Although there’s no shortcut to becoming a wakeboard pro, you can still somehow reduce your learning curve using our useful tips. It might be challenging to do it by yourself and without proper guidance.

It is a must to learn all about wakeboarding from the experts so that you can fully understand this sport. Just make sure you ready your mindset and body physique to the basic techniques up to the rigorous stunts.

To know more about the various techniques and tips about Wakeboarding, let’s start, shall we?

Check Your Gear and Stance

When screwing your boots and bindings in the wakeboard, it should be at least shoulder-width apart. As recommended by many, try to jump and land on a stance with your legs wide open. In this way, you will know how much space you need to keep that poise. By doing this step, you will know if your stance is too wide or narrow. Your stance should be balanced so that it won’t cause any cramps on your legs and knees.

Use a coastguard approved life vest with a neoprene made material. You can always check the wakeboards online to find a suitable gear for you. This suit might be a bit costly but provides you the best comfort and protection from any injuries.

Find a tow rope with a measurement of 65 to 75 feet long. Make sure that the rope is sturdy, durable, and non-stretchable. In this way, it can able to pull your weight properly and perform the best of your wakeboard stunts.

Your Wakeboard and the Driver

Both the driver and the rider must have good teamwork to efficiently and effectively execute the wakeboard. As much as possible, make sure to tell the driver to operate at a speed of 18 to 21 mph. This is the standard speed for a wakeboarding sport. Otherwise, ask the rider on what speed that he prefers and comfortable with.

Make sure to assign a spotter as well so that he will alert the driver whenever the speed needs to change or if the rider falls off the wakeboard. Lastly, maintain the consistent speed so that the rider will have perfect timing in every stunts and performance that he does.

How to get up?

Getting up from the wakeboard might be a difficult thing to do. Most people are searching for this topic as well both on Google and YouTube. To know the right trick, here is our brief explanation.

First, set your foot properly and ask the driver to maintain the speed from 18 to 21 mph. Thereafter, lift your wakeboard using your feet and align it 90-degree angle to the water surface. Make sure to bend your legs and knees appropriately nd wait for the right timing of the boat to pull you over.

Thereafter, as soon as the boat pulls you, manage to somehow time the wave of the water and standing up until you’ll be able to stand and maintain a balance again.

How to jump and spin?

To perform a jumping wake stunt, you need first to balance your weight on the wakeboard. After getting your perfect timing, make sure to align the handle of the tow rope at the level of your waist.

In this way, it will keep you at the equilibrium level and align with the straight axis. Thereafter, make your legs and knees rigid so that they won’t absorb the wake’s speed and energy.

As you keep this stance, wait for the driver to move you to the waves and make sure to time it by bending your knees. As you passed the waves, it will allow you to jump then relax your knees as you move upward.

For the spinning part, this takes a lot of practice. You must learn how to properly time on the speed and lifting of the wakeboard on the water surface. By doing so, you can able to rotate while maintaining the handle at your waist. You need to allow your body to turn around and go with the flow of the air. This requires patience and tremendous practice before you can master this technique.

How to do the flip?

If you can able to surpass the jumping and spinning stunt, then flipping will be just a piece of cake on your part. Of course, this is one of the hardest tricks to do with your wakeboard.

The easiest way to do the flipping stunt is to progressively slide over a kicker at the wakeboard park. In this way, you can able to time the flip since it gives you the edge to stay longer in the mid-air.

However, it becomes challenging when there is no kicker at the wakeboard park. If this is the case, you must learn how to flip your body and land a perfect stance.

First, learn how to time the waves, bend down your knees and legs, then slowly stand up and concentrate the power on your hips and legs. Thereafter, try to elevate your body and relax it as soon as your head turns upside down in the mid-air then land your feet perfectly on the water surface. This maneuver might be hard to do but you will eventually master it as you practice more.

How is your first stunt?

Performing a wakeboard trick comes with patience and frequent practice. It’s only you who knows how to move your body in the way that you wanted. If you learn and discover how to do it, you will eventually get used to it.

Now, start practicing your jumping, spinning, and flipping stunts. Devote your time and energy on these techniques so that you can able to execute them perfectly.