Waking up late in the morning on the weekend has its perks. Your tiredness is gone, and now you need just about a mouthwatering breakfast-cum-lunch dish to replenish your system with full energy. In Singapore, you get plenty of options in breakfast meals and beverages. Here is a small glimpse of that.

Go to a quiet corner for a sumptuous meal

If you are in Geylang and come across the old badminton hall, just run your eyes through this area. You may spot some cozy corners serving delicious brunch meals. The outlets may look a little crampy, but their DIY decors make up more than for it. Their menu is also straightforward. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, do try a slice of grapefruit and yogurt cake.

Get the Italian treat amidst Italian settings

The club street in Singapore has many brunch places for you to indulge in your taste. If you have an Italian meal on the mind, then this area has some of the best options for you to explore. Here you can come across a restaurant that features Tuscany-inspired courtyard theme and serves signature dishes, such as fresh, colorful salads, cold cuts, cheese, raw oysters, etc. It is tough to resist their recipes containing meats, seafood, and pasta. And on top of that, the bars offer some of the choicest wines, champagnes, juice, draught beer, and more.

Try the truly American taste

There is nothing better than an American brunch to lighten up your weekend mood. If you want to have an experience of this, scroll through the Orchard Road of the city where you will get plenty of options in American menu, such as from wagyu beef burgers to grilled cheese sandwiches, and from truffle egg toasts to smoked bacon. To top it all, you can order some of the best quality spirits, champagne, and wines to go with your meal.

Get yourself soaked in Australian flavors

For a sumptuous Australian cuisine, you can visit the Upper Serangoon Road in the city where a few restaurants specialize in this. Their invigorating decors and delicious menu will leave you spellbound. And at some places, you may even get Wi-Fi connectivity.

Spoil your taste buds with French tastes

Near the Marina Bay Sands, you will come across outlets that provide special French menus for the food lovers. Hot drinks, juices, pastries, eggs, potatoes, and French toast with wild berries form the highlights.

Go for a choice of veg and non-veg

On Rangoon Road, some places serve the all-day breakfast menu. For a unique experience, you can go to a restaurant that provides high tea with tarts, sliders, slices of cake and others. Also, if you don’t want to eat non-veg, you can order vegetarian dishes such as truffle based Mushroom Fiesta, etc. There is no shortage of alcohols also.

These are only a few of the umpteen number of brunch places in Singapore. Being here, you can give your taste buds a different treat every weekend. You may get tired eventually of the options, but the varieties will not cease.

Every couple is dreaming of having the best wedding venue. Whether your dream is to have a beach wedding or a garden wedding, Singapore has these and more to offer. Those who are lucky enough to have relocated to the country after receiving help from Singapore visa agents have a pool of great wedding venues to choose from. In this article, we will discuss some of the best wedding venues in Singapore.

Beach Wedding

There are many beach weddings you can choose while in Singapore. Some people prefer Azzura Beach at Sentosa Island not only for its beauty but also for its tranquility. It seats guests either indoors or outdoors, depending on what the couple wants. If you choose this venue, you can rest assured of accommodating about 300 guests in one go. Sentosa has a variety of venues at hotels, resorts and clubs.

Pasir Ris Beach Park is also another location you can choose while in Singapore. Also, Changi Beach is equally good for those who want to enjoy the cool breezes of the sea during their wedding. Changi is one of the locations you can have your wedding during sunset in the evening.

Ballrooms and Hotel Venues

Do you want your wedding to be indoors? Then, choosing one of the ballrooms or hotel venues in Singapore is the best direction to take. With numerous options, probably the biggest considerations to make include the size of the hall and proximity to where most people are comfortable.

Some of the hotels with the best ballrooms include Fairmont Singapore, Grand Park City Hall, Park Hotel at Clarke View and many others. In terms of design and setup, they provide up to five-star services. Also, you will not have to worry about setting up because they will do most of it. They also offer food and beverages that vary depending on the menu that you choose.

