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A certified translation of your Abiturzeugnis will always be needed when applying at a foreign university. It is also not uncommon that potential employers abroad or visa applications for entry in a different country require the translated document.

International Standards

The Abiturzeugnis is a document that serves as proof that you passed your final exams and can now proceed studying at a university. The Abiturzeugnis typically contains grades or points, that show the scores in the individual subjects. While the school systems are similar in most countries, every country has a different format, a different grading system and different names for the Abiturzeugnis. Make sure to choose a translator that knows the country-specific differences in order to produce an accurate and high-quality translation.

Can I translate it myself?

Most foreign universities, governmental institutions and employers accept an English translation of the Abiturzeugnis. That makes English the most popular language for it. However, the Abiturzeugnis translation should only be done by specialists that know the school system of both countries. This is the safest way to make sure that your translation will be accepted. There are very strict rules regarding wording, format and contents, that must be considered. You definitely do not want a poorly translated Abiturzeugnis to decrease your chances to land your dream job or get accepted at a foreign university.

Certified – What does that mean?

A certified translation is a legal translation of a document. This kind of translation must be done by a translator who has been sworn in by a court in Germany.  A sworn translator has demonstrated his legal and translating skills before the court and is therefore authorized to make certified and officially recognized translations. The translator certifies the translations by adding an attestation clause, a stamp and his signature. This confirms that the translation is complete and correct.

If you turn on your TV on any medical drama series, you will learn soon enough that doctors’ lives are both extremely challenging and glamorous.

One minute they deal with a life-or-death situation, their decisions and skills being able to save lives. The next minute, you see them enjoying the direct benefits of choosing the medical field, the high-end lifestyle they lead, and the inherent rewards of being one of the most respected professional in the world – since the dawn of time no less.

Nevertheless, how are the real lives of doctors? Is all glam and spectacular medical breakthroughs? Today we will look at the pros and cons of being a doctor, trying to understand better what challenges and opportunities they have to deal with every day.

1. Medicine is a Calling and a Very Satisfactory Job

At a first glance, some might think that people choose to become doctors for social status and money. However, while money is important and we will talk about them in a few moments, it is not pragmatic to choose a medical career if money is your main goal. You have tens of well-paid professions that do not require from people to spend a decade or two studying, investing their own money in their education, fighting to get the best possible grades, and giving up a personal life only to become a fully certified doctor.

A survey conducted by the American College of Surgeons showed that most experienced medical professionals would choose their career again if given the chance. Medicine, in their opinion, is a calling, the perfect way to satisfy one’s thirst for knowledge with the incomparable satisfaction of serving life itself, of alleviating pain, of giving back something greater than yourself.

Beyond personal opinions there  are facts and figures confirming that doctors’ job satisfaction increased in the past year in comparison to previous years. The 2017 Medscape survey on doctors’ job satisfaction shows that 8 in 10 U.S. physicians confirm they would choose medicine again.

2. The Payment is Very Good

Doctors’ income continues to climb and the job outlook for many medical specialties is outstandingly positive in comparison to other professions. We cannot ignore the income – it is an important component leading to job satisfaction. If we take as example the hefty neurosurgeon salary – one of the highest ones among all doctors’ salaries – it is safe to assume that neurosurgeons score high on job satisfaction questionnaires.

What few people say (but all doctors know) is that in order to reach those salaries, neurosurgeons made incredible sacrifices, faced burnout and debt, spent decades learning and practicing, dealt with losing patients, and gave up plenty.

As payment concerns researchers studying job satisfaction in doctors, the new 2017 results show very important trends that will benefit young and aspiring doctors: the gender gap in payment, while it still exists, it also narrows down visibly. Moreover, doctors working in rural areas in the U.S. earn more money because states encourage doctors to practice in nonmetropolitan areas. The poor and the socially vulnerable people need the same care and states are making sustained efforts to offer proper healthcare.

