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Our current climate has affected women disproportionately, both in terms of additional caretaking/household responsibilities and leadership/logistic duties in the workplace.

According to UN woman gender monitor, women are massively impacted when it comes to Labor Market Situation.

In the subject of entrepreneurship, while on paper, things have never looked better for female entrepreneurs, globally women-owned businesses are still in the minority.

Hurdles faced by women who have embraced entrepreneurship are vast and often very different from those experienced by male in the industry.

At the interview with business daily, Sarah penally, CEO of Sarah Theresa communications shared the importance of making authoritative first impressions in order to effectively communicate in a business environment.

When thinking of entrepreneurs, it’s viable to imagine business owners of all types.

One of the definition of an Entrepreneurs that is derived from its original meaning is “anyone who takes a risk with the specific goal.”

In today’s world, more and more people are taking their skills online on the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

How ever despite the emphasis on taking risk it is a fact that only a very minimum amount of support are given for entrepreneurs who are traveling through a tough wether.

When your business is struggling to grow, It may be a sign that it requires you to spend more time in order to realize your true goals. Many women entrepreneurs tend to set their goals too high or almost delude themselves into thinking that the goals that others are aiming for are part of or has to do with their own goals.

If you feel that you are not growing, it may be a good idea to revisit as to see if the goals you are working towards in your business are really “your” goals.

Yuki Sasaki, founder and director of UNIQ&UNIQ Co.Ltd, also a Chief Director of the Foundation for Human Resource Development for International Contributions shares how women entrepreneurs could over come plateau in their entrepreneurial career.

Yuki Sasaki:

Many women start their own business without understanding the concept of “business”. Before you start learning on your own, I recommend that you take a course or get advice from higher operators on what it means to be in a business.

Yuki is known for launching and producing multiple successful businesses that includes  founding of entrepreneur talent agency as well as  Organizing of Miss Mirai Contest, a beauty contest that contributes to the future by discovering people with talent, passion and uniqueness.

In conclusion

It is safe to say that starting a business is almost like taking a dive into the unknown of business development, sales and marketing communication. Anything that you jump into in life, the sooner you can remove your blind fold and face each task, the sooner you get to work on building your path forward.

Especially with the subject of mental health, entrepreneur health, and mental health matter not just to the entrepreneur but to society as a whole.

By strengthening the entrepreneur mental health safety net, we encourage new solution to rise for issues humanity seek to solve.

The strengthening of the entrepreneurs may indeed strengthen the social fabric of our global society.

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There was a time where women were not allowed to work. But now, women are a large part of the business world. Women have proved that they are as capable as men can be. A testimony to this is how some of them became some of the wealthiest persons in the world. Despite this, the majority of the wealthiest people are still men. Why are there more rich men than women? And how much are their differences?

Richest Men and Women

Before anything else, let us compare how much of the wealthiest people are men and how many are women. According to the numbers, more women are becoming the wealthiest people on the planet. Unfortunately, their number is vastly inferior compared to men who are entering the list. The top list of the wealthiest people on the planet is still more filled with men than women. 

According to Wealth-X, a research firm that looks into billionaires, almost 90% of the richest people in 2016 are men. Another research firm, WealthInsight, agrees with their findings that only 10% of global millionaires are women. As of 2018, only 11.7 of the total billionaires are women. Some reports even say the number is slightly decreasing over the years. Why are there more men millionaires than women? Here are some of the reasons why.

Most Richest Women Inherited Fortune

According to a study, the majority of the women that are among the richest people only inherited their fortune. According to the mentioned research firms, only 49 out of the 249 billionaires are self-made. The rest became the wealthiest people due to their inheritance, may it be partly or fully. And almost all of them are among the 50 most popular women in the world.

In prospering countries, more women are becoming some of the wealthiest people. Out of almost 30,000 millionaires in the world, one-third of them are self-made women millionaires. Despite their increasing numbers, some of the women are dropping off the list of the richest people. 

