The year 2020 challenged most conventional marketing norms pushing business owners to recalibrate their pre-established notions on effective marketing techniques. Video marketing gained even more significance in the “new normal” situation

More businesses have started creating videos, even with a free online video editor, as a medium for marketing their products and services. It is by far the most effective way to inform prospective customers of your brand and what it stands for.

Live Video

Live video has helped bridge the communication gap between businesses and external service providers in the previous year. It is also a viable marketing tactic. Enterprises and service providers have been using live video for two-way communication.

The statistics show that internet users watched 1.1 billion hours of live video in 2019. Most social media platforms support live video. Entrepreneurs may use live video streaming to get into interactive talks about their brand.

Celebrities, CEOs and brand ambassadors now use live streaming as a regular marketing tool.

Virtual meet-ups and events

Virtual events are a recent marketing trend to attract and retain customers. These events are either based on an in-person invite system or are open to the public. They use online video platforms, live streaming platforms, or social media platforms for interaction and telecasting. Virtual events are a great way to network and create leads for B2B marketers.

Video Reviews and Testimonials

Video testimonials are now replacing text testimonials. This is a popular strategy used by B2B marketers to generate more leads. Research shows that visual testimonials of former customers who express their confidence in the brand create a certain level of trust in prospective customers since they find the content relatable. Video testimonials on the homepage of the website drive in more traffic.

B2B marketers use visual testimonials to display the product used for its intended purpose.

Video as Advertisement

Video advertisements have been in operation for a long time. However, their significance has increased to a great extent, with increased internet use. A short video ad sending across the right message is compelling. The production of these brief advertisements is also budget-friendly.

Business owners not using video ads to market their products and services will find it challenging to compete in the market. Video campaigns are voted to be more engaging, more impactful, and more appealing than any other type of campaigning.

Video Tutorials, Product Reviews, and Unboxing Videos

Tutorial videos, product review videos, and unboxing videos published on YouTube and other video streaming platforms are prevalent among users. B2B marketers also conduct giveaways and interactive question and answer (Q&A) sessions to drive more traffic. They may use these tutorials and videos to highlight the product’s features and its uses. It is also a popular method to build brand loyalty.

Video-Based Marketing in 2021

The use of video marketing is almost a necessity to gain and maintain customers. A majority of prospects are working remotely and likely to rely on the internet for their needs. Using video to promote your brand with efficient experts can bring about critical improvements in marketing, sales, and customer engagement.

Technological progress is changing our everyday lives. This was already the case hundreds of years ago. The speed of this progress, however, was hardly as fast as it is today. In the last decade, smartphones in particular have enabled us from one day to the next to access the collective knowledge of humanity stored on the Internet from almost anywhere in the world.

In many respects, the principle of the smartphone is reminiscent of the well-known Swiss army knife. In addition to connecting to the Internet, playing music and videos, and of course the regular functions of a mobile phone, almost every smartphone has the ability to record photos and videos.

The quality of material recorded on smartphones has increased considerably in recent years. Video recordings of the latest models from well-known manufacturers are usually indistinguishable from those of regular video cameras. High-resolution video productions can now be produced by almost anyone who owns a smartphone. The first commercials and movies have already been produced exclusively with smartphones.

What consequences does this have for us? The fact that now everyone is able to record professional video material with their telephone and edit it on their PC at home or directly on their mobile phone leads to an increase in the production of content. This is usually uploaded in the social media. The masses of content produced in this way mean that high-quality video content has to be produced in order to stand out from the crowd. Especially for companies that depend on the successful distribution of their videos, this can be a problem.

Nevertheless, the technology of modern smartphones is one thing – their handling is another. Even though many people can now easily produce high-resolution and professional video material, this does not mean that the result is professional. Especially when it comes to sound, there are profound shortcomings. Those who rely on well-trained and professional filmmakers for their film production will remain one step ahead of the competition. For example, if you are looking for a professional cameraman in Frankfurt, or another German city, it is easy to find one. Well-trained and experienced production companies are usually extremely flexible and know what it takes to produce high-quality content for which a smartphone would not be sufficient.

When you’re encoding a video or converting its format you’ll normally find that you’re presented with a range of options that you can choose from. If you aren’t entirely familiar with video encoding that can be daunting, and most people often make several mistakes as a result.

