When a website is constructed it consist of some of sections as well. These sections play a vital role in organizing a website in proper manner and for other purposes as well. The more the sections or distributions or categories the more area for information and diversity is available. On Tech Time you will also find the categories where different author publish their articles. The categories are not only made for sections but there is a page for every author as well that consist of all the articles written by them. Moreover, if you visit these sections, they consist of some of the articles that will surely blow away your mind.

Following are the sections that are present on the Tech Times:


As the technology is growing day by day and innovation is making its way in the market. So, for this reason Tech Time is introduced its section related to the latest technology. In this section the company define and promotes all the latest technologies that are coming in the industry. Moreover, as the company focuses on the latest happenings, so they try to cover as much as possible.


Health issues are increasing day by day and for this reason awareness is highly necessary. For this purpose, Tech Time has introduced a health section where some of the quality information is given regarding the health and fitness issues. This section is enriched with the latest innovation, tips, tricks and technology that are best in the field of medical.


Science is the root cause for all inventions either its technology, fashion or any other field there is a science that exist in constructing it. For this cause Tech Time made a corner where all the science related activities and happening are shared. These happenings are written and reported by the experts of that field. So, you will find a wide range of news, blogs and reviews about different things in this section.


Culture defines the living standards of a society. The habitat and routine of the society. Cultures also plays a major part in creating a society routine and defining the different events occurring in it. Moreover, the culture not only the culture of a society but when it comes to the area of the technology so there you will also see a culture. In here there is a gaming culture, innovation culture etc.

Tech Time focuses on these kinds of cultures that depicts the culture happenings and trends that are going in today gaming and technological region.


In featured you will find a mixture of article some will be related to business happenings, some related to the fashion, food or entertainment etc. This section is full of fun ride if you are interested in reading the news that are related to entertainment, business and other kind of stuff. Here you will find out that what is going on in the business industry who is making how much money or which kind of trend is in fashion.

Texas is a huge state and is home to millions of businesses. This fact is not a surprise since Texas is the second largest state of the United States. Within these businesses are emerging startup and tech companies. 

To get an idea of the tech landscape in Texas, here are some of the most common tech companies in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Although not comprehensive, you can start your career using this list of tech companies wherein you can find the best Tech Jobs in Texas. Who knows, the Lone Star state may be the place where you can land your ultimate dream job.


Optimizely is located in Austin, which is considered as the hotbed of tech companies in the state. They are part of the software industry. Optimizely enables different companies to test several digital experiences. Their aim is for companies to discern which methods are more efficient when it comes to customer engagement. The said company launched in 2009 in San Francisco, California.

Jungle Disk

Jungle Disk is situated in San Antonio, which may not be as bustling as Austin when it comes to tech, but it is undoubtedly growing. Jungle disk is in the cybersecurity sector. They provide several cybersecurity solutions for startup companies in a wide variety of industries. 

This company offers computer and server backup, password management, phishing alerts, network protection, and encrypted cloud storage products. The said company makes the data and private company information of over 25,000 small businesses secured and backed up.


This company can be found in Houston, part of the thirty largest tech ecosystems in the globe. They are a software company that helps their clients look for relevant clips and content found on TV, and they also allow recording them. 

They have a cloud-based solution which gives their customers the liberty of watching television programs and clips in different devices anytime. Aside from that, they also allow ten shows to be recorded all at the same time. Some of the company’s most valuable clients are the MLB Network, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the U.S. Senate, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Also, Snapstream is offering IT Jobs in Texas, so you might as well check their website. 

Door Inc.

Door Inc. is a real estate and software company located in Dallas-Fort Worth area, which is a center of business for years now (they house some big companies like AT&T, Exxon Mobil, Southwest Airlines and many more). 

The said company makes the real estate transaction process smooth between buyers and sellers through their real estate platform. Door Inc. gives instructions on how they can make the listing, offering, touring, and closing transaction seamless. 

What makes Door Inc. different from some of the most common real estate firms is that the agents do not operate on a commission basis. Therefore, it keeps the pressure away from their agents’ shoulders. 

In the past decade, there has been a significant advancement in computer and mobile technology which had had drastic effects in almost all sectors, especially in business. 