3. Medicine is an Ever-Challenging Field

Doctors live now in the probably most interesting, spectacular and challenging era of all times. With the technological breakthroughs available every day, medicine sees her most glorious days, finally finding answers to problems nobody knew how to answer before. Surely, as medicine solves a puzzle, three other dilemmas arise, and this is why to be a doctor in this period of human evolution is both challenging and breathtaking.

Scientists in the fields of medicine, engineering, technology, and genetics work together to make the world a healthier, happier place, and the steps the world took forward are small in comparison to what dedicated doctors will learn in the future. Progress in all fields is visible every day and we have to thank doctors for that.

Doctors are some of the most respected and rewarded professionals and their benefits cover all bases. They are personal, spiritual, social, and financial in nature. This, however, does not mean that doctors have an easy life. Some of their worst enemies are bureaucracy and burnout – two elements that disrupt their personal and professional satisfaction.

Burnout in Doctors is of Public Concern

Doctors’ lives are not easy. Besides the many years spent on schooling and training, many young residents face debt, depression, symptoms of burnout, and insecurity regarding their future. A 2017 Medscape study on burnout shows that many medical professionals are at risk of developing burnout syndrome.

Exhaustion, chaotic schedules, overtime, confusing healthcare policies, the constant threat of malpractice suits, and the burden of working in a challenging environment where healthcare and insurance have a strong political side to them, and not being able to cope with stress lead doctors to the path of depression.

While the main cause of burnout in all studied professionals seems to be bureaucracy in its entirety, doctors struggle also with family problems, too many work hours, and more.

On the other hand, data shows that doctors would become doctors again, against all odds, proves once again that the medical profession comes with more advantages than disadvantages. Some may lead glamorous lives and for all the right reasons, while others gave up their worldly possessions to cure rare diseases in remote places on Earth – they all feel the same level of satisfaction as they honor the Hippocratic Oath.

Computers and the technology it comes from forms an integral part of our lives today, from the movies that we watch, to the cars that we drive, to the various ways we communicate with each other.

For any person in the 21st century, understanding of computer technology and the skills that goes along with it has become increasingly more vital. Whether you would like to map something for a project at work, or create a new application, studying computing will give you that much needed competitive edge, the ability to tackle complex problems, and a career that will forever be relevant.

In order to keep your career prospects at the very pinnacle and marketable to all business settings, you should definitely consider the reasons I have outlined below for majoring in computer science:

  1. Computer Scientists Are Required More Than Ever

Whether you’re aware of it or not, we’re all living in the digital age. Computer programmes exist in almost every facet of our lives. A computer scientist is tasked to develop, design, and apply hardware and software for the many programs that we see today; a very important task.

  1. Plentiful IT Jobs

There are many counties around the world today that are experiencing a downturn in their economies, and usually this means fewer jobs. But the reality is that computer science and IT appear to be exempt from this reality. In fact, you’ll find that the need for computer qualified personnel has increased over the years.

  1. Computer Science Graduates Have Excellent Prospects

If you take some time to look at your computer science timetable, it will be immediately apparent to you that you stand a very good chance of either being employed professionally, or in additional studies, no less than 6 months after graduation. And the chance is increased greatly, if you happen to graduate from one of the best universities in your country.

  1. It Is Very Diverse

Computer science is not restricted to desktop systems. Even within the computer industry, you will find that career options are fairly expansive: desktop support, network administration, database management and programming. Those who graduate in computer science are able to specialise in a wide range of interests. Computer technology is pretty much in everything. Ever considered nanotechnology, biotechnology or even robotics? If you graduate with a degree in computing, you could at any time take up a career in one of those fields.

  1. You Degree Will Be Relevant the World Over

Much of computer science is actually practical. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be doing a lot of manual work, such as heavy lifting and cabling. You’re not restricted to simply learning and understanding theories, you’re also required to learn how to actually apply the things that you’re learning.

All over the world, people hope to use the things that you will help to create.

  1. Recession Proof Jobs

Companies today are always on the lookout for individuals that are talented in the area of computers. The number of computer jobs available far exceeds the number of qualified people to actually fill them. Experts predict that jobs in the IT industry will continue to grow by almost 37% by 2020. If you take these projections into account, you can see why companies are constantly on the lookout for talent.