Difference in Wages

One reason why there are richer men than women is because of the gender pay difference. In the United States, the average yearly income of women before tax is only 80% of that of the average men. There are many reasons why there is a huge gender pay gap in most countries. Attained education, total working hours, work experience, and type of job are often the reasons why men and women have different pay wages. In some studies, the overall performance of women in work also affects the median salary. Also, the type of job they do is a factor. Take an example; if the job a lady does is nurse, which is mostly done by women or waitress, a job done by Kelsey Henson, it would be not very easy to become a millionaire. This does not mean that in any way the jobs women do are less important. 

According to a study, men are more often able to negotiate a higher pay rate than women. The research shows that 83% of men negotiate for a higher pay rate as opposed to only 58% of the women. Some women are offered or paid less according to their marital status and age. These are just some of the factors that affect gender pay difference.

Another common reason for the wide gender pay gap is discrimination. Although it is hard to measure the effects of discrimination accurately, it still is a widely acknowledged contributing factor when it comes to gender pay difference. 

Discrimination at The Top

Aside from the basic gender pay gap, there is also discrimination at the top of the wealth pyramid. According to Julia Pimsleur, a founder of a multimillion-dollar company, there is still discrimination in the top levels of the wealth pyramid. She believes that men actually want to see more women at the top of the richest people’s list. She added that men do not necessarily keep women out at the top, but discrimination still exists, even if it’s unconsciously.

There is also a wrong notion that women don’t want to reach the top. Pimsleur added that women do want to have money, meaning, and mobility. Yet, women value freedom and flexibility. 

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Assiduous, Dedicated, and beautiful are the best words to describe a Vietnamese woman. Most men across the globe love the alluring personality of Vietnamese women. Moreover, they are well known for being faithful to their husband after marriage.

Along with good cooking skills, there are some physical traits of Vietnamese women that make them adorable. Here is the list of 5 beautiful Physical Traits you must know about Vietnamese Women.

  1. Captivating Skinny Body Figure  

The main physical trait of hot Vietnamese girls is a perfect skinny body figure. Vietnamese women have a slim body, which makes them seductive. The healthy eating habits of Vietnamese people help girls attain this alluring ideal body figure. Furthermore, keep in mind that Vietnamese girls don’t like them being called ‘sexy.’ Besides, they prefer them to be praised as beautiful or pretty because calling them sexy means calling them depraved in Vietnam. Vietnamese women are too much considered about their figure and they try their best to maintain it throughout their life. This is one of the main reasons you won’t find any over-weight women in Vietnam.

  1. Hairstyle and Hair color 

Vietnamese girls have very managed hairstyles. Moreover, these hairstyles are copied by many girls across the globe. Vietnamese girls are born with black colored hair. The most common hairstyle of Vietnamese women is the straight layered hairstyle. You’ll find most of the girls in Vietnam with this hairstyle. Vietnamese girl hair is considered the best hair in Asia because of its length and strength. Some other hairstyles used by Vietnamese women are loose low ponytail, cool short bobs, and loose weaves with twisted sides.

  1. Perfect Face Shape 

Ever wondered the reason for the cute faces of Vietnamese women? Apart from beautiful eyes, the perfect jaw lined shape of Vietnamese women’s face is the main reason for their cuteness. Vietnamese women are well known for their sense of beauty. They know well how to manage their facial and body looks. This helps them to add an extra layer of cuteness to their looks. With a perfect body shape and cute face, Vietnamese women never fail to make men fall in love with them.

  1. Enticing Skin Color 

Vietnamese women shine well with their beautiful fair skin. To be more precise, Vietnamese women have yellowish skin, which makes them look cute and adorable. Moreover, this skin color matches perfectly with most of the dress colors. The skin color along with face shape and body figure makes Vietnamese women a perfect embodiment.

  1. Beauty with Strength

The skinny body of Vietnamese women doesn’t make them weak. Moreover, Vietnamese women are highly active in doing household and commercial works. Recently they have gained equal rights as the men of Vietnam. This quality made them show their strength, and now Vietnamese women even excel men in daily works. Apart from being beautiful, they are equally as strong as men. Eventually, they no longer rely on men for money and food.