  • This development has dramatically changed the way in which consumers as well as the entrepreneurs think about a problem and its solution.
  • In addition to that it has also changed the way the consumers think about accessibility to different websites, products and services. 
  • It has affected the daily transactions of any business wherein most of these transactions are now happening more frequently and mostly online using a plethora of mobile applications. 

When it comes to the Financial Technology or Fin-Tech as it is commonly known, it is one of the most significant categories that have been impacted the most due to these continual developments in computer and mobile technologies. 

  • This is the latest in the financial industry which usually applies a lot of innovative and useful technology to improve financial services and all its activities. 
  • It is also the new technologywhich effectively aims to and successfully competes with the existing traditional financial money market and methods as far as delivering financial services are concerned. 

It is all due this notable and useful transformation of the traditional financial services and methods provided by different banks and financial institutions, online money lending sources and even debt relief providers and others to Fin-Tech companies that the startups cannot and should not neglect its effect and impact to make their ideas live. 

Given the present market scenario, Fin-Tech is the most important player that has changed the entire game and is responsible to transformall the different areas involved in it such as:

  • Money lending
  • Making investments and 
  • Collecting payments.

Focusing on these three specific areas all startups can reap the maximum benefits and profits from their Fin-Tech startup ideas. 

One thing is very clear here and that is Fin-tech will redefine mobile banking and payments radically. This is because it has got huge potential to leave the traditional financial institutions way behind it.

Therefore, if you are a fin-tech startup and want to give shape to your fintech idea, then it is high time you focus on the bigger part and picture of mobile payments that is expected in the next couple of years. 

Over delivering is not an optimal solution

Experts believe that a fin-tech service is an optimal solution to the problems of people looking for a suitable financial product. They are even of the view that a large number of the large traditional banks could probably disappear within the next ten or twelve years.

However, this probable extinction of the traditional banks and financial institutions can be prevented if and only if there are a few specific alterations made in their business models as well as economics, financial products and its structures.

Yes, act of kindness goes a long way as far as business success is concerned due to several good reasons such as:

  • It acts as a free and most effective PR. Ideally, going out of the way to help the customers is the most powerful customer service than an amazing one. 
  • When you overdeliver your products and services you will actually follow the best of the techniques which ensures that when you do good to others you will do well in your business.

However, when it comes to financial services over delivering or being over friendly can both affect your business in a negative manner resulting in more unpaid loan accounts. Therefore, over delivering in financial services may not necessarily or always replicate the success stories of other type of businesses that are of service nature. 

Compare an airline service for that matter and you will know the difference. Over delivering here is great and mostly required but in here these are appreciated only during life altering events as well, which no one has control of. 

The inference that you can arrive at is that in reality, whether it is a financial service or hospitality, it is better to over deliver but:

  • In the right manner
  • In a small amount and 
  • In more meaningful ways.

There are several different yet powerful ways to over deliver to your customers to increase their experience while doing business with you. Though all such ideas may not be suitable and applicable for you, you can surely choose the best ones among these according to your liking, need and suitability. 

  • For example, if you even send a thank you note to any of your new customer taking on your service is a sort of over deliverance but it will create a huge impact in the mind of the customer. 
  • You can even give a small gift to your loyal customer since you know their birthday to create a significant impact. 

These small yet powerful ways to over deliver will not only help you to build a strong and long lasting relationship with your customers but it will help you in several other ways to add to the success of your business. These are:

  • It will raise the level of trust and reliability of the customer. 
  • This will in turn increase the chances of making not only a repeat business but referral businesses as well.
  • It will create a better brand awareness among your customers.
  • You will be able to showcase your positive company culture effectively to the customers which will in turn encourage more sharing and promotion of your brand.

With such small acts of kindness yourcustomer centric approach will become the talking point thereby ensuring free advertisement.All these will take your business a long way forward towards success. 

However, make sure that you consider the negativity during company chat and go over and above the call of duty. This will bring in a breath of fresh air as these conversations will be different from the standard ones. This will ensure people pay attention to the things that you, their friends or colleagues recommend. These are the most basic form of organic fin-tech marketing.

Author Bio

Kelly Wilson is an experienced and skilled Business Consultant and Financial advisor in the USA.  She helps clients both personal and professional in long-term wealth building plans. During her spare time, she loves to write on Business, Finance-Technology, Marketing, Social Media. She loves to share her knowledge and Experts tips with her readers.