Garden Wedding

This is where most of the people want their event to be. Nothing is better than being close to nature. Most of the outdoor wedding venues in Singapore are large and have well-manicured lawns. Probably, you will not be hiring another venue for a photo and video session. They have these all in one package.

Again, when looking for a garden wedding venue, various venues in Sentosa Island will not disappoint you. The best that should come to your mind include Amara Sanctuary Resort, Hotel Fort Canning and Marina Bay Gardens. After obtaining the venue, you will need to bring your service providers unless it is a hotel or resort where they can offer the all these as a package.

Poolside Venues

Another great option is Singapore is hiring a poolside venue. Nothing turns out so beautifully as this setup. Most of the venues have enough space on the side pavement of the pool to hold such events. Due to its outstanding appearance, these venues have a high demand and must be booked early in advance to avoid last-minute disappointment.

At Cloud 9 Pool and Bar, Siloso Beach Hotel or any other venue that you choose, you will get a complete package width catering and assisted service for your guests. Make sure that you ask the venue about the number of guests they can sit at once before deciding on any venue. All the best in your wedding planning!

The New Futura project boasts of being one of the largest multi-storied residential projects in Singapore’s Orchid in district 9. It is one of the most ambitious iconic projects in the country.

Those who have booked and aspire to live in this state of the art project are mostly youngsters with a dream. Jack Chen was one of those youngsters. An investment banker by profession.

As someone who always wanted to own property, the New Futura Project was an excellent opportunity. He booked a condo in early 2017 where he planned to live with his wife and two kids.

As a market-savvy person, Jack knew that the market was priced low and it was the best time to get in. Though he also knew that there was a subsequent wait ahead until completion.

Why did Jack Choose New Futura?

Jack chose to buy a New Futura Condo in the South Tower Level 14 Sky Sense. The reason for this was because he loved the design. He also liked the idea of there being several amenities.

Features like the Reading Corner, Wisdom Garden, Creative Garden and Lounge were especially attractive. It was one of those things he thought that the kids would enjoy.

The New Futura Price also fit right into his budget. Compared to other properties this one offered the best value for money.

The other primary reason for choosing the project was because his office was nearby. A mere 10-minute commute made it an attractive location.

Plus, the nearby shops, malls, and other external amenities were a huge bonus. Most of all his kids’ could attend some of the best schools in the city and they were nearby.

New Futura the Experience

Fast forward to present day, and Jack shifted in with his wife and two kids. Its been a month now and he has nothing but praises.

One of the things that instantly became apparent was that the price has appreciated. According to him there are already offers on the table that are nearly 2x the price he paid.

Many offers are from people within the business circle. Most of them are local, and the reason why they want to buy it is because of it being an iconic building.

People dream of living in an iconic building, and this is one of them. However, work is still ongoing on the other towers, and Jack is in no mood to sell right away.

Just saving on the rent, commute to and from work as well as the commute for kids makes up for the expensive. According to his calculation, he would have paid up the price of the home in four years.

Factoring in rental increments, commute costs, and other expenses when living far from the city center is what savvy businessmen like Jack consider when buying property.

If Jack did decide to sell two years from now when the other towards would be complete, he may end up getting 3x to 4x the price he paid. That’s in itself a huge profit.

Luxury on a budget

Jack is a successful investment banker, and luxury was something he always wanted in an apartment. Though with this project it does not cost him a lot.

“I love the fact that you have all these luxuries that no other apartment has in the city. Plus, all your guests know exactly where you live. It has done a great deal of good for my business.” Says Jack.

Others have experienced the same success as Jack with the project. The real estate markets are on an uptick and its now an investors’ market.

Reasons why this is a successful project:

  • State of the art design and construction.
  • All the best facilities for families.
  • Proximity to leading schools, malls and transportation.

Anyone who’s visited Singapore or has researched this destination will know about its major landmarks and points of interest. However, as it is with most cosmopolitan cities, there are attractions that even the locals are clueless about.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to dig out the best of Singapore that are usually not on the mainstream tourist list of things to do.

