, ePush is one that comes with several remarkable business benefits.

Some Preeminent Features Incorporated In Epush:

  • Customized Notifications: Permits you to create a unique and personalized notification for every user or group.
  • Multi-lingual: You can optimize and send notifications in any major language.
  • Unlimited Subscribers: Allows sending push notifications to as many users as you desire.
  • Tailor-made Segments: Set your own attributes for specific visitors and send customized push notifications to them.

You can get a free trial of ePush and afterward can choose a precise package suitable to your business model, starting from $19 per subscription.


OneSignal is a standalone and best push notification service that conveniently integrates with WordPress. OneSignal’s supports chrome on desktop and Android, Safari on Mac OS X and Firefox on desktop only. With OneSignal you will obtain the Safari notifications, however, miss out mobile Firefox notifications.

OneSignal possesses a list of great features like:

  • A/B testing: This is quite a unique one. It lets you conduct split tests to find out the high performing messages ahead of sending them to all subscribers.
  • Scheduling: helps you to schedule your push notifications to send them at right time in future.
  • Automatic Notifications: Based on set criterion you can send reminders. For instance, if someone has visited your site over the last few days or whether or not you’ve published a new post.
  • Segments: Segment and target your visitors based on various user attributes.

OneSignal is absolutely free of cost with no limits, though there are some indefinite premium plans.


PushEngage is another standalone push notification service for both web and mobile push notifications. Though, it provides a dedicated WordPress plugin that simplifies the integration of push notification functionality to WordPress.

PushEngage facilitates you to send notifications to both mobile and desktop versions of Firefox,   Chrome and Samsung Internet Browser.

Moreover, PushEngage comes with a number of effectual features like:    

  • Geotargeting: Allows you to send notifications to the visitors according to their specific geo-locations.
  • RSS to Notification: Immediately alert users with RSS feed whenever you publish new posts.
  • Automatic Responders: Lets you send push notifications related to customer’s actions with marketing automation for email.
  • Segmentation: Easily segment your audience according to the URL from which they received browser notifications in order that you can send them posts that probably they will like.
  • Customized Cart Abandonment Notifications: Especially useful if you’re having an online store on WordPress.
  • CTA buttons: You can include one or more call to action buttons.

With PushEngage you can send up to 120 notifications to about 2,500 subscribers at free of cost. For more, you’ll have to choose other plans starting from $25 per month.


PushAssist is another standalone push notification service that offers a dedicated WordPress plugin to simplify the setup process. PushAssist supports Chrome on desktop and Android, Safari on Mac OS X and Firefox on both desktop and Android.

PushAssist consists of a number of useful features like:

  • Scheduling: Lets you schedule notifications for particular dates and times.
  • Segmentation: You can segment users based on their interests, location, and other data.
  • Personalization: Allows you to send personalized messages, but needs some setup as well.

PushAssist offers a free plan supporting up to 3,000 subscribers with limitless notifications. Paid packages start from $9 per month.


There are the most helpful and easy to integrate WordPress push notifications plugins that you must try out for your WordPress site. When it comes to choosing a precise one among the all, we suggest you to first determine your exact requirements and according to them make your wise selection. If further, you have any doubt about getting the Best Push Notification Service for your precious WordPress site, just contact us we will guide you with exact solutions.

All WordPress website creators look for Free/Premium WordPress themes to create WordPress websites for their clients and customers. The good selection of a theme helps them to create awesome WordPress websites easily and quickly and get more projects from clients.

Due to the abundance of WordPress themes, choosing a good theme is a difficult job in most of the cases. Therefore, we are reviewed numerous WordPress themes and prepared a list of the most popular WordPress themes. Just see them and choose WordPress themes which you deem suitable for your needs:

  1. Bitunit

Due to the rapidly increasing use of cryptocurrencies all over the world, the demand for cryptocurrency websites is on the rise. New cryptocurrency websites are being made on a daily basis to capitalize the trends of the cryptocurrency market and make lots of money. Using this theme, you can easily create awesome, visually appealing, professional and highly functional cryptocurrency websites with the WordPress CMS and meet the increasing needs of clients easily.

  1. Talking Business

There is a high demand for business websites built with the WordPress CMS because almost all established and start-up business organizations have taken their business to the online platform to contact millions of new potential customers from different parts of the world and expand their business activities by leaps and bounds in a short duration of time. If you are looking for an ideal WordPress theme to create feature-rich business websites, use this theme.