Reading news and playing music aren’t the only things Alexa can help us with. In fact, there are several skills this amazing AI Voice Assistant possesses that are still beyond the comprehension of most of us. Some of these skills are like time tracking and translation.

The capabilities of the Amazon voice assistant, Alexa are actually even more than the basic functionalities that one may possibly think of in relation to a voice assistant. As a matter of fact, a bag full of skills that are already in use with Alexa is still waiting to be explored by many of us. In fact, there’s a stunning increase in the number of the Alexa skills development Companies over the years considering the excellent craze for this Voice assistant among the consumers. Eventually, there’s an outstanding proliferation of Alexa skills and the more you understand these skills, the better you use Alexa.

  1. Placing an Order

Placing orders using Alexa is probably the next best thing you can try if you are looking forward to using Alexa for business. You can order a wide variety of items through various ecommerce websites using Alexa. If you are wondering as to what’s the setup going to be like in order to order items using Alexa, it’s pretty simple. What you exactly need to do is link your account to your Amazon Echo via Alexa. Also, you need to set up your associated payment method which isn’t difficult at all.

Some people might just be a bit sceptical about the concept of using Alexa for purchasing. This is mainly because of the security concern of their accounts since, technically, Alexa is supposed to take commands from anyone. However, it’s as safe as one can possibly think of and in fact, Alexa can be configured to a large extent in terms of purchase or payment settings. You can set a password to confirm purchases and each time you want to purchase any item using Alexa, you will need to provide Alexa with that password. It can’t get any safer than this, right?

Tracking the status of your order is ridiculously easy as well and all you need to do is ask Alexa, “where’s my stuff?”

  1. Managing Tasks

What’s the very first tool that crosses your mind when it comes to Task Management or organizing your tasks? For most of us, it’s a calendar wherein you can set events or reminders. However, the real magic begins as you link your calendar with Alexa. You can now know your calendar events anytime using Alexa. Also, you can add events and reminders conveniently by giving voice commands to Alexa.

Using Alexa skills like the calendaring Quick Events skill to add reminders or adding multi-day events to your calendar, you can undoubtedly get things pretty well organized unlike ever before.

Task management is unimaginably easy and enjoyable with Alexa. Whenever you need to add a task to your to-do list on the go, simply speak out the task to Alexa and Alexa will add it right away to your to-do list which you can manage conveniently using the Alexa app.

  1. Texting & Phone calls

Texting is certainly the most common way to stay connected with our friends and colleagues. However, do you ever feel texting is consuming a lot of your time? If you do so, you aren’t really mistaken. In fact, a lot of people feel the same way as you do.

However, using Alexa’s SMS with Molly skill wherein you can speak out your message to Alexa and it will text it to your contacts, you can save a considerable amount of time. For this, you will need to create an SMS with Molly skill account and add your contacts to it.

By default, there’s no way Alexa can make a phone call for you. However, if you still want Alexa to assist you in making phone calls, you can sign up with Phone.com. By doing so, you can have phone calls made to your friends and colleagues by Alexa.

  1. Dictionary Cum Spell Checker

We can’t afford to go wrong with spelling while we write an important email else things can just get pretty embarrassing sometimes, right? However, with Alexa, you are never going to get locked away with any difficult spelling. Each time, you aren’t sure of the spelling of a particular word, don’t waste your valuable time in wondering about and guessing.

Instead, you could ask Alexa to spell the word for you which would not only save your time but also, would save you from embarrassment. You can always rest assured of the right spelling with Alexa as it has a built-in dictionary. On top of that, you can add more dictionary based skills such as the Word Lookup skill.

  1. Smart Calculations

Finding the calculator app in times of need can be pretty troublesome and tiresome sometimes especially if we don’t find it within the reach. With Alexa, you can get as much as you would possibly get from a standard calculator. In fact, it keeps you find answers to your mathematical queries such as addition, multiplication, conversion and more.

  1. Translation

There are many situations wherein we might need to translate contents into another language for a better understanding. Getting words or phrases translated is ridiculously convenient with Alexa.

