Are you tired of feeling that prickly stubble on your legs, or the wildly overflowing hair obscuring your bikini line, or perhaps your suffering from a case of bushy eyebrows? Fear not, you’re not the only one. Fortunately, there are several ways to discard with unwanted hair, and we’ll go over a few of the more popular ones here.

Hair removal by shaving

Most people have been acquainted with the good old manual razor. It is a stable in most bathrooms around the world, and works wonders for both men and women, being one of the easiest and quickest ways to remove hair.

This kind of hair removal is quick and painless. It is easy and does not require any particular preparation. You can do it yourself at home in the bathroom, and the skin feels nice soft and smooth right after. At the same time it is the cheapest option we have listed.

The hairs show up rather quickly again, and when growing out, they can feel course and sting a bit. There is a slight risk of irritation, ingrown hairs and red bumps – especially around the bikini line. Therefore, it is important that you remember to use a shaving cream that moisturizes the skin and reduces irritation.


An epilator is a machine that tears out the hairs at the root. In this way it works according to the same principles as waxing but with an epilator it is easy to do it yourself.

You can do it at home in the living room, just when it suits you. The hairs are slower to grow out again than compared to using a razor, and with time there will also be fewer hairs. Once you’ve invested in an epilator, you don’t need anything else to get started.

It is very painful at first, but most people agree that it will becomes more tolerable over time. Some people find that the hairs are snapping instead of being pulled out, so you may end up having to run over the same places several times to achieve a good result.

Wax (Brazilian)

This method uses lubricated hot wax on the area you need to have removed the hair from, then a strip is attached, before being yanked off. Like a strip of tape it will pull out the hairs by the root,  which means that this kind of hair removal is also very painful.

Since the hair is removed at its root, it takes longer for the hairs to grow out than by shaving for an example. Wax can be used all over the body and even on the face. It is also rather quick.

It is very painful. As in very painful. If you choose to try it in a clinic, it can also cost a lot of money as it has to be maintained regularly.

We hope you are now wiser on the subject of hair removal, and we wish you all a pleasant summer!

The choice of a right safety razor is one of the top priorities of men. In this article we will discuss the art of shaving with the help of straight razor. If you are looking to shave like your grandpa and the way barbers shave their clients, here is a guide for you especially if you are a beginner in this field. Here are some of the main features of straight razor shaving which you should know before making a choice of safety kit for you. Though shaving kit involves many essential features which can’t be summarized in one article but here are some key features to make the art of shaving easier for you.

  • What is Straight Razor shaving?

A straight razor is a simple razor along with a sharp blade which is able to get folded into the handle. These straight razors are also known as cut throat razors or open razors. In the beginning when these types of razors were used they consisted of bronze with sharp cutting edges along with fixed handles. Some people used copper and gold razors as well.

  • Benefits of straight razor shaving:

One of the biggest advantage most of the men find with straight razor shaving is the macho man feeling. Though it is an old fashion shaving way but it gives a feeling of manliness to you. There are a lot of best straight razors for beginners in the market and before making any choice you can search the reviews.

Some of the beneficial aspects of straight razor shaving are mentioned below:

  1. Skin friendly shaving:

Whenever you scrap the blade over your facial skin, there is always a risk of minor skin damage. As you shave with a razor with multiple blades, this effect is multiplied and as a result of it you are likely to get ingrown hair, irritation on the skin and frequent razor bumps. As you switch to old and traditional form of shaving, you can always alleviate this concern.

  1. Gives a deep pleasure while shaving:

In most of the cases as we see, men are generally not too fond of shaving. This fact is not surprising keeping in mind the products for shaving available at the grocery stores. Men opting wet shaving also learn it quickly that as they master the art of straight razor shaving, the shaving becomes much easier and enjoyable. With proper tools and equipment’s shaving is much easier and is a fun indeed along with a sense of satisfaction. You will feel happy about mastering the skill of perfect shaving as well.

  1. Price:

Price is also an important beneficial aspect of straight razor shaving. You can save your money on your shaving creams and soaps along with razor blades. When reviewed properly, you will find that these are much economical.

  1. Relaxation:

As you are already having hectic routine, you get a little relaxing time to do something which is completely meant for you. Many men make use of shaving to get relaxed. As you stand in the washroom and lather up the shaving gel or cream, you get a time to relax and enjoy great scent which is too relaxing for most of the men.

  • Some myths related to classical shaving or straight razor shaving:

There are some general misconceptions of people regarding straight razor shaving, some of which are described below:

  • There is a general myth that more blades on a razor offers better shave. This is generally claimed by manufacturers of razor blades to increase their sales. The truth is however different, one blade is enough or shaving as the number of blades are increased, there is more risk of ingrown hair and skin irritation. More razor bumps are seen with the people using multiple blades. Hence simple straight razors are regarded as skin friendly.
  • Some people also believe that classical razors are expensive. Though they are bit expensive but in a long run, you will realize that a classic razor is much cheaper as it works for a longer time since it is made up of metal which lasts forever. Those people who have expertise the art of using simple straight razor shaving find them much easier to use and they get best shave as well.

Get started simply:

It can be intimidating if you are using the straight razor for first time. On the other hand, safety razors are safer to use as the name predicts. The only thing which is likely to happen is the tiny nicks for the initial times if you are beginner and working on your technique. While there are some people who start shaving comfortably without any cuts, once you have successfully made the leap you are likely to find that your shaving is a pleasant and satisfying experience for you.