This theme is fully responsive to all mobile devices. So, you can easily create WordPress business websites with a mobile-first approach. Moreover, it is SEO friendly too. So, it helps in your SEO efforts and assists your website to perform well in the SERP of Google and other major search engines. Useful features, such as Drag and Drop page builder, multiple layout options, content modules, custom widgets, and live customizer allows you to make vital changes to your WordPress business website and make it more useful for the targeted customers.

  1. PsycheCo

These days, medical professionals, doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, psychological counsellor, individual psychologists, psychology clinics and hospitals aim to reach out to the maximum number of patients and assist them with their needs. Using this theme, you can create awesome websites for them and help them enhance their medical business without any problem.

  1. Catwalk

Catwalk is an ideal WordPress theme for model industry websites. It is built with drag and drop page builder and is fully responsive to all mobile devices. So, you can easily create responsive websites for modelling agencies and help them excel in their business activities. You can also purchase a dedicated theme from a WordPress theme customization company for the creation of an awesome website for your modelling agency.

  1. FinancePlus

This is a good theme for the creation of high-quality websites for corporate organizations, Wealth Advisors, Financial Advisors, Accountants, Law Firms, and business organizations. It comes with numerous features, such as 12+ preset colour styles, 6+ headers, lots of customization options, awesome sliders, premium plugins, unlimited colour and fonts, active human support. You can use all these features to create awesome websites for professionals and please them with your website building skills. The theme is SEO optimized and facilitates the creation of Multilanguage websites with the WordPress CMS. So, it has the potential to skyrocket your business and make you a leader in the business World.

  1. Authentic

If you want to run a personal WordPress blog and share your life experience with others, this WordPress theme is ideal for you. It is built with a super clean design and is highly customizable. So, you can customize your website many times and make the required changes to it.

The theme provides Additional Content Formatting Features and has many ways to display your content. So, you can glamorize your content to attract the attention of numerous visitors towards your website. It also offers numerous Widgets. So, you can use them and add more features to your WordPress website to easily satisfy the demands of the targeted audience.

  1. Bridge

This WordPress theme can be utilized for the creation of all types of WordPress websites with an attractive and interactive interface for the targeted audience. The theme is built with retina ready technology, which allows viewers to easily read the website content easily on all systems and mobile devices.

The theme comes with a minimal layout with drop-down menus, icons, built-in side menus and many other attractive and functional design elements. You can use them to beautify your website. It also has built-in vector icons, a library with over 600 Google fonts, a background slider for multimedia content and a collection of animated transition effects for AJAX, making it easier for you to make vital changes in your WordPress website in an easy way.

Final Words

The careful selection of good themes is essential for the creation of awesome WordPress websites. In 2018, these are some top-rated WordPress themes in high demand. Just go through them and choose one if they meet your specific needs.

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With the progress of technology, it is just a matter of time when AI (artificial intelligence) will control website designing. Earlier, it took days to create one simple website page (text-based). Besides, the internet was too slow to load a simple web page. Gradually when the internet speed improved, the website designers became more creative and started using videos, images, typography and other elements to create a user-friendly website. In short, the website become heavier.

Now, people are using devices other than desktops like smartphones, mobile and IoT devices to access the internet. So, the current goal of the website designers is to create responsive as well as interactive websites which takes minimum loading time.

In the beginning, the designers required comprehensive knowledge about web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, HTML and much more. A first generation website designer had to code every page individually, which makes it impossible to create large size complex websites. In case of changing a single URL, address or navigation one had to make changes in every page manually.

Today, with enhanced technical support we don’t have to go through such hassles. Single changes at one point, make it accessible anywhere on any web-page. The popularity of CMS (Content Management System) is at the peak. The popularity of drag and drop technology in website development is also increasing day by day.

Continuous improvement of such technological support is empowering the developers to create a fully functional website within 48 hours! Don’t you think it sounds little crazy comparing with the website development procedure a few years ago? Truth is, the integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in website development make it possible today how we are developing and experiencing a website. The use of AI and machine learning in website development is empowering the common people (without coding knowledge) to create stunning websites.

With or without knowledge almost every website designer is currently using machine learning and AI in website development. It is not so far when a large number of websites will be powered by AI.

What is AI and Machine Learning?

The teams AI and Machine Learning are now two buzzwords. Although they are often used interchangeably, a thread of differences is still lying between them.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a broader concept where machines are becoming “smarter” and making decisions or selections based on deductions. The use of AI in website design is now quite a hot topic.