You can either ask Alexa verbally to translate the words and phrases or simply type your commands.  Also, you can ask Alexa to repeat or recite the words and phrases at a slower speed.

  1. Time-Tracking

Productivity involves a serious outlook towards utilizing time in the best possible way as time is limited. However, you can never succeed in increasing your productivity unless you know what all things you are actually spending your time on as well as how much time you usually spend on them.

Using the Work Time Tracker skill, Alexa can help you know the amount of time you spend on various tasks and projects which will certainly help you get more productive.

  1. Cab Booking And Hotel Booking

Using Alexa is certainly going to have a massive impact upon the lives of its users and it will definitely help its users save a great deal of time and effort. Alexa can be directly seen as an unimaginably exceptional productivity tool.

Imagine the amount of time you spend in booking a cab or a hotel room. It usually takes a lot of time in searching for the most appropriate websites to book a cab or a hotel room. Most importantly, typing and filling up the forms is not just tiresome but also, a lot time-consuming. Unlike ever before, you can now conveniently book an Ola cab by simply uttering the command,“Alexa, ask Ola to book a ride.”

With an amazing collaboration of Kayak and Alexa in the recent past, you can book a hotel room anywhere by simply uttering a few words. Supposing you want to have a hotel room booked at Boston, all you need to do is say, “Alexa, ask Kayak to book me a hotel room in Boston.”

  1. Ordering a Pizza

Ordering a Pizza using Alexa’s artificial intelligence is perhaps, the most easiest thing one can ever do. By enabling the Domino’s skill, you can order a Pizza from Domino’s. Of course, you will have to link your account to your Pizza profile. To start with, you may start by saying, “ Alexa, open Domino’s.” You can then place your order. Also, you can conveniently track your order.

These were a few important Alexa skills that can bring about a massive level of productivity in your lives no matter what field of life you belong to. However, Alexa has certainly got more than this and from the users’ point of view; it’s about finding the right mix of the various Alexa skills to make their lives more convenient.

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Smartphones have been racing in development, for a few years now. The pace at which they evolve was believed to be impossible 10 years ago. Today’s phone can track and locate you anywhere on the globe, connect you to anyone, offer your powerful applications that bend time and space alike. But it kind of poses the question, what else is there to update?

One would fail to imagine any major update that would change the smartphones scene. Yet, the fact that it’s hard to imagine doesn’t mean we’ve reached the end of it. Today, we’ll explore some of the hundreds of possibilities out there.

Bendable Phones:

In 2010, Nobel Prize was awarded for the proof of the existence of a material called graphene. Graphene is just carbon, structured like honeycombs. Its unique 2d structure gives it a lot of enhanced properties. The result? Bendable high performing electronics.

A graphene phone would be very thin and bendable that you can just fold it and put it in your pocket. Not only that, but the performance will be far better. Graphene can allow for better electronic circuits, which perform much faster than normal.

It’s also believed that graphene could achieve transparent phones, as complex as it may seem.

The current problem with graphene is in the production industry. It’s very hard to produce a single sheet of high-quality graphene. Not only that, but the processes at hand produce a lot of toxins that make a mass production out of the question. However, the research has been relentless ever since.

AI in smartphones:

The biggest and hottest topic right now in technology is Artificial Intelligence. A.I. has lately become the holy grail of computer science research. The strenuous effort to simulate the human brain in action has been relentless.

If you own an iPhone, you’re most probably familiar with Siri. Yet, Siri along with all A.I systems we have today are labeled Artificial Narrow Intelligence. They are masterful at some specific tasks, but they can’t go out of their scope. Artificial Narrow Intelligence is the first step of the A.I hierarchy, and so far it’s implemented in several applications on your phone. The Facebook people-you-may-know and the Google ads are all based on A.I techniques in machine learning.

When the current level of Artificial Narrow Intelligence has been mastered, we can expect all types of software upgrades to the smartphones. They’ll excel at many tasks that require human expertise. For example, instead of having dietary planners and training schedules, it could become your trainer all at once, monitoring your performance and analyzing for better results.

The next step that everyone has been talking about is Artificial General Intelligence. Something that would match human minds, only a thousand times faster in thinking. When we achieve that – if we ever did- your phone will be more like your super pet. It will be like having the world’s smartest human brain on your phone, only a hundreds of times stronger. It’s hard to predict, at the very least, the consequences of such breakthroughs.

