Currently, both e-cigs and vapes are a “safer” alternative to smoking cigarettes as they aren’t comprised of harmful ingredients such as arsenic. It is worth noting, however, that there is no scientific evidence found that vaping is better than smoking cigarettes and that they carry their own risks. 

The Differences between E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers

There are many similarities between e-cigarettes (e-cigs) and vaporizers (vapes/dab pens) – they both rely on a rechargeable battery to work and deliver a consistent dose of nicotine in the form of vapor. There are marked differences between the two smoking alternatives, which are detailed below. 


  • Retain the look and feel of smoking a traditional cigarette. Because e-cigs resemble actual cigarettes, they can bring unwanted attention while in a public area. 
  • They are comprised of three main parts – a rechargeable battery, the cartomizer that holds the disposable e-liquid cartridge, and a silicone mouthpiece. 
  • Most e-cigarettes are automatic, meaning you won’t have to push a button to use the device. In fact, many e-cigs work through a simple inhale on the mouthpiece. 
  • Cheaper than most vaporizers.
  • Low maintenance – you don’t need to manually refill the e-liquid in the cigarette, you simply dispose of the old one and replace it with a new cartridge. 
  • Limited flavors of e-liquid juice.


  • Has three separate parts – a large external battery, a clear reservoir that holds e-liquid, and a mouthpiece. 
  • The tank is refillable and customizable with a large selection of interchangeable e-liquid flavors. Meaning you aren’t limited to one specific flavor.
  • Long battery life because of its rechargeable, external battery. 
  • Larger than e-cigarettes.
  • More expensive than most e-cigarettes. 
  • Requires some maintenance, mostly regarding cleaning the tank when switching between e-juice flavors. 

The Various Types of Vape Pens

As vaping continues to gain popularity with smokers and non-smokers alike, new and improved variations of standard vaporizers are being created to meet the demand. There is a type of vape pen for beginners, intermediate, and even expert users. Here are a few examples of the most well-known pens:

  1. Pod Vapes – These smaller vapes resemble e-cigs and are being praised for their convenience. Despite their physical similarities to e-cigs, pod vapes have much better performance. They also provide a more consistent delivery of nicotine versus their counterparts.
  2. Vape Pens – Vape pens were the first vaporizers made to replace e-cigarettes. They are comprised of replaceable coils, batteries, and juice cartridges. They are typically small enough to hold in one hand.

Now we are getting into vaporizer types for intermediate and expert vapers….

  1. Box Mod Kits – Box mod kits are larger than e-cigs and vape pens and consist separate parts. They include external vape batteries, giving them superior battery life along with customizable tanks that can have setting for temperature preference and wattage controls. These kits have superior performance and very capable of customizations. 
  2. High Wattage Kits – High performance vapes that can be outfitted with multiple batteries to extend its life and interchangeable tanks. 
  3. Squonk Kits – Highest performance for all vapes. Can have customized RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizer) to fit the vapers needs. 

Keeping Your Vaporizer Fresh and Clean

Regardless of the type of dab pen you choose; you need to clean the tank often to extend its life. A good rule of thumb is to clean out the tank every time you decide to change the e-juice flavor. Get into the habit of doing a simple wash when you switch flavors, so you won’t get the after taste of the old vape juice that you replaced. 

The steps for a simple rinse are as follows:

  1. Fill a bowl with warm water
  2. Detach the tank from the mod
  3. Completely disassemble the tank
  4. Submerge the tank in the water
  5. Rinse the tank until clean – add a few drops of dish soap if needed
  6. Dry each piece of the tank with a paper towel
  7. Let the pieces air dry for 10-15 minutes
  8. Reassemble.

Every now and again, you will want to do a deep clean of the tank with alcohol. – the steps are as follows:

  1. Disassemble the tank and mod
  2. Dampen a paper towel with unflavored, high proof vodka
  3. Scrub at tough spots with paper towel
  4. Rinse clean with warm water
  5. Let the pieces air dry for 10-15 minutes
  6. Reassemble. 

The Right Breathing Technique: Inhale Short and Slow

To get the most out of your dab pen, you will need to have the correct breathing technique. Thankfully, it is easy once you become accustomed to it. To vape correctly, you will want to inhale the vapor into your mouth for a few seconds. You will want to hold the vapor in your mouth for a couple of seconds. After which, you will open your mouth and inhale the vapor into your lungs, make sure not to swallow the vapor. Once the vapor is completely in your lungs you can exhale.