Last Words

Note that these traits are based on most of the women of Vietnam. We respect every physical trait, be it skin color or body shape. These are the most common physical traits of Vietnamese Women that are loved by people across the globe. There are several other traits of Vietnamese women such as their cooking skills and their polite nature. And these quality traits make them appealing among men of all countries.

Spring is very much upon us and I know you might want to own fabulous lingerie that will turn heads and make you the centre of attention whether you are sporting a kimono as a beach cover up or another silk style for lounging in your house. There are so many colours and features to take into account when searching for the right lingerie for yourself. That is why I am going to guide you through the best silk lingerie colors for you to be rocking this spring.

Just the right lingerie will boost your self-confidence and you’ll have a new appreciation for your body in silk lingerie. Silk is a very valued material in the textile world as it is used to design some of the most beautiful, durable, yet easy to clean garments. It is especially good for lingerie as it feels soothing on our skin and does not easily wear out. Silk products might be expensive but they are worth your money.

First, before making any decision about the color of lingerie you want to shop for, you have to consider your skin tone. This way you will be able to easily determine the right lingerie color available and suitable for your skin tone.

I want to go right ahead and dig into the best silk lingerie colors that one could shop for in preparation for the spring. Since you might spend most of your spring outdoors, I have chosen an array of bright colors that will shimmer in the sun.


Yellow lingerie is a must-have during this spring period. The best shades of yellow for a perfect spring include bright yellow and golden yellow. Yellow will definitely brighten up your mood ensuring that you are confident with your body. No matter your type of skin, this color of silk chemise or slip would be perfect for all skin tones depending on the shade of yellow. You’ll shine in no time.


Green is a standout bold color that is easily noticeable. It is unexpected for one to wear green lingerie, but this is one bold decision that will make people turn heads. Green can come in all different shades but light shades of green match perfectly with other brighter colors.


When it comes to women’s fashion, pink is the color that never disappoints. This color is not only bright to your delight but it also screams femininity. Pink can easily blend with many other brighter colors. It also suits all skin colors so no one is left out. What better way to pull off your flirty vibes this summer.


The colour that stands out over all other shades is red. This color is popular wherever you go. It draws attention better than any other color. Wearing true red lingerie does not only draw attention to you but also enables you to glow. True red blends easily with all skin tones; hence, it is suitable for women of all ethnicities. To understand how people easily notice anyone with red lingerie, you need to own a red silk lingerie. I bet you’ll be the star of the show, a lady in red 😉.


Orange is the color of joy. It is a universal color in lingerie and can be worn by people with any skin tone. Although the colour is not very popular, be sure that owning an orange lingerie garment will set you apart from other women and make you unique in your own way.

Colors that I did not mention but can also be worn include ivory, blue and indigo. You can go ahead and experiment with the above colors and you will be certain that you will enjoy your spring like never before. Happy times are ahead!

India is one of the most unsafe countries for women that is not at war. We have a significantly skewed birth ratio due to female infanticide, dowry though outlawed is still a very common convention and child marriage and even witch burning is still practiced in the country. Not just that domestic abuse is rampant and rape is a tool of the state. Some groups of women are more prone to being raped, for example, Dalits, Adivaasis, Kashmiri Muslims, north eastern women, mentally disabled women etc.

Wait. Isn’t that a lot of women? Look, I am not claiming that other groups have it easier. Every ethnic group thinks that the honour of that group is embedded in the vagina of the women of that group. This leads to a lot of abuse. I know you will say why can’t women just be independent? But that is kind of difficult when you are being killed off in your mom’s womb.

No place is safe for a woman in India. Not even their mother’s womb. There, too, patriarchy will slither its way in and ruin the future of the girl child. It is kind of the only thing patriarchy does well – ruining lives. Anyway, my point being, given the situation of women in India and women everywhere in the world it is very important to equip people with the necessary tools to root out violence from their society. How do we begin this? Where do we start talking? How do we tell the uninitiated about patriarchy and how it harms everyone? We need to organize programmes in order to talk to the people. To organize these, we need money. Here is where crowdfunding India comes in. You can tell me that women can simply be armed or be equipped to fight. My objection is that it is not a long term solution and that it does not change mindsets. If women in India are to have a moment’s peace devoid of violence, then change in mentality must come first.