The problem resides in multiple factors, however. First of all, we don’t completely understand the mechanism of the human brain to properly simulate it. There’s also the problem of controlling this A.I. Elon Musk’s newest foundation, OpenAI, aims to tame the beast and control this technology. In one of his most recent talks, he even suggested that maybe the safest way of integrating A.I is to add it to our brains.

Internet of Things:

We’re currently moving towards the automatization of everything in our lives. The fantasies of the ‘I, Robot’ and similar movies are not far from reach. And guess who’ll be the biggest culprit? Smartphones. Take for instance all of the Samsung phones on the market today, the vast majority of these have automatic updates, and for each of these minuscule updates the AI gets slightly improved.

The Internet of things is all about getting every activity in your life connected to the Internet. We’re saying “every” in the literal sense. Think of laundry, groceries, cleaning, etc. The smallest of everyday tasks, everything will be connected to the Internet, taking actions and collecting or transmitting data. Many experts foretell that smartphones could become your dashboard or control panel. They will allow you to harness IoT’s full potential and keep you in charge of everything the system’s doing.

Every major transition, however, has got its own problems. One of the major problems of the Internet Of Things is the management of the huge amounts of data transmitted and received. And above all, the security of the whole process. The system also includes a tedious amount of sensors, which isn’t easy to synchronize all at once.

The power of the Camera:

The smartphone’s camera has been one of the doors unlocking massive potential and features. Just recently, Apple’s iPhone X started to delve into the possibilities. The new release added facial recognition and animated emojis. So what else is there to expect?

Well, among the multiple upgrades that could take place, Augmented Reality is the most intriguing. Augmented reality is the integration of computer-powered graphics with reality’s feed. Just pointing the Phone’s camera on a specific place will provide you with a streamline of information that you would normally get a headache searching for. It makes traveling and exploring new places not only easier, but much more fun.

In the future, we may even be able to see emulations of historical eras when you point your camera towards historical places.

There are a few applications out there for AR, but they are limited and incomplete in performance. Still, the field will witness fruition in the near future.

How will the world look like?

All these changes make you wonder how the world of tomorrow might look like? While smartphones will bring a lot to the table, we undertake the risk of being enslaved by their power. We’ve already seen this scenario manifest in the real world, with the masses only caring about what the smartphone has to offer. Those who control the content and programs we have on our phones will be, to an extent, controlling the world.

Final Thoughts:

We can let our imagination run wild all it wants, but the real power

Smartphones can harness will most likely remain a mystery. Different technologies keep arising every once in a while to replace its predecessors. The only thing that is for sure is that whatever change the smartphones scene may witness, it will impact our lives drastically. Who knows when Elon Musk’s dream may take place and we get telepathy and enhanced brainpowers? Who knows which dream might take place next?

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In its relatively short period of evolution, website design has matured quite a lot and progressed far further than one could have ever expected it to. Contemporary web design is not only about attracting user eyeballs but also about delivering the most useful content in an intuitive way. With an increasing number of websites vying for user attention it is absolutely imperative for your website to have a design that will put it into the highest orbit. Some killer tips:

The First Five Seconds Define the User Intention

Users searching for something on the web are notoriously impatient and this behavior is even more pronounced when the search is fired from a mobile device by a user on the go. If the website fails to load and answer the user’s query in the first five seconds, then you will not convert him into a customer. You have an exceedingly short window of opportunity when you can impress the user that your website has the potential of satisfying his requirements. To do this you need to ensure that the user is paying attention to your site. Typically, you should use great looking images to get their eyeballs tracking and persuasive text to catch their attention as well as an unbeatable value proposition that simply can’t be ignored.  In effect, tell a good story that will inform the users how their needs can be met and tell it very quickly.

Put a Design Strategy in Place

Even before you hire a Las Vegas Web Design Co or a freelance designer, you should ideally have in place a workable design strategy that will answer basic issues like the message being conveyed with the design and whether the website design is representative of your venture’s core values and brand identity as well as the impact that is being delivered to the users. A design strategy must necessarily tie together all the design elements to make sure that it is a cohesive whole and tells an impactful story that is persuasive enough for users to take action.