Knowing some of the more common mistakes that people make when encoding or converting video formats should help you to avoid them:

  • Not using the ‘right’ format

As you’re probably aware there is no one-size-fits-all format that is right for every video. Instead the ‘right’ format will depend on how you want to use your video, and should take into account compatibility and compression.

Generally you should try to find a compatible format that provides good compression rates so the file size is as small as possible. However if you’re uploading your video to a specific platform you’ll want to follow its recommended format and settings instead.

  • Encoding with higher quality settings than the original video

When you encode and convert your video you can technically increase its resolution, framerate, and bitrate – but you should never do that. As tempting as it may be to increase these settings and ‘improve’ the quality of your video, it simply won’t work.

Suffice to say the quality of the video that you encode or convert can never exceed the original. Because of that all you’ll do if you use higher settings is to ‘stretch’ the original and make its file size larger without increasing its quality.

In some cases the quality may end up worse than the original if you try to do this.

  • Altering the frame rate

Unless you’re absolutely sure what you’re doing, you should never alter the frame rate of the video. Adjusting the frame rate and attempting to increase or decrease it can lead to a lot of issues that will affect the quality (or duration) of your video.

Typically people try to alter the frame rate either in an attempt to make the video smoother by increasing it, or to reduce its file size by decreasing it. Neither option will work that well, and for the latter you’d be far better off decreasing the bitrate instead.

As you’re aware of these mistakes, you shouldn’t have any issue avoiding them in the future when you encode or convert video formats. Needless to say it would help if you have a converter that makes it easy to adjust the encoding settings, and you could try Movavi Video Converter for example if you want to convert MP4 to WMV, AVI, MOV, MKV, or any other formats.

All said and done you don’t really need an in-depth knowledge of encoding settings to avoid the mistakes listed above. In fact you just need to focus on the basics and find the right format to use while making sure that you don’t adjust the settings in a way that will adversely affect the quality of the video once it has been encoded.

I don’t require to say that Facebook is very good platform and & every business need to be present on that. Rather I would like to say that Facebook is not just merely for to be present on.

You need to take leverage of its full potential. In recent times there is two developments which require your attention.

  1. Dramatic drop in organic reach on Facebook
  2. Amazing advancement in Facebook paid platform

With every algorithmic updates, Facebook makes it clear that no free lunch for brand on its platform but if you want to advertise on here, you have huge opportunity.

We can’t cry that why Facebook reduced the organic reach rather we can see if the paid campaign on Facebook can give us a good ROI or not.

As I mentioned in title that Facebook is a goldmine for Marketers. In following points I explain you why did I say so.

  1. Biggest Social Channel in The World: Facebook is biggest social channel in the world, if you see the stats then you won’t have any doubt that why you should use this as an marketing platform.
  • Worldwide, there are over 2.20 billion monthly active Facebook users for Q1 2018 (Facebook MAUs) which is a 13 percent increase year over year. (Source: Facebook 04/25/18)
  • There are 1.15 billion mobile daily active users (Mobile DAU) for December 2016, an increase of 23 percent year-over-year.
  • 45 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily and are considered daily active users (Facebook DAU) for March 2018, which represents a 13 percent increase year over year (Source: Facebook as 04/25/18).
  • There are 1.74 billion mobile active users (Mobile Facebook MAU) for December 2016 which is an increase of 21% year-over-year (Source: Facebook as of 02/01/17).
  1. Highly Targeted : Facebook give you the laser focused targeting options, They have more than 500 plus demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioral data to target. No channel in the world right now can give you this much in-depth targeting options.
  2. Multiple Ad formats: There is many ad variants are available in its ad manger platform. You can choose best one according your objective. You can run the campaign in the following available formats.
  3. Video Ads: Show off product features, and draw people in with sound and motion.
  4. Image Ads: Drive people to destination websites or apps through high-quality visuals.
  5. Collection Ad: Encourage shopping by displaying items from your product catalogue – customised for each individual.
  6. Carousel Ad : Showcase up to ten images or videos within a single ad, each with its own link.
  7. Slideshow Ad: Use motion, sound and text to tell your story beautifully on any connection speed.
  8. Canvas Ad: Let people open a full-screen, mobile-optimised experience instantly from your ad.
  9. Lead generation ads: Lead ads on Facebook and Instagram help you collect info from people who are interested in your business. A lead ad is presented using an image, video or carousel, and followed by a lead form when the user engages with the ad.
  10. Offers: Offers are discounts you can share with your customers on Facebook. You can design your offer ad to appear as an image, video or carousel.
  11. Post engagement: Most Page posts on Facebook can be boosted to deliver more likes, comments, shares and photo views.
  12. Event responses: Event response ads can be used to promote awareness of your event and drive responses. You can design your event ad to appear as an image or video.
  13. Page likes: Page likes ads can be used to drive users to like your Page. You can design your Page likes ad with a video or an image masked to a ratio of 8:3.
  14. Cost Effective: Still very less advertisers are using Facebook as an advertising platform, so less advertisers mean less competition and less competition mean less cost. Other hand Facebook ad platform is powered with AI based optimization. It keeps optimizing ads against your objective.