That talent for the future will be created by today’s computer science students.

  1. Computer Scientists Are Required In All Industries

All industries today use a computer which means computer scientists can essentially work in any of them. Problems encountered in healthcare, engineering and science can be solved through the use of a computer. It’s the job of the computer scientist to devise a solution, and design something to solve problems.

  1. Cool People Are Into It

I’m a geek and many or most of my friends are geeks, but the reality is that computing is seen as cool today. There’s that old stereotype of computer lovers being geeks and nerds holed up in their mothers basement with a headset and several monitors and mice, munching on a large packet of crisps, which probably does describe some people, to be honest. But computer professionals and students come from all walks of life, with a range of personal interests and personalities to boot. Most of us have real lives, with friends and families.


Doing a fair amount of research on the Internet has its fair amount of challenges. If a research is conducted thoroughly, the resulting collated information can be as smooth as a drive through a Formula 1 race track. If not, the whole process of researching on Internet could be as bumpy as a Rally Racetrack.

Internet spews tonnes of information by each passing minute. Hence, it becomes extremely crucial to filter out the necessary information needed for your field of interest. It also becomes necessary to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the information. With the advancement in the way content is presented on the Internet, various Internet research methods have also been devised to make your research work a lot less painful.

Some of the professional tips to use the Internet to conduct a good solid research are:

1. Choosing the right source

Typing in the right keywords on the search engine is a good enough way to find any information that you intend to research on. There is only a slight glitch, i.e. not all information available on the Internet is accurate. Hence it is always beneficial to utilize the potential of the Internet to the fullest by syphoning off various sites on a related topic.

Always ensure to look out for citations of the source information. It is a crucial element when you are researching on websites like Wikipedia. As we all know, Wikipedia is open for editing by anyone and everyone. It leaves a broad margin for errors and might hamper the integrity of the information you get here. Prefer looking in government( and university ( sites for the correct information – as these sources are most reliable in terms of maintaining the accuracy of the data they present.

2. Using Linguistic Software for Better Writing

A little help from the language software takes you a long way in improving your research work. Many of the available language software on the Internet gives you a clear picture of the style of writing. This software can point out to any grammatical mistakes that may be present in a research paper and help you form a strong sentence structure to make your research look more robust.

Here is an example to help you understand the importance of language software better. While studying for being a nurse, a nursing dissertation is a domineering paper for students in the final year. When you seek nursing dissertation help, even professional writers and editors use linguistic software to make sure that the quality and the originality of research paper is impeccable.

3. Using the Browser, the Right Way

The evolution of web browsers through the decade has just been phenomenal. Gone are the days where you could only open one page at any given time. Nowadays several pages can be opened and managed through a single browser.

This makes research work on the Internet very convenient. Just open a new page in a new tab. In this way, you may be able to toggle or shuffle between pages in the same browser without losing track of the data you intend to research. You may also use the shortcut keys for ease of operation on the keyboard. Modern browsers also provide a lot of extensions that will further extend the operational capabilities of your browser.

4. Keeping a Track of Sites, you Intend to get Research From

Sometimes it can be extremely daunting to keep a track of all the sites that are visited in order to get a research done. Also, it may happen that if you wish to revisit the site again, you may not remember the website you wanted to study in the first place.

To avoid such scenarios, the browsers on the Internet have provided a facility called ‘Bookmarks’. These exactly work as bookmarks you use in physical books, allowing you to mark a favourite or necessary webpage you would like to revisit again.

5. Embracing Online Research Materials

Researching on Internet could never be more satisfying. One need not go painfully through a physical thesis and a plethora of books from a library. Sitting on a PC, you can gain access to a multitude of cases papers, study papers, research papers, PowerPoint presentations, infographics and a lot of e-books that will help you collate a comprehensive detail for research work.

6. Explore advanced search techniques

gui 2311260 640

How you search the Internet has a profound effect on what you find on the Internet. Are you putting in the right words for searching a particular matter? Are you using advanced operators to conduct your research?

