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As far as the social media sites are concerned the Facebook is the leading one. There are many videos shared by members here that people love to download. However, it is not that easy also, and hence one needs to learn the process well before downloading the same. Downloading Facebook videos is not at all a huge task. It’s pretty simple and easy if you get to know how to download facebook videos. There are certain steps which you have to follow to download a video from this leading social media site. The steps are listed below: –

  1. Open Facebook – You need to go to the Facebook website, that is and log-in to your facebook account if you are not logged in to it. To log in, you need to provide your email address or phone number or username along with your login After you are logged in, the newsfeed page will open on the screen.
  2. Go to the video that you want to download –To go to the video you want to download, you can either scroll up or down your newsfeed. Else you can directly enter the name of the person or page or group in the search bar where the video was uploaded or posted.
  3. Right-click the video – Browse the profile of that person, page or group to get the video. Now click the right side button on the mouse to get a drop-down menu.While clicking the button, keep the pointer on the video.
  4. Click Show video URL – Once you are in the drop-down menu, you’ll see an option to show the URL of the video at the bottom of the menu. On clicking on it, you’ll get the link to the video.
  5. Copy the Facebook link – Now, to copy the URL of the video just press control and C together (Ctrl+C).
  6. Go to the DownVids site – After copying the link, go to the downvids site by searching in your browser. You can log-out from your facebook account if you want to as it won’t affect the download procedure after the link is being copied.
  7. Paste the Facebook video’s link – On reaching the site, you will get an option where they will ask for “Enter the URL of the video,” Simply paste the video link by pressing control and V together (Ctrl+V).
  8. Click DOWNLOAD – As the link is pasted on the required field, you will get a visual button on the screen which, on pressing will start the download of the video from Facebook to the DownVids server.
  9. Click Download this Video – After the video is downloaded in the downvids server, you can now download it from the server to your computer by just clicking the download option.On the basis of your browser setting, you may get an option to select the folder or location where the video should be saved to your computer.

It’s that simple to download any facebook video from the website to your computer. So start downloading all your favorite videos.