Most American states have passed laws that allow the use of CBD for recreational purposes. After the introduction of new laws, individuals over 21 years of age can buy CBD products from online and offline dispensaries.   

Due to the popularity of CBD products and customer demands, many companies offer a smoke box subscription. Here is some important information about the smoke box subscription and accessories you can expect in the smokebox. 

What Is a Smoke Box?

A smokebox is a container with premium CBD products. There are varieties of products that you can smoke like CBD cigars, pre-rolled joints, Hemp flowers, and the newest products introduced in the market. When you subscribe to this smokebox, the online dispensary sends the smokebox at a frequency selected by you, i.e., every week or every month.

What Accessories Do You Get in a Smoke Box?

The smoke box subscription is loaded with premium CBD products and accessories. Here is the list of accessories you get in the box. 

Premium Rolling Papers With Tips – many people like to roll out their joints. The market has a number of rolling papers that are used to roll hemp flowers.  The rolling papers are generally flavored in order to enhance the smoking experience. 

The smoking box contains premium rolling paper tips that ensure consistent flavors and burning from the first puff to the last one. 

Glass Hand Pipe– A glass hand pipe gives you the ability to smoke your favorite hemp flower strain smoothly. The glass hand pipe has a small bowl where you need to put a few grams of CBD-rich hemp nugs, light them, and smoke the pipe as usual. 

Glass Bubbler– it is the “middle ground” between a pipe and a bong.  You need to fill water and place hemp flowers in their respective compartments, and light up the weed. The weed smoke is filtered through the water and can then be inhaled to enjoy the benefits.  

Hitter – it is like a small pipe that holds one hit of cannabis at a time. First, you need to fill the broad end of the hitter with ground hemp flower. Make sure the hemp flower is packed tightly. Then you can light up the broad end and start inhaling. 

Glass Chillum– it is slightly larger than the hitter. The glass chillum can pack more hits of cannabis due to its broad shape. 

Grinder– It is a specially designed grinder that can be used to crush or grind the hemp flower into fine powder. It is a tool that breaks your hemp flower into small bits for wrapping in rolling papers or filling small hitting bowls.  

The process of grinding is manual. First, remove the top piece of the grinder and place the hemp flower in it. Next, place the lid and give it ten rotations, or until all the hemp flower passes through the upper chamber. Now open the lower chamber to get fine powder or small bits of hemp flower. 

These are some of the most common smoking accessories you can find in a smoke box.