If not, do a little bit of studying of how fine-tuning your search procedures will help you attain the desired results. Also, for starters, you could visit this link to start understanding advanced searches.

7. Utilizing Basic Search Operators to Produce Specific Results

To narrow down results while conducting a research over the Internet, simple operators, if used in the right way, will help broaden or narrow the search. A couple of examples could be:

  • If you enter a keyword in quotes (“”), only the exact matching term pages will be made visible to you.
  • Similarly, putting a (+) or (–) before a keyword lets the engine know whether the search should be broadened or narrowed respectively.

8. Gauge Your Searched Info

Once you have found out what you are looking for, it is extremely important to evaluate what you have researched. When it comes to the quality of print resources, it can be assured by the authors and the publishers.

But the same rule cannot be followed for the content made available on the Internet. Some websites have stringent policies regarding publishing plagiarised data whereas, in most of the cases, nothing is taken into consideration. To avoid such a mishap, a basic keyword search will help you diffuse the inappropriate content.

9. Take Assistance of Online Dissertation Services

Do you feel that writing a dissertation for a title or a proposal feels too overwhelming? You need not fear. With just a click on the Internet, you can find numerous sites offering dissertation help to UK students. These services made available on the Internet assure you to provide customised dissertations based on the primary and secondary research method of your choice.

To speak the truth some of the above-mentioned tips may sound daunting for conducting a research on the Internet. But if you could skilfully breakdown the points and try and accomplish the task of researching in a structured manner, researching on the Internet may just be irresistible!

Do you have a futuristic and beautiful home? Do you want to invest in the latest technology and transform your dream house into reality?

Inventors are focusing on making our lifestyle experience futuristic and more convenient by researching & inventing amenities which can improve our living conditions along with enhancing the capabilities of our products. New and improved home installations and products are flooding the market; some already being sold in the market while some in the conceptual phase.

Everyone wants to live in the future, what about you?

The Path Towards The Future

Future is always one second away from the present.

The following are some marvellous innovations which have helped in making our lifestyle a little more convenient and a little more safe:

  1. Bookshelf Shoe Case

As you are already aware of the fact that the population around the world is increasing at an alarming rate, and it is because of limited space that we need to find genius architectural & furnishing solutions to fit everyone happily and comfortably. One such marvellous innovation is bookshelf shoe case. As the name suggests, it can be described as a cupboard which is divided into two parts. The lower half can be used as a shoe case while the upper half as a bookshelf. It can be designed in hundreds of ways, and features like a plank-stool at the intersection or a revolving bookshelf, etcetera can be added as per the desire of the owner.

Save space and encourage innovation!

  1. Solar Roof Panels

Due to over-utilisation of resources, the need for renewable sources of energy is increasing day by day. Tesla Solar Roof, an initiative by Elon Musk, has surprised the whole world because even though the idea of solar roof panels is not very new, but the concept of solar roofs is pretty amazing. He designed thin, high-quality solar roofs which can be installed as a replacement of the traditional roofs, which is then connected to a power panel to store the generated energy. This does not only mean that you don’t need additional solar panels on your roof, but also the efficiency that it provides is mind-blowing. And like everything that Elon Musk has ever invented, it is cost-effective as well.

The path to innovation starts with a simple thought.

  1. Study / Bedroom

Furnishing companies are focusing on designs which use less space and allow people to accommodate more amenities in their limited area. One such example of such innovative designs is a study-cum-bedroom. It is a room with a study table and the whole setup, which can be transformed into a bedroom by pulling a string in the corner. The bed slides down and rests right above the study table, with a cute bunk-ladder at one end. Kids just love to climb up and hop on their adorable little beds.

  1. Reflector Lighting Systems

So the architectural experts haven’t stopped innovating newer designs, which gave birth to a reflector system concept. It is a concept used by the jewellery stores for many years, but it was never implemented inside homes yet. So the concept can be best explained with an example; imagine a room designed to accommodate mirrors at hidden places near the tube. The mirrors are placed in a way where it can reflect most of the light from the tubelight and direct it around the room. This is a unique concept to save energy and simultaneously enjoy a lit room.