On the other hand, machine learning could be considered as a “current application of AI”. According to this theory, machines are exposed to a maximum amount of data, from where they learn and make deductions. Machine learning is mostly used to create algorithms for  the search engines and dominantly used in e-commerce websites.

Following websites are already using AI in web design

While it comes to offering better user experience, a number of websites are making their moves by merging AI with Web development. Here are some examples:

  • Wix ADI

When it comes to website designing, we don’t have to introduce Wix as its popularity speaks for itself. Wix is using AI to help the users in developing stunning websites. The best part is, you can develop a website with Wix without or minimum coding knowledge. It offers an option to drag and drop elements and widgets to create personalized websites.

The AI technology used by Wix is popularly known as ADI. ADI understands the users’ expectations and helps to create faster and better website with minimum effort. It not only helps in building websites but also helps to customize websites like anything. So, if you are looking forward to building your own website without the help from professional website developers, Wix ADI could help you.

  • Firedrop

Sacha is the name of the AI used by Firedrop to meet the users’ demand. You just need to open the official website page of Firedrop and start chatting with Sacha! You can start chatting with Sacha and start building your personalized website instant. The websites are designed in such a way to meet both personal and business requirements. With Sacha, you can select your own colors, font style, sections and many more. Besides, you also have the power to change the website design anytime you want to with the help of Sacha without any difficulties.

  • The Grid

The grid is one of the pioneer companies who started introducing AI named Molly into website design. Molly is a great aid to the website designers. The aim is to create AI websites that can be designed on their own. To develop such AI websites you just have to answer few questions and upload photos that can best represent your business and you are good to go! Color combination of a website is a crucial point but with Molly, you can use a simple 5 color palette in 200,000 different combinations. Amazing, isn’t it?

  • WordPress Plugins

If you already have a WordPress website and wondering you have missed AI that could improve your website get-up, some WordPress plugins can help you in this process. You can surely find several WordPress plugins that can introduce AI into WordPress site and enhance user experience. You can also add AI-Powered SEO, chatbots, human emotions insights and post recommendations. Although WordPress Gutenberg comes with typing error rectifications, you can improve writing style by adding AI typing error rectification.

Other examples of using AI in web development

So far, we have told you how the website developers are using AI in web development. However, don’t forget that apart from web design there are some other aspects of AI implementations that could have an impact on app development and web development.

  • Google

Google is the giant search engine and whatever you do, you want to see your website on Google SERP holding a good position. Google is also using AI to offer best search result to the users. You will be amazed to learn most of the algorithms recently added by Google are AI based. RankBrain is an AI introduced by Google that helps in filling users with relevant contents. Although it is at the beginning phase, RankBrain may be considered as an important factor for ranking in Google SERP. Apart from that “image search“, which is recently introduced by Google is also an AI-based application and websites with significant pictures of products, landmarks and information will rank for image search.

  • Netflix

Behaviour and selection process of the users are different. Considering these two factors, Netflix has introduced AI to recommend more relevant videos to the users. The aim is to improve users’ experience and ensure maximum relevant search results in minimum time.

  • Amazon

After Google, Amazon is the website, which is using AI at its best. Like Google, they are also using AI to give best search results to the users with appropriate product lists. Improvement in relevant search results helps Amazon reducing product change and return issues. So, you can do the same for your business. The overall page design of Amazon has been also improved while studying users with AI.

The integration of AI in web designing – should you be concerned?

While discussing AI introduction in website development, the obvious thing that pops up in mind is – “is it going to replace the human developers completely?”

Well, this growing threat is concerning, especially when Wix and Grid are offering AI that can develop a customized website without any expert website developer. However, the fact is, it is hard to replace human website developers. Integration of AI is helpful to speed up the website development process. AI can help the user to develop a basic (but good) skeleton of a website, but there is a lot to do to make it competitive before launching.

AI can study the users’ behavior and satisfy their wish but fail to add “human touch” that only comes from a creative website developer. Apart from that, AI can hardly replace WordPress maintenance support and WordPress security.

What we can do now is cross our fingers and observe the evolution of AI and its further implementations in website development.

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Struggling to find a landing page plugin for WordPress that actually works?

There was a time when most of these plugins was very difficulty to use and came with limited functionality. Designing a page was a painful task.

But, that’s all history now which means that you can create beautiful and creative pages that convert like crazy – all without having any technical headaches or having to be a web designer.

Why Use a Landing Page Plugin for WordPress?

If you create a website to sell a book or product, then you need a landing page.

Landing pages helps to improve conversions, converting more visitors into customers.