Final Words: Facebook ads is a true goldmine and still has underpriced campaigns due to a lack of attention, Use it before it gets cluttered, and get a quick boost!

No doubt that Instagram is the leading social media tool in the world now. More than 500 million active users per month is not a tiny amount. If you have a video about your business, service or product, you may promote it in Instagram. The year 2018 is going to be the year of video marketing. All Marketing Trends is special one in the Instagram Marketing industry. They offer everything what you need to increase the number of views, likes and followers. Besides, they provide 100% money back guarantee if any views drop. So, get Instagram video views now and get your video viral.

Why do I need to get Instagram video views?

In February 2016, Instagram launched the new feature “Instagram Video Views”. At 2018 it is one of the powerful tools that show the world how many people have watched your video. A video on your Instagram profile adds massive value when it has lots of views. More view counts on Instagram video can help you to get more followers and likes. Most of people follow an Instagram page just for the metrics. Besides, more views make the video popular within the platform and on search results.

Having a good view counter is as important as having a good followers count. Ugly but true that the number symbolizes the quality of your video. It is like a review in a sense. Maybe you have some good video but if you don’t have enough views on them, your viewers will most probably skip your content without even properly looking at it. At the same times, when the same viewers will see lots of video on that videos they probably view it.

Get Instagram video views Importance

You might not know that videos can make you some serious money. Adding a product video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Video can also lead directly to sales. Recent studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer-video about a product subsequently bought it. So, better start crafting your exciting product videos now!

If you think about it, the effectiveness of video is not even that surprising. After all, vision is our most dominant sense. Most information transmitted to our brain is visual. So, if pictures can boost engagement massively, imagine what moving pictures can do for your business?

By a great video you can get return of investments. You would be excited to know that, 83% of businesses say that video provides good return on investment. Good news is that your videos don’t have to be perfect. It’s the content that matters!

Latest research shows that users are mostly put off by videos that don’t explain the product or service clearly enough. Low quality and poor design didn’t matter nearly as much. So it’s fair to say that video is like pizza – when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good!

Finally, video marketing is going to be the number one choice for all business in 2018. You can’t underestimate the power of video marketing. If you ignore it surely you are losing some potential customer.


Virtually anything can be done via the Internet thanks to today’s digital evolution, from connecting with friends oversee, to “researching” data to purchasing items you sometimes don’t need. This led many businesses to take their stores online, riding on the wave of technological advancements and reaching billions of potential consumers. What many of these businesses don’t realize is that a website is just the beginning, and it isn’t enough to propel your business to the top of Google’s search results page.

Your site must also convert. Because of the cutthroat competition, your own business must take extra steps to make your brand stand out. This starts with a carefully, and strategically, thought-out web design.

Here are top website design trends that could boost conversion rates and sales and increase consumer loyalty:

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is one design trend that has stuck around. It refuses to go away. In fact, this trend has made a big impact on UX design, for both websites and mobile apps.

But for those who are unfamiliar with the term, what is a parallax effect?

Derived from the Greek word ‘parallaxis’ which means ‘alteration,’ this creates a 3D scrolling effect where the web page’s background layer moves at a slower rate to the foreground layer. This is one of many scrolling patterns allowing you to easily adjust how the users will receive the content.

Although sometimes it can come out as overwhelming, if sparingly used, it can provide a seamless UX for both the mobile app and your website. The result will be a subtle element of depth, making your site memorable and distinctive.

Animated CTAs

CTA (Call to action) buttons are an integral part of an effective web design since they’re essential to making conversions. Regardless if your users are well-informed, they still require a little prodding leading them to finally hit that “Buy Now” or “Join Now” button. Having a CTA for every page is not enough. You need to consider the shape, size and its placement.

