Australia migration points tests stick to a point-based system. All the applicants get points based on multiple attributes. This system is exactly equal to variant immigration systems. This system conducts very tough competition to select the pre-eminent candidate. All the applicants need to know if they are eligible and qualification in prior.

The Skilled Nominated visa (Commonly called Sponsored Provisional Visa) and Skilled Regional Visa are points-based. Nonetheless, they do not provide permanent resident status. These visas are known to make the whole process easy. Moreover, on account of this, the visa holder can become a permanent resident.

All the applicants are required to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI.) After the processing of EOI, the applicants need to apply for a visa by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA.) In order to the invitation, all the applicants have to score 65 points.

Three points-based visas need 60 points to meet the criteria are:

  • Sub class 189 visa
  • Sub class 190 visa
  • Sub class 491 visa

The 60 points criteria include

  • Age group
  • English language
  • Skills
  • Work experience (especially in your nominated occupation).
  • Points for work experience from overseas
  • You would get bonus points for work experience if you worked in Australia (especially in your nominated occupation).
  • Qualifications

You will get points for your educational qualifications like:

  • Doctorate Degree
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Australia Diploma or Trade Qualifications
  • An authorized skills assessment in a particular qualification.

How to gain bonus points for skilled Australian migration

There are many tips which will help you. In order to get additional points, make sure you complete the below requirements:

  • NAATI Accreditation
  • Your partner needs to meet the requirements to qualify for a skilled migration visa.
  • You can study a course in Australia to meet specific requirements
  • You need to complete any professional year course as enumerated by the minister.
  • Your partner should have score 50. He/she should have good command on the English language.
  • Your partner should have a passport. He/she should manage to score 6 in all 4 IELTS Modules).

Tips for scoring bonus points

We, at Australian Migration Agency Perth, aim to help you with the complete visa process. There are many criteria that will help you to get additional points. Have a look:

Choice A:

You can complete the Pearson’s Test of English (PTE) with a score over 79 points with help from Englishfirm PTE classes in Parramatta. Completing PTE will directly add a 10 points in your total visa application score. It is known to be the swiftest way to get additional marks.

Choice B:

Many applicants chose partner skills with the purpose of gaining ten bonus points.

You can request partner skills. Nevertheless, remember these things in your mind while choosing option B:

  1. Your partner should be aged 45 or less.
  2. He/she should have good command over the English language. He/she should have scored IELTS 6 each. He/she has to get PTE 50 points in each.
  3. He/she should have excellent skills assessment as per their mentioned skilled occupation.
  4. Their mentioned skilled occupation and your mentioned skilled occupation should be the same.
  5. He/she should guarantee to come to Australia along with you.
  6. He/she should not be an Australian citizen.

Choice C:

Many applicants go for choice C intending to apply for sub class 491 visas.  An applicant gains five additional points.

The process is quite simple. You have to seek for state sponsorship.

You will gain five bonus points. For that you have to succeed in fulfilling the eligibility criteria

Choice D:

Going for choice D means you have to apply for sub class 491 visas.

If you succeed, you will gain 15 bonus points.

It permits qualified workers to earn their living in Australia. They can live there and work there for up to five years. (TR)

The best part is that sub class 491 visas not only give additional points yet also make the process easy. Australia has put $19 million. Remember that the qualifying criteria will be different in every state. You have to meet the requirements to get bonus points. Getting 15 additional points is not that easy.

Choice E:

You can apply for NAATI CCL Test to get five additional points. NAATI manages the test at different intervals. It makes the applicant get pentad points. It follows points-based visa streams. You can appear in the test in these cities:

Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Sydney

Choice F:

Having a skillful year in Australia can also be of great help. It is mandatory to complete the professional year in the four years. Only then you can apply for a visa. You can apply for a visa in your mentioned occupation only. You are free to choose any other occupation too.

You need to be certified by any of these organizations:

  • ACS
  • CPA Australia
  • Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • AIPA
  • Engineers Australia.

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