These landing page WordPress plugins come with a variety of ready to use templates with drag and drop tools to edit them or generate your landing pages from scratch. It gives you the freedom to rapidly build landing pages for your marketing campaigns without the need for a web designer. You can reuse your templates, create new ones, and construct your library of ready to deploy landing page designs.

Top Landing Page plugins

01. Qards

Coming from team Design mode, Wards is a fascinating solution for landing page WordPress plugins.

The plugin gives you a choice of content cards that you can put on canvas – one after another – until you get an entire landing page built. Every item can be adjusted to fit your needs – you can get an excellent front-end editor for that.

  • Features:
    • A large set of content cards, which should be enough to meet all your landing page needs.
    • There are various types of content boxes available, each fully customizable.
    • The default designs can make things look sharp and modern.
    • Everything works with drag-and-drop.
  • Works with current theme? Of course! You can use it with your landing pages, and leave the rest of your site intact.
  • 100% custom landing pages? Almost. You’re working on the scheme of individual content cards arranged one after another.
  • Mobile-friendly? All landing pages are sufficiently flexible and mobile-friendly.
  • Ease of use. No design or coding skills needed, full drag-and-drop support, plus a front-end editing potential.
  • Price:
    • single site – $99,
    • Agency – $199.

02. Thrive Content Builder + Thrive Landing Pages

Despite having two different landing pages, Thrive Architect and Thrive Landing Pages are, for all intents and purposes, the same plugin.

  • Features:
      • There are 207+ customizable landing page templates accessible
      • The templates are themed into groups.
      • No coding knowledge required. You get real front-end editing via Thrive Architect – just use drag and drop to build/edit your landing pages.
      • There are various content blocks (starting from text or videos to more marketing-centered content, like testimonials, opt-in blocks, etc.).
    • Works with current theme? Yes, the landing pages are independent of your present design.
    • 100% custom landing pages? Yes.
    • Mobile-friendly? Everything is mobile-approachable.  
    • You can quickly jump into it right away.
  • Price:
    • single site – $67
    • Five sections – $97

03. OptimizePress

Optimize Press is very versatile and stands out from everything else on the board because of one main detail – it’s available both as a WordPress theme and a WordPress plugin. The theme allows you to hand over your entire site design to Optimize Press, while the plug-in lets you keep your present design, and only use Optimize individual landing pages.

Apart from that, Optimize Press also delivers a load of features and an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. It’s not a real WYSIWYG experience, though (which, depending on what you like, might be considered an advantage or a flaw).

  • Features:
    • You have the choice of more than 30 pages templates.
    • More than 40 content elements available (text, images, features boxes, etc.)
    • Available as a theme and also, as a plugin.
    • Membership functionality involves
  • 100% custom landing pages? Yes. Modify a template or construct your own from the ground up.
  • Mobile-friendly? Yes, everything is 100% mobile-compatible.
  • Ease of use. Very easy to use and intuitive, kudos to the pre-designed templates.
  • Price:
    • for three sites – $97,
    • For ten sites– $197.

04. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a theme + plugin combination, but you can obtain the plugin alone (depending on what you need).

But, it’s worth noting that the Beaver Builder plugin, on its own, already supply you with the entire landing page building functionality.

  • Features:
    • You can utilize it on posts and pages.
    • Built-in landing page templates.
    • Drag-and-drop content editing.
    • Front-end editing in real time.
    • Import/export characteristics.
    • A vast set of content features (everything from headings, images, text, videos, and so on).
  • Mobile-friendly? Yes.
  • Ease of use. Very easy to use and intuitive. No coding skills demanded.
  • Price:
    • Beaver Builder plugin for unlimited sites – $99,
    • Beaver Builder theme and plugin – $199.

05. WordPress Landing Pages

The list couldn’t be complete without at least one free solution. There aren’t many free landing page plugins for WordPress out there. As it turns out, landing pages are a complicated concept to master, and when someone shapes it out, they just can’t afford to make it available for free anymore.

  • Features:
    • Visual editor which can preview you the changes you’re making in real-time.


It is not necessary for you to be a web designer – not even close!

Additionally, you don’t have to put up with the old-style plugins that was sluggish and overly complicated. And those packed with cheesy templates looked like what guru marketers were using in 2006.

Times have changed now. The market has evolved massively.

Using the landing page plugins listed above; you can have a lot of control at your fingertips. All the features you’ll require to create beautiful landing pages without the hassle and fuss.