Lucky for you, there is another trend that could help improve conversion rates—this is adding a subtle animation to your CTA button. However, this animated CTA should be subtle enough to draw the user’s attention, but not take away their interest in the brand’s product or other vital visuals. Keep in mind that the animation should be tasteful and carry the feel and visual look of your site. The movement is only another way of enhancing the button’s visibility.

Video on Landing Page

We can’t stress enough how vital your landing page is. So, how else can you improve this page and attract consumer attention?

What about a video?

Well, the answer to this is obvious. Approximately 78% of Internet users watch online videos on a weekly basis, while around 93% of today’s marketers admitted that their medium for communication, sales and other forms of digital marketing is video.

This just shows us that online videos go are more than cute kittens or adorable puppies.

Video content is dominating online traffic figures.

But wait…

Don’t just embed a YouTube clip on your landing page. Take it a step further with a video landing page.

You could create an immersive video that automatically plays on your site’s home page or a video that directs toward a CTA on a specific page. Either way, this strategy will definitely improve user’s impression of your brand and boost UX.

Cinemagraph Hero Photos

Yes, they’re very captivating. Theirs is something about the continuous subtle motion of cinemagraphs in an otherwise still image that easily captures user attention. And this is the first step in getting web visitors who are sometimes too busy. This will make them take a pause and notice the message or content of your site.

The plus side—you can use cinemagraphs for social media marketing as well, saving your marketing budget.

Simplicity is key!

A well-designed website is uncluttered, simple, deliver the message and interacts with the consumer, creating a lasting impression. But above all, a successful website converts! An effective web design is an art—it requires a lot of careful planning. Your brand’s website should not only have aesthetics in mind but also you need to consider your brand’s goals and the end result.

Being powerful persuasion tools, videos exhibit the potential to shorten sales cycle. With the sales cycle shortened, the touchpoints at which you meet your audience, are reduced and the efforts also minimised.  Additionally, the need to rely on salesy techniques goes out of the picture.

Once you have created a video, its ability to sell more is largely dependant on the practices being followed.

Here we have listed 4 such ways in which videos can help you sell more, on a budget:

  • Incorporate videos in email marketing to attract leads

Video in email can increase CTR by 200-300% and also reduce the “unsubscribe” rate by 75%.

Email marketing, on its own, is a very effective marketing technique; when combined with video marketing, it becomes even more powerful because videos are more likely to engage the viewer quickly as compared to other forms of content.

When it comes to using videos in emails, the options are many. You can use anything from customer testimonials to product description videos.

In terms of ROI, it is important to note that email marketing outperforms all other marketing channels. The average return is $44 for every dollar that is spent.

Additionally, adding a video to your email comes at zero extra cost. You can either embed your video directly or use video link to take the viewer to the website where he can watch the video.

The combination of video and email yields great marketing results.

NotifyFox, for example, used this explainer video in their cold email marketing to achieve an open rate of 40%.

Key Takeaway:

When taking the video route in your email campaigns, be sure to first lay down your objective. For your video to sell more, the embedding option is not the best idea since it doesn’t take user to the website.

  • Put an explainer video on your landing page to boost conversions

A video placed on the landing page has the potential to increase conversions by as much as 80% which means that they create space for more sales.

Since your website’s landing page is the first element of user experience, it makes sense to use videos to optimise the landing page for better engagement.

By eliminating the dependence on text for brand introduction and bringing a more appealing content format (video) into the picture, you can shorten the sales cycle and thereby trigger more purchases.

The effectiveness of videos on landing pages is largely governed by two things: design aesthetics and video content. In terms of design, the size of video and the thumbnail take a key role. Video content optimisation, on the other hand, depends on a number of things: video quality, audio etc.

Key Takeaway:

Video can sell more when placed directly on the website where user interaction is of utmost significance. So optimise this opportunity by focusing on design details as well as content.

  • Use live video on social platforms to positively influence the purchase decision

Live videos not only create the space for online sales, they are also effective in boosting offline conversions.

Various businesses are relying more and more on live formats to showcase their product launch, events, conferences; allowing their audience to take part, virtually. This drives sales because it helps create trust through visual demonstrations.

In fact, live videos can be used simply to celebrate the holiday mood or simple monthly themes. Like Dunkin Donuts creates the right mood for Valentine’s in this live video:

Additionally, these live videos inform users about specific business events that they might not be aware of. This is quite beneficial for brands that operate in the B2B sector.

Key Takeaway:

Social video consumption is on the rise. In such a scenario, it is best to make your video strategy social proof to increase sales. Go live, take your audience behind the stage, give them live footage of special events.