  1. Resizable Table

One of the many furnishing marvels is a resizable table, preferably a dining table. It is no longer a concept, rather a reality but it is still not much popular around the world. The table is designed in a way where its size can be adjusted as per the need. Imagine a foldable table, but better. The panels are designed to open up to take a structure of a much larger table than before, accommodating a much larger audience as well. Now, no one needs to sit on the couch during the holidays; all your family members can sit and enjoy a meal together.

  1. Liquid Screen Protection Gadget for your devices

This clever invention makes it easy to secure your various displays around the house. While developed for mobile phones, it can be used on other gadgets and devices you have around the house. Especially suited for households with kids, this can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Photo sourced from

  1. Automated Temperature Control System

Sensors are taking over the technology world, helping every gadget and piece of equipment that we own, to evolve into something better. Similarly, sensors can be installed inside any room, and the temperature control system can be programmed to understand all its signals. The sensor can let the system know when to increase the temperature or lower it, or disable the complete system when no one is inside the room for a long time. It merely enhances your automated temperature system and saves your bills on energy consumption.

  1. Command-operated Wireless System

This concept was first displayed in a Disney Channel movie, Smart House. A whole house controlled by technology. The owner was seen commanding an Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot to carry the day to day activities; from waking up and making breakfast for the kids to scheduling their homework and other requirements. It undoubtedly was a dream house for everyone. To make it dream a reality, inventors are focusing on developing the AI programming to help the system understand your needs and react to it. If you get the system installed at your place and integrate all the gadgets with it, you can command it to respond to all your requests and cater to all your needs.

  1. Book Reader Table

 A furnishing cum technology innovation for all the book lovers in the world is a book reader table. The concept is being innovated now and then. Earlier, it was a program which can read all types of e-books, and you can just lie on the bed and listen to it. An amazing innovation for bedtime stories adored by all kids. Later, research is being done on making everything digital. People can download e-books or even use paperback books by keeping it inside a system, and it will read your favourite story to you, operated by a mobile app. A projector can also be added to the system, and it can showcase visuals on the ceiling wall, making it a fantasy-like experience. It is considered one of the many amazing IoT innovations.

  1. Melodious Pillow

This is another one of IoT innovations, quite similar to the reader table. It is a creatively designed audio pillow, designed to play soothing music while you sleep peacefully. Earlier, toys had audio bots inside their backs, which could be felt by pressing the back of the toy. But the new design and technology allowed the pillows to have paper-like audio bots to let you sleep on it comfortably and not feel anything against your head.

Sleep to the tunes of technology!

  1. Doorbell Camera

Have you heard of the company, Ring? It is a security invention, which tapped into a new space of home security. Earlier, it was a doorbell with a camera and a microphone, operated with a mobile app. It allowed the homeowner to answer the door without physically going to the door. It reduced the number of robberies because burglars used to ring the doorbell, and unaware people used to open it without any worries. This invention allowed them to know who is at the door before opening the door. Now, more improvements have been integrated into the system. Ring product can now be integrated with the home security system, designed with floodlights and a siren to alert everyone in case of a robbery. It can help you keep your home and your loved ones safe from any troubles. Yes, it is also an IoT invention.

  1. Triple-care Home Security System

surveillance 2616771 640

With the advancement in technology, the fear of frauds and robberies is increasing too. Inventors are designing a home security system where there are three phases of security programs. A biometric or facial recognition, a numeric code and a mobile app lock can be integrated into your home security system, providing you triple care. Features like adding an emergency code can help you alert the appropriate authorities in case of any danger (robbery, fire or medical emergency).

Invest in the future now

People need to invest in future now to avail an experience like no other. It also encourages the innovators to improve on their innovations and offer you mindblowing products. Dreams are turning into realities every day, which require pure dedication and determination towards it. Hard work and desire to change the world are two primary ingredients of inventing a more comfortable and luxurious future.

Idle ducks die of hunger!