How do we change this mentality? We go for awareness workshops. To organize these takes time, energy and money. Crowdfunding India can help with that. NGO crowdfunding and medical crowdfunding are fairly common. If you are an NGO who wishes to hold awareness programmes you can crowdfund your venture. Impact Guru, a Harvard incubated online crowdfunding platform, will be more than glad to provide you with the necessary space. All you have to do is set up a fundraiser with us in our website. It is a very hassle free process where everything is done online. Much of the campaigning is done online by means of social media and email. Once your goal is met, the website releases your fund promptly. Crowdfunding India is a very low-risk, zero investment way to get started on your grand plans for this society. You should not miss out on making this society a better place simply out of financial aid. Remember all women and girls deserve to be safe.

Plus sized women have always had a big problem when it comes to shopping for the right clothes. This was because the fashion world had this misguided idea that in order to look beautiful and sexy, you had to have a smaller body with just the right amount of curves in all the right places. As such, the best clothes were designed with this kind of body profile in mind and the rest of us would be lucky to find a single piece of clothing the stores that actually fit. But things have been changing over the last few years and the fashion world is beginning to accept the fact that Bigger is, indeed, Better.

The fact is that bigger women have more curves and can be made to look more attractive and sexy without too much difficulty. The key to looking hot and sexy as a plus sized woman is knowing exactly how to accentuate and show off the best parts of your body and, at the same time, be able to mask or disguise the parts of your body that you are not very proud of. So, for instance, if you have long, beautiful legs but too much fat around the tummy, you must dress in such a way that you get to show more of those legs but reveal very little about the tummy issues. Below are some useful tips on how to dress as a plus sized woman that if followed closely will get you looking hot and sexy in no time at all.

  1. How To Dress Your Upper Body

The upper body, in this context, refers to your arms and your chest. Dressing them up properly is important because they are probably going to be the first things that people will see when they meet you, after they see your face of course, and you want to make the best impression possible. Here are some tips that should help you do this.

Choosing a quality bra– the foundations for a sexy look are quality undergarments, starting with your bra. Most plus sized women are blessed with big busts and you can use that to your advantage. When choosing a bra, go for those with wide straps and whose centerline lies across your breastbone.  Make sure that the band does not ride up and lies parallel all around your chest. In addition, make sure that there are no gaps between the breast and the cup and that there are also no spillovers from the cups.

It is also important to think about the outfit that you are going to wear with the bra before you choose one.  If you are going to wear a dress with a cutout style or low back then you need a backless or low back bra. In the same way, a plunge cut bra will be good for a plunging neckline and a strapless bra will go well with a strapless dress or top.

Choose tops which skim your body– in order to get the best sexy, long lines for the torso, choose tops that fit you closely and do not actually hug the body but just skim it. Again you can take the chance to show off some of that beautiful bust by going with a plunging neckline. You can also show off more of your shoulder and neck with an off-the-shoulder dress or top which has the added advantage of directing more attention to your face and away from parts of the body that you might be trying to hide. A sweetheart or V-shaped neckline is also good for showing off more cleavage while at the same time elongating the body.

Go for sheer sleeves– if you are not too proud of the fat under your arms then going sleeveless might not be a good idea but if you have firm arms then you should definitely go for it. For the former, tops with sheer sleeves can have the same effect without actually showing off the fat around the arms.

  1. How To Dress Your Midsection

If you are like most plus sized women then your midsection is probably not very attractive so your priority here should be dressing to flatten it- or at least to make it look flat. You can get most of the clothes and accessories to help you do this from the plus size section at Jade Collections, which is one of the leading clothing store in the country, and buy them online directly or from any of the shop’s six outlets near you. When dressing your midsection, you should;

  • Look for garments with cinched waistlines- dresses and tops that nip around the waist are good for bringing out that sexy hourglass shape so go for them.
  • Go for stretch denim or curvy fit jeans and pants- these are good because they are able to accommodate a larger hip section and larger waist and the extra stretch brings out the body-hugging sexy look while still keeping you comfortable. You can also go for popular style pants such as jeggings, which have elastic waistbands even better curves and more comfort. For an even sleeker look, you can slim down your lower abdomen by going for high-rise or mid-rise fit.
  • Go for solid colours- if you want to downplay your midsection then you should go for darker, solid colours with smaller patterns. Vertical stripes or downward pointing geometric shapes can add an elongating effect to your midsection and therefore make it appear more flat.