  • Use video calling to solve customer queries

When you create a product/service to address a particular pain point, it makes sense that your customer will have queries. And sometimes these queries may demand more attention than a FAQ space on your site.

Like in a scenario where user gets stuck at a point while navigating your app, video calling be a great way to help your customer find a way. Again, this is extremely useful for B2B sphere; SaaS companies often rely on these techniques to guide their users. And it can be extremely helpful during product trials. Skype can be a good option here.

Key Takeaway:

Video calling improves user experience and helps in building trust which creates a positive purchase effect. Such strategies pave way for great feedback which, in return, creates space for more sales.


Video is one such content format which isn’t restricted to a specific stage of the buyer’s journey. You can use it to attract leads (explainer videos), move them to the evaluation stage (tutorials, how-to’s) and then to create delight (video calling) after the purchase has been made.

Strategies like social video, landing page videos boost purchases without requiring huge investment. Shareable social videos increase your reach, landing page videos reduce the brand introduction time, video calling that addresses user queries creates trust; together, all these things help videos sell more.

No business can afford to ignore the potential of videos on social media – especially not seeing as more and more people continue to watch more and more videos on an almost daily basis. That being said if you intend to start publishing videos on social media, it is important that you ensure they have what it takes to reach and engage viewers.

If you want to come up with effective business videos for social media, one of the best places to start is by understanding the three key traits that they tend to have:

  • Emotional connection

Have you noticed that videos that are humorous, inspiring, surprising, or downright shocking tend to get shared and commented on a lot? The ability of these videos to draw out reactions is no coincidence, and it stems from the emotional connection viewers feel when watching them.

If you want your business videos to make an impact, you should try to do the same. Create videos that are likely to provoke an emotional reaction or connect with viewers emotionally, and you’ll find the results are nothing short of impressive.

  • Bite-sized and ‘snackable’

People on social media don’t sit through long and drawn out videos that often, and prefer ‘snacking’ on videos that are bite-sized. That is something your business should take to heart, and come up with videos that are short, succinct, and direct.

Try to keep all your business videos on social media as short as possible. In fact aiming for videos that are between 15 to 60 seconds long is probably best.

  • Visually oriented

A big part of the appeal of videos as opposed to other forms of content is their unique visual nature. Ideally your business videos make it a point to take advantage of this, and try to make videos that put across their points and message as visually as possible.

It helps to rely more on visuals and less on audio in your business videos too. Increasing numbers of people are watching social media videos sans audio, which makes it important that your message can be delivered without relying on audio too much.

While the three traits highlighted above will enable your business videos to attract and engage more viewers, there are other factors that are important too. In particular it is important that you create the right type of videos, with topics your viewers are interested in.

One way to come up with business videos for social media is to use Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac to record your screen. By doing so you could create how-to guides for digital products, record interviews via video calls, record streaming video on Mac and much more.

Rest assured it is easy to set up Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac and configure its recording parameters including the framerate, audio source, capture area, and so on. Its features will even let you record keyboard and mouse actions – which can be very useful when creating how-to guides or product demonstrations.

All in all it should take just a few minutes you should be able to set it up and start recording your very first business video. With the range of options in Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac you’ll be able to ensure that you record exactly the footage that you need to create your video.

Drones have undoubtedly changed the way we see the world, a boon for those who like to combine their adventures with a sense of scale and exhilaration. Despite associations with crime and deeds of more destructive natures, the last few years has seen drone technology for the photography enthusiasts reach new heights.

Advantages of Using Drone Cameras

What have drones brought to the table? Quite a lot, in fact. Here are some of the big reasons high-quality drone imagery have lit up the world of photography and cinematography.

Drones give you the best perspectives. There is no replacement for the high-level detail that one can get from an aerial shot. There were times when this was the domain of professionals with big budgets, usually involving aircraft. Now drones are accessible to most and you can enjoy taking videos and photos from the safe comfort of the ground.

When you take pictures from above, the landscapes look larger and have an added sense of scale. Drones are very convenient. You don’t have to find yourself perched uncomfortably in a ‘vantage point’ just to capture that perfect angle. A drone does everything for you.

Drones – Integrating with Science and Commerce

Scientific research has greatly benefited from drone technology. From pictures of wildlife behaviour to conservation related reconnaissance, drones help us literally get the larger picture. Environmental impact is best studied with high-definition overhead pictures which give the viewers a look at the contrasts of pristine nature and degradation in a single video or still capture.