  1. Underwater Hockey
By Hu Totya

Head over to Queenstown Swimming Complex at 473 Stirling Rd and for some cool underwater hockey sessions. Twice a week, both men and women gear themselves up with snorkels and get into the water. They play hockey with the regular sticks, placing the puck at the bottom of the pool. Don’t worry you’ll get plenty of professional guidance. One thing we can tell you though; you never felt this weightless playing hockey before!

  1. The Arts House
From Wiki

The present Arts Center in Singapore was once a Parliament House. Today, the multidisciplinary arts center features intriguing exhibitions, workshops, movie screenings, and speaker sessions. There are also cultural performances; fashion shows choirs and other ensembles. What’s more, if you have a special event coming up, you can host it at The Arts House!

  1. Gillman Barracks
By Jacklee via Wikimedia Commons

A little away from the busy city is the contemporary arts enclave, the Gillman Barracks. You can enjoy various limited-time exhibitions here showcasing artworks from promising or famous artists in one of its 11 galleries.  Attending open studio sessions with artists in residence at the Gillman Barracks is one of the most underrated things do in Singapore.

  1. Children Little Museum
By Erwin Soo from Singapore, Singapore – An interesting shop at Kampong Glam

The Children Little Museum in Kampong Glam has a life-sized tin robot guarding the entrance. This place stocks knick-knacks, antique memorabilia and yesteryear paraphernalia. In the courtyard, you can pose for photos with a classic Vespa bike and a Coke booth. Access kampung childhood curios on the second floor with a two-dollar token and enjoy checking out antique tin toys, plastic soldiers and hand-made set props such as a street barber’s booth, a bookstore and school setting.

  1. Chinatown Food Centre
By KimonBerlinhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/kimon/12848637355/

Here you’ll find Singapore’s largest hawker center, the best way to get dirt-cheap authentic Singaporean cuisine. There are more than 260 stalls here offering glutinous rice, Lian He Ben, chee kueh (steamed rice cakes) and more. If you’re not sure which is the best dish, just join the line that’s the longest and you’ll be fine.

  1. Chinatown Wet Market
By Cmglee

Want to see live frogs and eels jumping about in the water, ready to be purchased for dinner? Then head to the Chinatown Wet Market just two levels below the Chinatown Food Center. You’ll even find live turtles here for sale. This place is undeniably Singaporean, right from the mixed dialects and the seafood and poultry scents and the haggling.

  1. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
Img by Calvin Teo

You’ll find some of Singapore’s most ecological bird and wildlife trails at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, which is a known migratory stop for birds. Spot some frisky otters, mudskippers, kingfishers and herons. Between September to March, you might spot shorebirds such as plovers, on their way to Australia. Watch out for monitor lizards, crocodiles and tree snakes. A bug spray and a pair of binoculars are a must here!

  1. Kusu Island
By Thaejas

Kusu Island (Tortoise Island) is just the perfect escape from the city. There are several picnic spots and seaside barbeque pits, apart from two swimming lagoons. The beaches are wonderful and warm with soft sands that’ll caress your feet. Enjoy fantastic views of Singapore’s skyscrapers from here. This island is a sanctuary to hundreds of tortoises; watch them crawling to their holes in the beach when the sun goes down. Watching those cute tortoises scramble about is one of the best things to do in Singapore!

  1. Tong Mern Sern Antiques Arts and Crafts

If you’re into antiques and old-time crafts, this place is a must-visit. You can collect some real cool stuff that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, like old paintings, dinner sets from 50 years ago and old Grandfather’s clocks. You can spend a nice afternoon browsing the dusty old shelves and maybe, just maybe, find a treasure that someone’s overlooked.