  1. Accentuating Your Legs And Lower Section

Most plus size women usually have beautiful legs that are naturally sexy so there is not much work to be done here except to just try and accentuate them for an even sexier look. Here are some things you can try;

  • Go for slim cut or bootcut pants
  • If you are trying to slim some area of your hips or legs then go for dark wash jeans and for brighter colours if you want to accentuate.
  • Choose skirts with hemlines above the knee or just at the knee- these give the legs the most universally flattering look
  • Get dresses and skirts with lines or pleats falling vertically from the waist downwards to make your lower body appear longer.
  • Try high-low hemlines- longer at the back and shorter at the front, they allow you to show off your legs but still look properly covered up.
  • Try tights- if you want to show off your legs but are not comfortable with showing too much skin then you can go for tights. But not just the drab ones; get tights that have classic sex appeal such as thigh-highs, lace or fishnets.

Once you have done all the above, you can complete your sexy look by getting high heels that match your outfit. The heels will accentuate the lovely muscles and length of your legs and you should go for heels with pointed toes for an even more elongating effect. Try heels with a nude color, which are closely matched to your natural skin tone to make your legs appear even longer.

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The best way to promote women empowerment and to encourage women to take up entrepreneurship is to have an actual woman to set an example. It gets even best when a black woman takes this part. We all know that women get secondary roles in businesses and entrepreneurship, but Ahyanah Mincy, an ordinary college student from Newark NJ, is using her verified profile on to make a change for women in business. Although she is a full-time college student, her hobby dedicates to promote females in business and entrepreneurship. is a platform from women and mostly referred as LinkedIn for women. On the platform, women can find jobs, ask questions, sell things and can conduct discussions. One of the best features of the platform is the article writing, but only 5,000 users are verified by the platform to write articles. This facility is reserved for the celebrities and executives of the company. Ahyanah is one of the verified users of the site and uses her blog to showcase all women in business. She promotes them not only in business but entrepreneurship as well. A platform that gets 18 million views a week is used by this girl to motivate women and minorities. Most of us have a mindset that leadership roles in businesses are only meant for men, but with her articles, she constantly proves them wrong. Her articles include success stories of black women, and she also writes inspirational quotes to advise women of her age and above.

Although the media in the past decade is very active in including women in business, there is still a lack of recognizing black women in business. Most of us don’t even know that black women are the fastest growing entrepreneurial group in America, but their stories didn’t get covered by the media. Ahyanah single-handedly making a strong point by telling stories of the black entrepreneur women. She started writing about women, and she was so influential that OnMogul decided to verify her account. Although Ahyanah uses the platform to share her views and real stories she is also focused on proving the fact that despite being a minority there are women who are doing well in the line of field and they and constantly preceding racial and discriminatory thoughts.

In one of her article, she wrote about the Great businesses owned by the black women. There was a list of black women who have achieved big in their career and excelled in their entrepreneurship skills. She included Zondra Wilson, Teana Mcdonald, Emore Campbell and Latonia Taylor as an example. All of these women have introduced influential products and ideas. The girl is very clear about the fact that no gender is less then another and color cannot restrict someone from achieving something big. She also included their achievements in the article, and she does it in a way that can leave an impact on the reader’s mind.

She mentioned some other women in her “Successful Black Female Entrepreneurs advise young black women” article, and there are many other similar niche articles that you can find on her blog page. It is recommended for women who feel at a disadvantage to reading articles of Ahyanah Mincy. They will surely start making their presence felt. Reading about women who have realized their dreams and made them true can be inspiring for any women. Remember that women are just as good as women and in some situations, they can be even better than them. So it is foolish to restrict them from achieving their dreams.