The real estate industry has also found a lot of leverage in drone technology. Aerial photography helps present a site along with the surroundings – giving potential buyers the complete picture, and a rather impressively made one at that. Regular on-ground photography cannot capture the details of a quality aerial shot, so drone footage is now an essential marketing tool for real estate companies.

A Few Pointers

Having the tool does not guarantee a great video or image. There are some pointers you need to keep in mind. Remember that a lot of times the scenery you shoot makes your picture interesting, but if you want your work to stand out, you have to own some good techniques.

When shooting man-made landscapes like residential neighborhoods or other man-made locations, look out for repetition of tones or formations. These give your image a sense of continuity and some definition. It also helps viewers enjoy the patterns and layouts that on the ground seem unconnected.

Getting up in the heights means a totally new perspective on things

Contrasting colours always help you create striking images and videos. Enjoy dramatic scenery with a well-taken drone shot – a very common example is coastal shots of azure waters and light shores.

From an aerial point-of-view, you will get to see the patterns of the location or landscapes. In fact, this is a core character of most drone footage. Think of the landscape as a fabric and find the patterns. When you are getting a bird’s eye view, look for symmetry. Urban landscapes are ideal for getting the perfect mirror image shots.

When shooting with a drone, transfer the sense of scale to the viewer by capturing the horizon along with the landscape. Play with the shadows of the objects. If you are taking a still, it is important that you frame the image well. Try to create a defined boundary for the patterns and landscapes you capture.

Use your imagination when it comes to drone shoots. It is also great fun to catch different videos online and get an idea of what the best drone photographers and video makers in the world are up to. A drone allows you to explore. The best footage can be the most unexpected. So charge up your drone and head out with an open-ended plan.

Another beautiful image shot with a drone

A Platform for Drone Enthusiasts

Drone photography is a complete segment in itself, requiring niche tech and skills to get the best out of the apparatus. The worldwide drone community is united by a love for the best aerial shots, of themes that span the entirety of natural and man-made landscapes. Adventurers are celebrating this revolutionary technology and newfound ability to document their activities in the most authentic way possible.

When it comes to capturing the action, water-based activities have always posed a challenge even to the most experienced of video producers. Drones have added a completely new dimension to dynamic aerial photography. You can browse through some amazing drone videos on a platform dedicated to the drone age. Watch surfers ride the waves across the world from Hawaii to the Maldives. Get a birds’ eye view. Get inspired.

Brand awareness is a powerful tool to capture the hearts of consumers. It is the level of consumer awareness of a business. It determines the potential of a customer’s ability to recognise a brand image and to connect it with a specific product or service of the business. The efforts put in by a business to build brand awareness help succour the consumers to become familiar with its products and services. With continuous exposure of your brand in different exciting ways that leave a remarkable impact on the consumers you will earn their trust.

Internet and smartphone have made things quite easy for businesses these days. They just need to do smart work. Proper brand awareness not only boosts the sales of the business but also adds to its credibility. If you are looking to a guide that will help you with the brand awareness of your company then keep reading for some clever tips.

  1. Social Media

Blindly, social media is one of the best ways to get your business brand recognition. However, depending on the product or service that your business is offering and the target audience you should pick the social media platforms. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are the most used. Social media platforms let you connect with millions of people – GLOBALLY!! The better you use the tools of the platform and create your content wisely the more people you will be able to cover. Remember to be active in your account and keep your followers engaged. There should be interaction on the account. Organising contests, giveaways, discount coupons etc. are some of the ways to promote your brand.

  1. Blogging

Content blogging also helps in building brand awareness and is also a part of SEO. Company that manages to create powerful content also creates a trail of dedicated customers. Content should be relevant to the product and services that your business is offering – make sure the website of your company is linked. Search engines love content that is appropriate to the linked website.

  1. Search Ads

A recent study found that paid search ads help in boosting consumer awareness. They seem to serve dual purpose – first of increasing sales and second building brand awareness for your businesses products and services. Moreover you have analytical tools that will help you track the response especially if your ads have been placed with Google.