It is never too late to start inventing, so get up, focus on your idea and make something tangible out of it. You never know when you may strike a jackpot with something you once thought was worthless.

apple 1850613 1920

Today I’m covering a topic that’s close to my heart for a few reasons, while this might not reflect the normal tone of this site, I hope that a number of you would find it interesting regardless.

Considering my career as a web developer and to some extent webmaster, I’ve always been spending hours every day in front of the computer. With me having begun my foray into Machine Learning with OpenCV2 and Recurrent Neural Networks with Python, I consider myself adept at most software.

However, the one program that has always scared me was for the longest time Excel. This piece of software I first learned about back in 1999 or 2000 when I was still in school. Our teacher was not able to teach us anything at all, looking at the manual himself. So my first experience with this spreadsheet monster was not a positive one, and unlike Word, I felt in over my head with the options and functions that was to offer.

I did not particularly need to know about Excel spreadsheets in detail at the time, so I went on with my programming life, playing with HTML, PHP and other such basic coding languages. Once I got a job however, it became clear that I could no longer avoid learning more about the software. So I bought a Dummy’s book about it. Not that it helped at all, at the time there was so little good and relevant information in those types of books. So I learned by trial and error eventually, all the while wishing that there’d been a proper course about Microsoft Office’s Excel out there.

Fast forward 17 years or so, I now have a son who just asked me to teach him Excel for his math work at school. All that information I learned back then had long since been forgotten, so once more I was horrified at the prospect of learning Excel, and even more so – teaching my son.

However, in our modern day and age there are no limits to the possibilities and benefits of online Excel courses, and a Google search revealed that there were a few candidates out there. The one I ended up with, and would recommend is a site called Earn and Excel, and their blog posts resonated with me somehow, and reflect my own philosophy to some extent.

Like in all types of courses, and studies in general, you have to take it seriously and stay focused. It helps knowing exactly what it is you want to learn as well, and not just expect to become a master of the entire spreadsheet all at once. So when I was reading about how to ensure success for my son in his online endeavor, I came across a post by Sohail from Earn and Excel that covered all my concerns in one single post.

It doesn’t matter if you pay for a course or if it’s free, if you follow the advice from the post linked to above, I’m sure your results will be much better than if you had not.


Studying abroad is reckoned as one of the best experiences for an aspiring student. It gives them the immense opportunity to study in a foreign nation and take in the culture of a new destination. A post-secondary education is both big yet worthwhile investment. The students can choose to get higher standards, quality programs, and top-notch amenities. There are expat students who work part-time and earn to finance their day-to-day expenses.

Wide Spectrum Courses

The students may select among the wide range of educational courses as per their field of interests or skills. The students are also permitted to find employment corresponding to the curriculum. There are top universities around the globe where you can develop and excel your learning skills which are essential to shape a well-paid career. But remember you’re not allowed to work on the student visa.

How to Trace Study and Work?

There are a number of ways to select from depending on what kind of population you really wanted to work with! It is considered as the safest yet a pleasing destination for studying and to create a successful career ahead. If you want to work with animals, you could do that just to mention an example.

Study and Work Enigmas

As early as you get an approval of an application, you’ll get a letter of introduction. The letter is not the study permit; you need to show it on your arrival to receive your study license. Since the visa regulations keep on changing, so you must check with study Visa Consultants around you to get the exact document requirement.  You can also apply for a part-time job permit. Yes, you need to apply the correct form of visa both to study and work abroad.


There are several benefits of studying abroad. And in stage two, you are going to be given an opportunity to work as the project specialists within the area. It generates the capability and concrete talent to extend the job seekers an appropriate position adhering to their qualifications and skills. You can also tap some multiple scholarship opportunities that cut down your expenditure and receive the optimal education at the minimum price.

Unique Education Pattern

While studying abroad, the students experience the new yet unique style of education. They get a chance to get more exposure about the stream they chose to study in. It also helps them to know about the people, its tradition, and culture of the host country. Selecting the right school and correct program is a very important step towards successful education.


So, if you’re the one aspiring to study or work abroad, contact Study Visa Consultants In Chandigarh. It is the genuine and reliable company that helps you translating your dreams into reality!