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Imagine you are playing loud music on your large audio speaker in your room. Because of the high volume, you start to notice the speakers are vibrating so much. If you don’t have any dampeners at the base of the speakers, you can expect it to shake violently and create an annoying tapping sound that nobody would want to hear when playing music. 

Thankfully, there’s a solution to eliminating the vibration, which can be done by using silicone sponges. You can buy a silicone sponge sheet, apply it to the base of the speakers, and keep the rest of the sheet for future use. Silicone sponge can be used in many different ways, and they may be able to help you in certain situations. 

What is a silicone sponge?

A silicone sponge is a type of high-quality rubber with a unique set of properties, which makes it a one of a kind rubber. The material is heat resistant, which means you won’t have to worry about the sponge melting in an extremely cold environment because the cells are non-interconnecting. 

Additionally, theilicone sponge offers great elasticity, and it can go back to its original thickness. So when you place something heavy on top of the silicone sponge, the surface won’t deform, and the thickness will still be retained. There aren’t many rubber compounds that have this feature. 

Furthermore, if you are worried about placing it under the hot sun for days, you don’t have to be anymore because the silicone sponge is ozone and UV resistant. The rubber material won’t give off any toxic odor to the environment or to people who come into contact with it. 

Lastly, it is water-resistant, making it ideal for people who don’t want to wait for hours for the rubber to dry up. You can spill water or have it soaked under the rain, and it’ll stay dry. The closed-cell structure of the material guarantees a low absorption to any liquid

Different uses of a silicone sponge

End users who use a silicone sponge sheet would buy it for more than a single task since it can also be used in several ways. An example of using a silicone sponge is when you need it for sealing areas such as small openings found in an HVAC. You don’t want any moisture coming out of the HVAC, which is why it’s a suitable rubber sealant.

Vibration dampening can also be made easy because of the silicone sponges’ ability to absorb those vibrations and disperse it throughout the non-interconnecting cells. Several materials can be used as a vibration dampener. But with this specific rubber material, dampening the vibrations are more efficient. 

Since silicone sponges are flame retardant, you can use it as a heat shield or insulator. It can absorb heat well and is also great for preventing heat from passing through the other side of the material. Got a worn out gasket in your car? You can use the silicone sponge sheet to replace the gasket, and it will withstand high temperatures. 

These are just one of the many features that a silicone sponge can provide to end-users. There are also different densities and specifications for it, so you won’t have a hard time guessing if it will give out complications or do the job perfectly.