  1. Influencer Marketing

This may be somewhat connected to social media because the influencer that will work on your brands products use social media to promote them. While your business may be new to social media an influencer already has a huge fan following. These influencers have followers who trust them and what they recommend. However, pick an influencer wisely you cannot just pick one randomly. For instance you cannot have an influencer who deals in beauty products to review an electronic product that your company is dealing with. You need to check whether the target audience that he/she has is what you are also looking for.

marketing strategy plan

  1. Press Release

Another way to get instant brand recognition is through a press release. Press is a powerful media and announcing events or product releases can make it go viral through internet and television in no time. Remember to follow the rules of how you draft your content for the press. They follow a different format, you can look up details on the internet. This instantly drives huge traffic and you get a lot of conversions if the press release is done properly.

  1. Promotional Merchandise

Corporate giveaways are a great way to promote your brand. Although you might consider keeping it quite budgeted but remember cheap giveaways will have a negative impact. You can have limited giveaways but keep the quality high. They don’t have to be biggies even small things such as a key-ring or a pen with your company’s name engraved on it would be something to cherish. Of course if your budget permits you can go ahead with something bigger and better.

  1. Videos are Powerful

Ever since internet has become cheap people freely watch videos. Videos are also an important part of SEO. Company that makes video a part of their branding camping also boosts their site’s SEO. Besides just using video on your website you should also consider YouTube or Facebook that video viewing in billions. People look for realistic content remember to make the video short, sweet and memorable.

  1. Collaborate with Other Budding Companies

You will not only promote your brand but also save money through this campaign. For instance, if you have a flower shop you can offer discounts to customers of a bridal store. You can have similar tie-ups with related businesses.

These are the power tips for you that will help you in your company’s brand recognition.

This article is definitely for the ones who would prefer watching something over the screen in a video format rather than surrendering to a textual document.

According to researchers, 59% of the total population prefers watching videos. Video streamers such as YouTube and Netflix have been flag bearers till now. However, with the advent of live streaming YouTube has also developed their own live streaming software so that they can present live broadcasts for audiences in every corner of the world.

What is live streaming?

Live streaming is an approach by which you can present any occasion to an online crowd. It’s a computerized alternative to something like pitching tickets to an in-person occasion, and enables you to contact individuals close and far with live video.

Brands utilize live streaming for various reasons, yet as indicated by a Brandlive’s study, 71% of organizations utilize it to collaborate more with a group of people. So as opposed to being the notorious “man behind the window curtain,” you’re enabling viewers to put an image to your association’s tag, all at the same time.

There are some specks which if followed can help you live stream successfully.

Plan your live stream

You’ll need to put a similar idea and due steadiness into your live stream that you’d put into an in-person occasion of its kind. Furthermore, you’ll need to have your objectives as a top priority as you make those arrangements; those will direct a considerable measure of the coordination.

Know your audience

Knowing your targeted interest group will decide a couple of bits of the arranging procedure will help you in the long run. On the off chance that it incorporates a worldwide population that should factor into the date and time of your stream then make certain to consider time zones or occasions that won’t be top-of-mind in your nation of origin.

Categorize your stream

At that point, consider what classification your live stream falls into, and come up with a tagline for your occasion. On the off chance that you don’t discover any of the above cases fitting to your business, there are more ideas for ways organizations can utilize live streams.

Choose your platform efficiently

The platform you utilize can also be relevant to who you need to see the stream. Diverse groups of people utilize different channels, so you’ll need to pick the one that is destined to draw the crowd you want.

Finally, pick an ideal area and the best live streaming software from which you’ll communicate your stream. A low quality video can make somebody 62% more prone to have a negative impression of the brand that created it – so ensure your setting is helpful for a positive review experience.

Live video marketing has turned into an exciting trend in the online promoting sphere. On account of the arrival of Facebook Live and various contending social networking mediums, brands are working harder than any time in recent memory to bring important, intriguing live recordings to their clients.

Let us state some of the brightest examples of some brands who have already streamed live successfully.


Buzzfeed doesn’t offer items or services like most organizations, so it doesn’t have any new items to dispatch or any services to flaunt in a live video. Rather, they profit through promoting and have some expertise in attracting audience with content.

One of their recordings ran for more than 45 minutes, and in spite of its silly introduction, it wound up drawing in more than 807,000 viewers at its top in popularity. This is just because Buzzfeed provoked watchers’ interests and continued raising the strain—truly and metaphorically—all through the video.


Grazia is an Italian ladies’ magazine, and Grazia UK is a worldwide subdivision of it. Back in June, Grazia UK went to Facebook’s London base camp for organizations to assemble collaboration of what they called their first “community issue.”