Make Your Website Future-Proof

The environment of the internet has been rapidly evolving from the very start and trends have a really short life. While there is no way of predicting the environment of tomorrow, it is absolutely essential to follow the direction of the trends and incorporate enough design elements that will ensure that users will be able to access the contents satisfactorily. The rapid shift to mobile devices for accessing the net makes it absolutely necessary for the website to be made responsive so that it can easily adjust to the varying screen size to deliver an optimum browsing experience.


For your website to have the desired level of conversions, it is vital that you keep on testing it under various conditions and on different devices and platforms. Put in place a system for obtaining user feedback and go deep into the analytics to discover what is right and what is wrong on your website.

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Machine learning (ML), the subfield of Artificial Intelligence, will certainly bring massive changes to the world in coming years. As experts believe, the practical utility of ML will soon be available to ordinary users via mobile app – the easiest form of computers available now.

ML is beginning a new age of software development. The developers no longer require doing special programming for their computers, gadgets and other devices aiming to complete several tasks. These devices collect and analyze information that they need to draw appropriate conclusion and learn during program performance, instead.

The technology of machine learning now accumulates the experience from previously completed operations and makes decisions as it happens among human beings. This all will happen through a special algorithm that would reach machines to learn things on their own. The targeted devices will be mobile and, the objective will be achieved by mobile app development.

Initially, machine learning began from computers but as of current trends, it’s shifting more towards mobile platforms via mobile app development. This is why almost all big IT firms have started to promote machine learning mobile app development as the next big thing.

Smartphones come with more than sufficient power which can perform operations as similar as large-size computers do. Here are the confirmations:

  • Google’s language software using the neural network and providing language translations is optimized for smartphones and, it supports devices without the internet connection.
  • Lenovo is working a smartphone technology that would perform several operations without the internet connection. Indoor geo-location and augmented reality are two best examples. This is made possible with the high-speed image processing software along with Google’s software.
  • During the last WWDC 16, Apple presented Siri SDK and, now all developers can incorporate this feature into their apps.

Areas Where Machines Learning Apps can be Implemented

As a multidisciplinary field, machine learning mobile apps can be implemented in areas requiring the intersection of technologies, science and business.

Use of Machine Learning in Robotics

The machine learning capabilities can also aid robotics. We are seeing an emergence of the age in which the robots assist people in doing their works, both at workplace and at home. Also, these can be operated via voice command or remotely or via a few taps on the screens of smartphones. All there required are the machine-learning capabilities for the correct performance, even in unpredictable environment.

The MPL Implementation in Data Mining

Data is the true fuel to smoothly and continuously run the modern day’s business practices. Nothing moves without it. The machine learning capabilities can help a lot in analyzing and finding the interesting connections with the vital set of data.

Machine Learning and Finance

The machine learning capabilities are extensively used in the better prediction of future trends. Customized apps can analyze all sorts of browser related history of previous transactions and social media activities so that credit ratings can be determined. Such system can also provide a result to consider portfolio optimization and send recommendation directly to the smartphones of users.

The Machine Learning Makes e-commerce Simple

Machine learning is providing quite a few opportunities for ecommerce businesses in need of increasing revenue and enhancing customer experience. The globally recognized retail giants like eBay and Amazon have already proved it. However, these are big companies which can afford huge investments to implement ML capabilities at their workplaces, but smartphone mobility provides easiest ways to implement ML via mobile apps.

Here are some examples how enterprises can intelligently use ML capabilities in their mobile app developments.

Searching the Products

The ML based app can provide better product searches in terms of ranking, query-understanding and the questions related to expansions.

Recommendation and Promotions of Products

The ML can help users to get better recommendation for the products they are searching for. Same applied on the product promotion.

Forecasting and analyzing latest trends

E-commerce businesses engaged in fashion industry need information to understand the latest trends in the market. Information of the past season sales and upcoming trends can help them reach more precisely to their customers. Here big data machine learning capabilities aid these businesses to aggregate the trend and sales information from diverse sources and create prediction in real time. The ML can also help fashion businesses to manage better pricing to their products to attract more customers.

Detection and prevention of frauds

E-commerce companies keep facing a variety of challenges but with machine learning capabilities, they can create a defense system by involving continuous monitoring of online activities and creating alarms.