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Just look around your locality. You see a new trend everywhere- Everyone is using different mobile devices to look for information, products/services, etc, on the global Internet. Due to the rapidly increasing use of various mobile devices for Internet browsing, most of the website owners are adopting RWD to catch the business coming from small screens, boost sales/conversion, enhance user experience, save lots of money which is spent on maintaining a separate mobile site, and, give a great boost to your SEO efforts.

Naturally, some useful responsive web design frameworks have appeared in the tech market which supports web developers a lot when they work on RWD projects. If you are a web developer/designer and are looking for popular frameworks for the creation of responsive website designs, have a look at top 5 options highlighted here below:

1. W3.CSS

W3.CSS is a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), provided by w3schools.com for all those professionals who are interested to learn the basics of W3.CSS. Once they gain expertise in this technique, they can easily create faster, beautiful, and responsive websites on all platforms. Before learning this technique, you are supposed to have at least the basic understanding of any text editor, Document Object Model (DOM), JavaScript, CSS, HTML. Apart from this, you must know web-based applications work. All these will help you to use this platform easily and create responsive websites quickly without seeking the help of other website developers.

2. HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate is a helping hand for all those programmers who are trying to learn the basics of HTML5 and gain command over it. It is assumed as a starting point for new coders. It works like a codebase using which you can create stunning and relevant things and add them to websites. The good thing about this framework is that it includes in-depth docs, allowing website creators to easily understand how things work and why specific choices are needed to be made. The document describes every single line of normalize.css that the H5BP includes.

3. Skeleton

As a matter of fact, Skeleton is a lightweight collection of CSS & JS files which provides a 960px grid layout. It easily scales down to smaller screens on different mobile devices, tablets in both landscape and portrait form. It is one of the most appreciated and popular responsive boilerplates and is used by a good number of coders and website creators. Compared with other CSS frameworks, it doesn’t offer any CSS classes. It gives a simple and intuitive solution, enabling you to create responsive websites easily and effortlessly without any flaw.

4. MontageJS

MontageJS is a useful open source HTML5 framework. It is available to all under BSD license and you can download it totally free of cost from GitHub. It makes use of the latest web technologies, accumulates with web standards, and ensures the smooth performance and easy maintenance of websites.

It works on a component basis architecture and montage applications that are supposed to be an amalgamation of specific components. With its help, you can easily divide complex web development projects into smaller components and can use them later to complete the assignment quickly. Montage Studio supports MontageJS, allowing drag and drop authoring/creation of responsive web applications using MontageJS. Always keep in mind that Montage studio is a dedicated editor for MontageJS in beta.

5. CreateJS

CreateJS is a highly useful framework for creating responsive websites/blogs. It is fully loaded with a collection of modular libraries and tools that you can use to make HTML5 based content easily and quickly. A few popular libraries of this package are highlighted here below:


Popular Libraries

Main functions

PRELOADJSHelps you to control how you load various assents
SOUNDJSLet the web hear you want
TWEEENJSTween and Animate the web with HTML5 and JavaScript
EASELJSEasy management of HTML5 canvas element


You must note that almost all responsive web design frameworks are packed with a few specialties. CreateJS seems to make a solid presence in the world of HTML5 based ads. If CreateJS and Adobe animate are combined, they make a marvelous combo and are used extensively by web designers for the creation of appealing and professional advertisements. CreateJS has a strong backing from gskinner.com, Adobe, Mozilla, and Microsoft.

Final Words:

Responsive website design has now become an essential necessity for all those individuals who are in the web-based business and expect to excel in it. A responsive website keeps you up in SEO ranking of websites, grab more business opportunities coming from small screens, and, earn sufficient revenues every month. If you are a web designer and create responsive websites, these 5 frameworks are of great use for you. All these frameworks will help you create responsive websites easily and quickly without applying too much effort.

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In this post we will go over the different methods of which you can remove or disable the default sidebar that shows in most WordPress themes.

First, let’s get one thing straight. The sidebar itself is a theme addition, and often has it’s own PHP file in the root directory of any given theme.

The sidebar widgets are plugin enhancements that can come from either themes or plugin installations, as well as modifications done by the site owner in functions.php

This is important because if you just wish to disable default sidebar widgets, you can simply go to:

Appearance -> Widgets -> Sidebar

Then once you are in that area, you can choose the location of the sidebar like so:

If the sidebar is still shown, even though you have disabled all widgets in that position, you will have to change some PHP files.

Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through every step of the process!