Throughout the seven day stretch of the joint effort, Grazia UK live streamed different occasions, giving clients an off camera view that influenced them to feel like they were a part of the occasion. Be that as it may, the best video was a roundtable level headed discussion concerning Brexit. Live level headed discussions are quite often well known, particularly when they include the support from the group of onlookers; and obviously, this one did. Clients could submit questions, live, social networking platforms, and feel like they were an important part of the open debate all through its runtime.


Dunkin Donuts depends on visuals to offer its item since it’s difficult to oppose having a doughnut or espresso when you see one. So it’s was just expected that the brand exploited the desserts overwhelming Valentine’s Day season with a live streaming video.

In it, the brand investigated its “test kitchen” for viewers, indicating how it makes new items and manifestations, finishing with a finale that included the making of a monstrous, doughnut themed wedding cake. The live broadcast drew in more than 36,000 watchers, which may not appear like much. However, consider the fact that these individuals weren’t watching sports, or news, or something interesting rather they were watching a cake get made.

The overall population has a tendency to incline toward visual content to penned content, since it’s a more fundamental type of network. On account of speedier broadband connections and cell phones, it’s simpler than ever to watch video recordings, so they’ve turned out to be way more main stream as an online medium.

Social media devotees additionally love to live in the present and live recordings give them that point of view. Instead of seeing a recorded event, they need to encounter something urgently and instantly.

Live video likewise opens the path for live review, for example, client contributed inquiries or remarks, which adds a layer of engagement to the experience. By 2018 you can be sure that most top-grossing brands are backed by immensely powerful live streaming software and an immaculate video content as well as design.

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After ringing in the new year, it is the perfect time for digital marketers to sit down and evaluate new opportunities for the future. This process not only involves looking ahead but also looking to the past. Evaluating marketing techniques that you have been using thus far will help you determine what is and isn’t working. Using this information, you can then come up with a plan for how to continue getting great results in the future.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to marketing is playing it safe. Continuing to do exactly what you have been doing without making any changes is a surefire way for your marketing campaigns to become stagnant. As tempting as it might be, you can’t count on your current strategy working forever. Digital marketing is always changing. If you don’t keep up with these changes, you will quickly fall behind. The following section evaluates some of the most effective digital marketing strategies that you can use to promote your business in 2018 and beyond.

Video Marketing And Live Streaming

Online video consumption as at an all-time high. In fact, every single day, users log on to Facebook and watch 8 billion videos. On Snapchat that number is closer to 10 billion videos. Those numbers are staggering and are a clear indication of why video marketing is so important for any business.

Evaluate your current online presence, thinking about how effectively you are using video in your marketing efforts. Sit down and brainstorm some ideas for videos that you can create that will actively engage your audience, keeping them entertained and helping to build long-term connections with your followers. You may need to test and tweak your approach after seeing how your followers respond to your videos. The important thing is to start using this powerful marketing medium to your advantage. You can always fine-tune your strategy as you get feedback along the way.

Content Marketing

Ask any NYC SEO expert and they will tell you that creating fresh, relevant content on a regular basis is absolutely essential if you want to succeed in today’s online world. A good way to make sure that you stay on task is by developing a content calendar. This calendar can be used to plan out the various types of content that you plan to share through all of your online channels.

For each piece of content that you develop, you need to determine which delivery method will help it have the greatest impact. Every piece of content needs to be targeted to the audience that will receive it. When putting together your content calendar, make note of not only the types of content you are going to develop but also how you plan to deliver them to your customers.

You need to take different approaches for each of your online marketing channels. Really think about the people who utilize each of the platforms that you use. For instance, the people who follow you on Facebook may be far different than the ones who follow you on Snapchat. Likewise, people who visit your website are most likely looking for different types of content than those who find you through your YouTube channel. Your goal should be to create a consistent brand that provides targeted content through each of your online marketing channels.

Consider Tapping Into AI and VR

Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are major buzzwords in today’s world. With some creativity, you may be able to incorporate these cutting-edge tools into your marketing plan. Think about how you can leverage these new technologies for your business.

Influencer Marketing

Major influencers on social media have tremendous sway when it comes to convincing people to buy certain products or use certain services. If you can get these influencers to endorse your products or services, you can dramatically increase your sales while at the same time building name recognition for your brand.

An important part of your marketing strategy should be identifying these influencers. You should then keep track of the types of content that they post and the types of people that they are able to reach. When you identify potential partners, contact them to see if they are willing to work with you.