  1. Evernew Bookstore

What could be better than the dusty smell of an old dog-eared book? Head out to the Evernew Bookstore at Bras Basah Complex and check out their collection of incredible second hand books. You can find vintage comics, copies of classics, leather-bound bounds and hard-cover primary editions and more. It’s the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon, swimming through nostalgic dusty memory lanes.

Cosmic Bowling

What’s better than bowling? Bowling in the dark! Orchid Bowl at SAFRA Yishun offers Comic Bowling where the pins and balls glow-in-the-dark. There will also be continuous party music playing in the background to ensure that the adrenaline rush is present!

  1. Durian Feast
By InsatiableMunch

The village of Geylang takes on a unique atmosphere during the Durian Feast each year. You can pick up incredible durians here, too-sweet, just-sweet-enough and bitter ones. Even the not-in-season durians taste good here. Browse through multiple fruit stalls and pick out the best. Also be sure to try out some durian fruit juices and other concoctions while you’re in Geylang.

  1. Khatib Bongsu

Khatib Bongsu in Singapore’s north is a 7.5 kilometer area filled with mangroves. You can kayak through the mangroves, deftly avoiding the roots and the submerged braches. Don’t worry; there are plenty of toilets and showers here for you when you need them. Just in case you fall into the water, be sure to bring a change of clothes and some sunblock too.

  1. The Projector

Forget about the regular cinemas and head out to The Projector for some rarely-seen indie films. What’s more, this is the most relaxed cinema hall you’ve ever been in. It’s got soft bean bags instead of seats! Roll around on the bean bags, munch on popcorn and enjoy the living-room like atmosphere of The Projector.


When you’re in Singapore, check out other not-so-well-known but charming places to visit. You’re bound to find many more than we’ve listed here. These charming little nooks and unknown activities are what give charm to a travel destination.

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Singapore is one of the leading Asian countries for business and commerce, and has been rated as one of the best business environments in Asia and the Pacific. Small and large business people are attracted to this small country.

If you plan to start a business in Singapore here are some useful tips that can help you in Singapore business mixing process. The below are all based on knowledge gained when starting a company specialised in halal certification in Singapore.

The Singapore Companies Act
Individual should be aware of Company Law Singapore (SCA) if he / she plans to set up a company in Singapore.Singapore Company Law has virtually governed almost any type of business but be aware that there is some form of business which may fall under some regulations depending on the type of business in question

Things needed for Singapore business created

The law states that in order to create a company in Singapore, the company must have a minimum of

  • 1 Shareholder
  • 1 Director
  • 1 Company Secretary

It is necessary that the director of the company be resident in Singapore. The Director should be a Employment Pass holder. An individual without history of bankruptcy and 18 years and over is only permitted to be a business leader.

A maximum of 50 shareholders are required for a company in Singapore, but requires just a single shareholder. Individual and legal entities are accepted as shareholders. The director mentioned could be the proprietor of the company share, but could also be another person. They accept full shareholdings from locals or foreigners.

Company secretary
A secretary should be present in a company under the SCA. The secretary shall be appointed six months by the company’s foundation and shall be based in Singapore.

Capital for starting up
It is well known  that S$1 Minimum initial paid-up share capital.

Minimum paid-up capital for registration of a Singapore company is S $ 1 unless you are an EntrePass holder, in which case the paid-up capital will be S$50,000.
A business should have a properly registered address.

The office address must be a Singapore registered address and addresses with a mailbox are not allowed.If a service from a professional provider is present, the entire process will now be easy. A professional provider will not only help you to register a company in Singapore, but will also help you throughout the process of business incorporation.

Professional business incorporation services ensure that they provide you with the correct information, accurate documentation and where to get the right resources to set up a business in Singapore.

A good business interference service gives you recommendations regarding appropriate conditions for licensing to the type of business you have and apart from that you can also take advantage of their concierge services such as finding the location of your office there Fits your business, build your IT and network infrastructure etc.

There are a lot of companies that can provide you with significant services for success in your business like tax advice, bookkeeping and incorporation. If you need help with more info on how to register a company in Singapore, please visit the link.