Remove sidebar via theme files (PHP)

This method involves changing the theme core files, which may not be the most considerate thing to do, if you wish to update the theme in the future since the update will override your changes. Instead, consider adding a child theme based on your current theme, and then remove the sidebar there. This guide will not cover adding child themes, so we assume you are OK with doing this the normal way.

First, go to:

Appearance -> Editor

Once there, use the right hand side menu to browse to these following files:

  • single.php
  • page.php
  • front-page.php

When loaded, go to the botttom of the template file, and find get_sidebar(); – remove this code to permanently remove the sidebar loading.

There might be other files specific to your current theme that loads “get_sidebar();”

So feel free to open Notepad++ and search in all files in that directory that calls the function get_sidebar(); and remove the lines accordingly.

Now you have permanently disabled the sidebar in WordPress, and this works for any theme that uses the normal sidebar functions. Some theme developers use their own, so you will have to look through the code and see if you can spot it yourself, or if you have to contact the developer and get them to name the function you need to remove.

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If you’re designing WordPress themes for a client, or for publication purposes, you might wish to add controls to the customizer panel in WordPress.

This is not particularly difficult to achieve, so even if you don’t have much experience with basic PHP commands and WordPress functions in general, then don’t worry – we’ll guide you!

The structure

First of all, in the past 3-4 official themes I’ve looked at, the customizer script is removed from functions.php and placed in it’s own file named customizer.php and then called from functions.php with a require function. This means that we only need to open customizer.php and work with that single file, and all it contains relates to what we’re working with and not also stuff like sidebar functions or basic theme settings. Easy!

Theme generators, such as underscores.me which we’re very fond of using here at Incredible Planet, often splits up the customizer controls and settings into it’s own file as well.

In this customizer.php script, often times there will be this structure internally:

  • Settings
  • Controls
  • Sanitize functions

WordPress customizer settings API

We need to define a setting for WordPress to store the data, think of this like a database entry. At the other end of this we have controls, which are meant to capture the input and then store it in the setting. Also, we need to sanitize the control inputs, so there are 3 steps to adding a customizable field to the customizer.

So, before we think of creating the control or sanitize the input, let’s define the setting.

$wp_customize->add_setting( 'custom_field' , array(
    'default' => 'Default value',
    'type' => 'theme_mod',
    'sanitize_callback' => 'our_sanitize_function',
) );

This is the bare minimum we need for a simple custom text field in terms of what settings are like.

We won’t go over these in much detail, however suffice to say that in the array portion of the above snippet, it’s possible to add several other parameters.

WordPress customizer control API

Once we have our setting in place, we can now add a control for that particular one. For the above example, this would create a text input field, defined in the array parameter of “type”.

$wp_customize->add_control( 'custom_field', array(
    'label' => __( 'Custom text for custom field', 'placeholderfortextdomain' ),
    'section' => 'title_tagline',
    'settings' => 'custom_field',
    'type' => 'text'
) );

Now that we have this in place, we are ready to sanitize the input so no bad characters or malicious code will get injected by accident or purpose.

WordPress sanitize_callback customizer API

To properly sanitize a simple text field, we will pass our input value through a function which will handle the sanitizing. Personally, I use a snippet I found some time ago, but there are many variations out there.

function our_sanitize_function( $input ) {
    return wp_kses_post( force_balance_tags( $input ) );

Great. Now that this is done, we can actually login to our WordPress control panel, go to the theme customizer and save the value!

Displaying the custom fields in the WordPress theme

Well, we managed to save our data from the customize manager in the WordPress theme administration window, but how to display it?

Often times, we wish to have users type in their personalized copyright message in the customizer, and then automatically print that in the theme footer.

It’s a simple process to just display it, but with any PHP code, there are always safety issues to take care of as well.

First of all, let’s revisit the setting parameter called type. Because this is a theme_mod, we can use the following PHP code to display it:


    if ( '' == get_theme_mod( 'custom_field' ) ) { $custom_field = 'Default set of data'; } else { $custom_field = get_theme_mod('custom_field'); } 

    echo $custom_field;

The first line can look complicated so let’s break it down.

First of all, we load the if statement, and check if get_theme_mod(‘custom_field’) is empty. If that is the case, then we set a variable called $custom_field to be our default set of data. If get_theme_mod(‘custom_field’) is already set, then we get the data and use that instead as the variable of $custom_field.

The second lines simply echoes out the variable of $custom_field, so this will need to be placed in the correct position in theme files.

This way, when a user loads the customizer for the first time, there can be default data there, ready to go. And by declaring a variable to use instead of get_theme_mod() directly, we circumvent any issues that might occur if the user has not input data to that particular field.